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  1. 1. BREAKTHROUGH MARKETING CASE Vincent Raymond A. Adriano Edwina M. Arceo Vivian T. Dabu Maria Farrah Feliciano Irish G. Sanchez
  2. 2. BRIEF HISTORY & PROFILE  Inc.; importing1967 – incorporated as BRS,quality athletic shoes from Japan’s OnitsukaTiger Company.1971 – “Swoosh” trademark and “Nike” asnew company name.1972 – U.S. Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon1973 – Steve Prefontaine endorsedNike brand shoes1985 – Michael Jordan endorsed AirJordan shoes and specialized apparel
  3. 3. BRIEF HISTORY & PROFILE 1988 – “Just do it” ad campaignMission: To bring inspiration and 1998 – implemented corporateinnovation to everyathlete in the world responsibility practices 2010 – 36,000 employees globally; revenues of $19.0 billion. 2010 – One of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens; One of theIf you have a body, World’s Most Ethicalyou are an athlete Companies
  4. 4. Key Success FactorsConsistent advertising campaigns and programs 
  5. 5. Key Success Factors Celebrity athletes’ endorsements 
  6. 6. Key Success Factors Innovative, technologically advanced shoes and apparel 
  7. 7. Key Success Factors Consumer-oriented NIKEiD.STUDIO
  8. 8. Key Success FactorsCorporate social responsibility 
  9. 9. Vulnerability Negative publicity feedbacks  Effects of extensive advertising  Credibility of some of its key sports figures  Loss of some of its key spokespeople to competitionHigh cost of Nike shoes  Loss of incremental growth on high-end products  Continuous innovation, research and development
  10. 10. VulnerabilityChanges in major environmental forces   Changes in governmental regulations/rules for production of their products  Competitive activities that mimic or improve upon technological processes
  11. 11. To Watch Out ForIdentifying trends and megatrends in the sports apparel industry 
  12. 12. Recommendations Be sensitive and proactive with people’s views and opinions of themselves, others, organizations, society, nature, and the universe as it pertains to sports.“The performance of Nike and every other global company in the21st century will be measured as much by our impact on qualityof life as it is by revenue growth and profit margins.” Phil H. Knight, Chairman
  13. 13. Marketing Strategy  of socially responsibleStrengthen implementation programs and work further for the enhancement of innovative solutions to address environmental, social, and psychological concerns particularly in shoe manufacturing.  Awards and recognition  Gigaton’s Award for Energy-Saving Programs Aimed at Reducing Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions  Top 10 of Newsweeks 2010 Green Rankings  One of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens for 2010  2010 Innovation and Sustainability Award  One of the Worlds Most Ethical Companies
  14. 14. Marketing Strategy Continue to present their advertising showing “fun” in sports and the use of their products  Nike’s Write the Future commercial
  15. 15. Applied Concepts  Continuous innovation, research and development, and technological adaptability Created the market and the demand – Nike became the footwear and sports apparel not only by athlete but even by fashionable, young generation Target market, position and segment – athletes and non-athletes; young and not so young; fashionable and practical Marketing channels – taking advantage of all media in promoting its products
  16. 16. Applied Concepts  Powerful slogans – “Just do it”, “Write the future” Prominent endorsers and image models Online marketing – Nike products are available for customization and sale online Social responsibility marketing – environmental awareness, women empowerment, and children’s health are but some of Nike’s social initiatives
  17. 17. Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company  adopted technological innovation in its online banking, automated teller machines, and e-commerce offers a full range of banking and other financial products and services to cater to different markets powerful slogan “Your in good hands with Metrobank” availability and accessibility of its more than 1,200 ATMs, 730 domestic branches, and 42 international branches, remittance offices, and subsidiaries worldwide multi-awarded by various institutions and organizations for corporate governance, leadership, and innovations corporate social responsibility undertaken thru Metrobank Foundation
  18. 18. References  750479.html#ixzz1GXHDvND5 +of+nike&source=bl&ots=vliUrcqjgw&sig=Roe2- J8pL4wrap5rXSQdyogQjFk&hl=en&ei=c3p9TZCTG42qccGGlLgG&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=res ult&resnum=3&ved=0CCUQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=vulnerability%20of%20nike&f=false,_Inc.
  19. 19.  Atty. Vivian T. Dabu Marketing for ManagersAteneo-Regis, AGSB Clark