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Everything You Need to KnowAbout Being a Sex Blogger(But Were Afraid to Ask)
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Everything You Need to Know About Being a Sex Blogger (But Were Afraid to Ask)


Published on

Presented at the first Sex 2.0 conference, April 2008

Presented at the first Sex 2.0 conference, April 2008

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology

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  • A survey of some NYC based sex blogs. Bloggers shown are members of the NYC based Perverts Saloon, which I first convened in February, 2006.
  • Google News – aggregates news stories by topicality
  • Youporn Sex blogs feed
  • Instead of visiting each site you want to read, look for their RSS feed address and add it to an RSS reader. is a web based RSS reader. It also lets you search for and find feeds you might be interested in.
  • How do you find what interests you? Do a search in Google News ( Google News also shows how stories are clustered by interest.
  • Commenting is a good way to dip your toe in the water. Once you’ve found blogs you like to read, add to the discussion by commenting on a post.
  • It’s easy to find someone on the web. ‘viviane 212’ is a standard login I use for Gmail and other accounts. Here’s what you get if you Google it.
  • Proxify is a an anonymous proxy. You login and surf the web using the proxy server’s IP address. It can also be configured to not leave any identifying information at the web site you’re visiting.
  • WhoIs Privacy domain registration is held through a 3 rd party
  • is their very popular hosted service. You can also download the blog software and set it up on your domain (bttp://
  • My Livejournal page
  • Once you’ve set up your blog, you need to add some features.
  • Blogrolling is a service that lets you create and manage your blogroll on their site. You add the blogs you want and Blogrolling generates Javascript coe. Very handy if you move your blog.
  • Google Webmaster lets you see if Google has indexed your pages, and when they last did so.
  • The RSS XML address, with content. Not very pretty.
  • I recommend configuring your feed through It let’s you add more features, statistics, and is more browser and user friendly.
  • The Open Directory project. A project using volunteers who review sites and categorize them.
  • Sugasm is a sort of blog carnival, but everyone reposts the weekly post.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Everything You Need to Know About Being a Sex Blogger (But Were Afraid to Ask) Sex 2.0 April 12, 2008 Viviane
    • 2. My Daily Reads
      • About 400 feeds total
      • 25-30 daily reads
      • Many stories bookmarked through, and are posted to the blog at the end of the day
    • 3.
    • 4. A Bad Man in a Bad Place
    • 5. Lolita Wolf
    • 6. Boinkology
    • 7.
    • 8. Audacia Ray
    • 9. Debauchette
    • 10.
    • 11. Joe.My.God
    • 12. Midori
    • 13. Regina Lynn
    • 14. The Reverse Cowgirl
    • 15. Rachel Kramer Bussel
    • 16. Sex in the Public Square community site
    • 17. Violet Blue www.tinynibble.som
    • 18.  
    • 19. What Do I Write About?
    • 20.  
    • 21. Sexoteric Blog News
    • 22. Youporn Sex Blogs feed
    • 23. Google Reader
    • 24. My blogroll
      • Advocacy
      • Blogging
      • Columnists, Education, Publications Resources
      • Fellow Perverts
      • Events, Fetish, Kink
      • Saucy & Sexy
      • Smut
    • 25. Getting Started
      • Pick some blogs that interest you
      • Read and comment
    • 26.  
    • 27. Privacy and Security
    • 28. Have you ego surfed recently?
    • 29.  
    • 30. Whois Privacy: Domain record is held through 3 rd party
    • 31. Cover your tracks
      • Clean your computer: disk wipe programs. I use R Wipe & Clean (PC) ( / )
      • Install programs on a flash drive, without leaving personal data behind:
    • 32. Firefox – Master Password
      • Firefox can protect sensitive information such as saved passwords and certificates by encrypting them using a master password.
      • If you create a master password, each time you start Firefox, it will ask you to enter the password the first time it needs to access a certificate or stored password.
    • 33. Firefox Master Password
      • Tools | Options
      • Security | Passwords
      • “ Use a Master Password”
    • 34. Google Mail
      • Google Mail – create additional mailboxes by sending yourself an invite
      • Offers you the ability to consolidate and manage your accounts from another account
    • 35. Google Mail
      • If managing multiple accounts, it’s easy to forget to select the account to send from.
      • Address contact record may show both your blog email address *and* the originating account email address. ;-(
    • 36. Gmail Security Problem
      • Gmail's custom 'From:' feature lets you send messages with another address in place of your Gmail address, making it easier to manage multiple accounts from the Gmail interface. (Accounts | Settings)
      • 2 addresses: '' & ''
