Landscape images presentation


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Landscape images presentation

  1. 1. Landscape Images.Location: Salford Quays, The Lowry.
  2. 2. The Process.For this project we had to take a variety of images of urban landscape buildings. I went to the Lowry in Salford and tookpictures of the buildings around it, as you can see above I put them on contact sheets. I took around 50. I then had to edit themon Photoshop using different tools. I took pictures of things like the BBC studios which are fairly new, the river where boats areand people are sat around and then building site equipment such as a skip etc. to make it more of an urban mixture and so thatI’d have more options when it came to looking through the pictures. In the next few slides I will be showing the original,processed and edited image. I then had to select 10 of my favourite images to edit. Out of these ten I will be writing about 3 ofthem which I think turned out best and what effects were used. If I was to re-do this task I’d probably take more images so I hadmore of a variety and that way I could take more images from different angles instead of mostly head on.
  3. 3. Edited imageHere I took a picture of a bridge and after looking it I decided it would bequite good to experiment with background as it looks quite gloomy,however I didn’t want it to look too blocky and clumped together so Idecided to use curves as you can see in the print screen below and by usingcurves I have the option to draw the curves on myself or do it automatically.By choosing to draw the curves on myself I could control the sort of coloursthat would be on the image and to what extent. I liked making thebackground a mixtures of pastel colours as I think it stands out just the rightamount and the bridge and the other buildings in the corner still stand outand aren’t blocked in any way. To make sure they did stand out I then editedthe brightness and contrast as you can see below they’re quite a lot darkerand bolder in the edited image than they are in the original image. I quitelike the mixture of how it looks both real and then quite cartoony with thebackground. I think if I was to edit this again I’d maybe make the curves alighter so it doesn’t look as obviously edited and I’d probably make thecolours more different types of blue as it would be more fitting. Original Image Editing Process
  4. 4. Edited imageFor this image I quite liked how it looked in the first place so Ijust played about with how strong the sun looked in the image,I made it so the clouds and sky was brighter and the sunlooked more defined. To make the sun more defined I justadded a little curve and then changed the brightness andcontrast. I also really wanted to accentuate the buildingspattern so by changing the contrast it became more evidentand changed to a gold/bronze colour. In the original image asyou can see it just looks slightly reflective but on the editedimage it’s now one of the key features of the image as younotice it straight away as being quite unusual. I think myfavourite part of this image is that it looks as though the sun iscausing that pattern and reflection on the building. By editingthe sun and sky I think it looks better as you can see theoutline of the building more as you can see in the originalimage the top of the building is obscured by the sun. Original Image Editing process
  5. 5. Edited imageOriginal image.For this picture I thought it would be good to use my previous Ansel Adams research as inspiration and make the image black andwhite. I thought this would be a good idea because of how bright the sun is and it makes everything a bit more defined in the image.I also then upped the contrast to make the buildings surrounding it bolder and more viewable. I the changed the hue and saturation alittle bit. I like how this image has turned out and I think it looks better and more professional in black and white. If I was to do thisagain I would probably crop a bit of the left hand side out as it’s quite dark so it’s not really making an impact on the image. I likethis photo more because of the two people you can see sat by the canal. You can tell they’re there but not unless you really payattention to the image. I like how by turning the image to black and white the sun isn’t as harsh as it is in colour. Personally I think itmakes the image better to look at.
  6. 6. Filter Edit Colour balance and brightness and contrast. Hue and saturation editCurves effect Curves and hue and saturation effect Posterize effect