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Final major project_proposal_form_updated
Final major project_proposal_form_updated
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Final major project_proposal_form_updated


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  • 1. Salford City CollegeEccles Sixth Form CentreBTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionUnit 4: Final Major Project Proposal FormJennifer StrandMedia Format (film, I have chosen to do photography for my final project as I feel I will be abledocumentary, motion to tell more of a story and I’m stronger in photography then I am shootinggraphics, films. I have also studied a photographer before now who I think will helpphotography, me with my own idea as it’s very similar.animation, graphicdesign etc)Synopsis of Idea My idea is all about mental illnesses. I want to raise awareness but in a(content, narrative, subtle way so it can be viewed but not be upsetting but at the same timegenre) people know what it’s about straight away. I want to do a picture for schizophrenia; this type of image would be heavily edited on Photoshop. Then an image for an eating disorder which would just be a person’s body image/facial expression describing how they felt and so on.Target Audience? My target audience will be female and male teenagers and young adults as I(demographic NOT think they will have more of an experience as in the teenage years is whenage range) you first start seeing the problems and notice things about your appearance more.Target Audience Images that catch the audience’s attention and draw them in. For exampleNeeds? a dark and gloomy image and then against a background that makes it stand out.How will your project I think my project will be right for female and male young adults as I feelmeet the needs of this is the age where body image and how people perceive others isyour target audience? noticed/thought about the most.(Make reference tocontent you think willappeal to your targetaudience)What production For my project I will needtechniques will you A DSLR camera and a tripod.use to realise your To look at locations I can shoot atproject? The software I will be editing my images in after. I will be using Photoshop as I can edit the brightness and contrast and curves of my images to represent the theme of my idea, quite gloomy and dark.
  • 2. Salford City CollegeEccles Sixth Form CentreBTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionUnit 4: Final Major Project Proposal FormJennifer Strand Test shoots Studios and location For schizophrenia, I’m going to use Photoshop to add an imaginary person in the image. By doing this I’ll take two separate images.