    • 37. Gmail Security Problem
      • I can have all that forwarded to, and reply from the realname address, thinking the recipients email will say, ‘from blogname @ gmail” (or whatever ‘reply-to’ address you set up).
    • 38. Gmail Security Problem
      • If the recipient *also* has Google Mail, my ‘realname’ email is automatically added to their contacts list , even though they’ve never received an email “from” my ‘realname’ account.
      • If you expand the contact field you will see both the 'realname' and the 'blogname' for this contact.
    • 39. Choosing a Publishing Platform
    • 40. Questions
      • What are your goals?
      • What’s your budget?
      • How much of a techie are you?
      • What’s everyone else using?
      • Design?
      • Blog tools?
    • 41. What’s the name of your blog?
      • You name should be short, memorable and easy to type (blog name and URL).
      • Even if you’re choosing a hosted platform, make sure you register the domain name at the same time (so someone else doesn’t)!
    • 42. Bust a Name – Domain Name Suggestion Tool
    • 43.
      • You can be up and publish in minutes
      • User forum on Google Groups (
      • Shows up in Google Blog Search ( )
      • Blogger Beta: easier to customize your template using widgets
      • Blogger search engine “ Search Your Blog” or “Search for Other blogs”
      • Hosted, but can be installed on a server
      • Many templates available both at Blogger and other websites (search “ templates”)
      • The ability to publish by sending an email to your blog
      • Blogger Beta uses categories, which both help you organize your posts.
    • 44.  
    • 45. Wordpress
      • Single or Multiuser (for blog network)
      • Basic content management
      • Open Source and free
      • Support forums
      • Dozens of themes
      • Dozens of plug-ins to add functionality
    • 46.  
    • 47.
    • 48. Wordpress Standalone Dashboard
    • 49. Wordpress Manage
    • 50. Wordpress Post Editor
    • 51. Livejournal Your friends current posts are consolidated on 1 page. A great way to find other like minded people
    • 52. Tumblr Short, mixed media posts, little or no commentary
    • 53. Tumblr 6 different post types with own visual format: blog post, quote, single link, video, photo, chat
    • 54. Twitter
      • “ What are you doing?” – in 140 characters or less
      • Social networking/microblogging service
      • Real time – update from your computer, smart phone, etc.
      • Integrates with your blog
      • Note: Much of the presentation was updated by posing queries to my Twitter list.
    • 55. Twitter Public Timeline
    • 56. Viviane212 Twitter replies
    • 57. Twitter: Tools
      • Many applications available
      • TwitterSync: Syncs your Twitter status with Facebook
      • TwitBin, TWhirl,Twitterific, Twitterfox : View and public Twits from your sidebar, desktop
      • Wordpress Twitter Tools: Add Twits to your blog
      • TreoTwit – Update from your Treo
    • 58. Additional Tools
    • 59.  
    • 60. Statcounter
    • 61. Google Analytics
    • 62. Google Webmaster Central Helps you determine when Google last visited and indexed your site.
    • 63. RSS Feeds
    • 64. RSS/XML
    • 65. Feedburner feeds provide greater customization and viewer data
    • 66. Feedburner
    • 67. Submit your feed to Yahoo (back end way to submit your blog)
    • 68. – Bookmarking & sharing button
    • 69. Technorati
      • A blog based search engine
      • Blogs are indexed by post and tags, not by page
      • Set up an account
      • Claim all your blogs (Twitter, Tumblr, etc.)
      • Linkage helps estabish authority ranking
    • 70. Technorati blog search engine
    • 71. Technorati Blogger Central
    • 72. Technorati: posts tagged “sex”
    • 73. Pingoat/Pingomatic
    • 74.  
    • 75.  
    • 76. Building Readership
      • Post often, and at regular intervals
      • Read, comment, link to other blogs
      • Meet other bloggers – NY has the Pleasure Salon; Perverts’ Saloon
      • Figure out what kind of blogger you are (link collector? Story teller?)
      • Make it easy to subscribe to your blog – turn on full RSS
      • Claim your blog on Technorati (largest blog directory); submit to other search engines
    • 77. Affiliates
      • Affiliate marketing: Web based practice by which a business rewards affiliates for each customer who buys something (i.e. a subscription ) from their site
    • 78. Affiliate Marketing
      • Business will pay 30-50% of a sale to you.
      • Content varies hugely
      • What content is offered? Hosted galleries? Picture of the day?
      • Payment is through a online credit card processing services i.e. CCBill, GMBill, Paypal
    • 79.  
    • 80.  
    • 81. Upcoming projects
      • Site just moved to a virtual private server for speed and database capacity.
      • Search engine optimization: WebCEO, website optimization, submission & promotion software
      • Google ADWords – purchase of ads, based on targeted keywords
    • 82. “cards drawn on the back of business cards”
    • 83. Questions? Viviane Email: