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  • 2. Jiin Bakery  Commercial area  Mostly Korean establishments  Passersby going to and from Clarkfield and Balibago, Angeles City  Not much foot trafficFriendship Hi-way, Angeles City
  • 3. Jiin Bakery Products – mostly breads and cakes; coffee, sodas, and juices; and flavored icedrops Price for breads – between Php10 – Php65 Service – attentive & fast Facilities – clean establishment; well- ventilated; with tables and chairs but no CR.
  • 4. Jiin Bakery  Customers: - 2 women (mid- 20s): soda and bread - a man (late 50s) and a woman (late 40s) – coffee and bread  Length of stay – 30min.-1hr.  Date & time of visit – 4:05p.m. June 7, 2011POD – Korean breads
  • 5. PAN de MANILA Commercial area Food establishments around Not much foot traffic Middle, Ground Floor, SM-Clark
  • 6. PAN de MANILA  Products – baked breads; spreads; bottled/canned fish/fruit preserves; coffee/choco; milk/juices  Price – pandesal: 3.75/pc. small, 6.00/pc. big, 6.25/pc. wheat; other breads-between Php17-65  Service – fast, attentive, and accommodating  Facilities – clean but cramp; hot; no tables/ chairs/CR
  • 7. PAN de MANILA Customers - 1 man late 50s - 2 women mid-50s Product –pan de sal Length of stay – few minutes Time & date of visit – 5:10 p.m. June 7, 2011 POD – pugon baked pan de sal
  • 8. MICHELL’S BAKESHOP  Location is Good.  Covered with small bamboo trees in front  Traffic: Heavy  Foot Traffic: Slightly Heavy  Few customers inside Location: Balanga CityLocated along City CenterNear Cathedral, MunicipalHall, Mall & School (STI)
  • 9. MICHELL’S BAKESHOP Menu: Breads, Assorted Pastries & Cakes Best Seller: Roti & Cakes Roti: Php30/ pc Cheesy Ensaymada: Php 28Chocolate Ensyamada: Php28 Date & time of visit: June 7, 2011 6:13- 6:29 pm
  • 10. MICHELL’S BAKESHOP Speed of Service: Slow Level of Service: Slighty Unattentive Personnel : 2 persons •Not much customer interaction •No Upselling FACILITIES •Restroom located at Max’s Restaurant •Cozy Ambience  Customer Profile:  7 Women  Age: 33-45 years old Ordered: Slice Breads for School Baon & Ensaymada
  • 11. Red Ribbon  Commercial area  Food establishments around  Much foot traffic at all timesNear SM-Hypermart, Ground Floor, SM-Clark
  • 12. Red Ribbon Products – baked breads/cakes; cooked food; coffee/juices/ sodas Price for breads- between Php15-312 Service – fast, attentive, and accommodating Facilities – clean but a little bit small; with tables/ chairs but no CR
  • 13. Red Ribbon  Customers – mostly families; women*  Saleable product – cakes and cooked food*  Length of stay – few minutes to 30 minutes if dining in*  Time & date of visit – 4:30 p.m., June 7, 2011POD – delicious & reasonably priced cakes *based on previous visits
  • 14.  City of Balanga, Bataan  June 6, 2011  Time of Visit: 5:45- 6:09 (approximately 23 steps fr. Michell’s kiosk)  Foot Traffic: Heavy  Traffic Flow : Heavy
  • 15. goldilocks Products : Assorted Breads /Cakes Pastries /Popcorns Microwaveable viands  Facilities:  Parking  Cool Security Guard  Many Varieties of Breads, Pastries & Cakes  Manpower:  4 personnel  1 Security guardPOD – affordable cakes and cooked food
  • 16. goldilocks Customer Profile: 48 Customer 9 Men (husbands) 39Women (mothers mostly) Teachers To buy baon treats and Cakes for Special Occasions Mostly ordered: Macaroons/ Slice Bread & Cakes Length of Stay: People stay longer since there are more varieties and the lines are longer Level of Service: Attentive though lack of change funds Speed of Service: Fast
  • 17. THE FRENCH BAKER Commercial area Food establishments around Much foot traffic at all times Main Entrance, Ground Floor, SM-Clark
  • 18. THE FRENCH BAKER  Products – baked breads; cooked food; coffee/juices/sodas  Price for breads- Php12-120  Service – fast and attentive  Facilities – clean; well-ventilated; with tables and chairs but no CR
  • 19. THE FRENCH BAKER Customers – - 2 couples (mid- 60s) - 1 woman (mid- 50s) Ordered –breads and cooked food Length of stay – - few minutes -1 hr.- dining in Time and date of visit – 5:30 p.m., June 7, 2011 POD – affordable French breads
  • 20. PERFECT LOAF Commercial area Food establishments around Much foot traffic at all times Nepo Mart Complex, Angeles City
  • 21. PERFECT LOAF  Products – baked breads/cakes; cooked food; coffee/juices/sodas  Price for breads –Php13- 65  Service – fast, attentive, and accommodating  Facilities – clean; well- ventilated; with tables/ chairs/CR
  • 22. PERFECT LOAF Customers – mostly 30s and up - 6 office workers; - 1 family of 4; - 2 couples/1 grp of 4 - 2 solo Orders–bread/cakes/ slices and cooked food & sandwiches Length of stay – few minutes-30 minutes if dining in Time & date of visit – 6:35p.m., June 7, 2011 POD – Kapampangan taste
  • 23. Michell’s GoldilocksLocation Commercial CommercialPedestrians Many ManyProducts Breads/cakes Breads/cakes; cooked foodPrice for breads 10-75 14-130Service Slow, attentive Fast and attentiveFacilities Sliding doors; Clean, well-ventilated; with With table and chairs tables and chairs but no CR CR is located at Max Restaurant (same owner)Customers Mostly late 30’s 9 male and 39 women (mostly mothers)Orders Bread and Pastries Pack of breads/cakesStay Few minutes Longer than necessaryTime of visit 7 persons 48 customersPOD Roti breads Affordable cakes and cooked food
  • 24. Jiin Pan de ManilaLocation Commercial CommercialPedestrians Many ManyProducts Breads/cakes Breads/cakesPrice for breads 10-65 3.75-65Service Fast, attentive Fast, attentive, accommodatingFacilities Clean, well-ventilated; with Clean, well-ventilated; with tables and chairs but no CR tables and chairs but no CRCustomers 2 women mid-20s and a man (late 1 man (late 50s) and 2 women 50s) and a woman (late 40s) in a (mid-50s) business meetingOrders Coffee/Soda and bread Pan de salStay Few minutes – 30 min. if dining Few minutes inTime of visit 4 persons 3 personsPOD Korean breads Pugon-baked pan de sal
  • 25. Red Ribbon French Baker Perfect LoafLocation Commercial Commercial CommercialPedestrians Many Many ManyProducts Breads/cakes; cooked Breads/cakes; cooked Bread/cakes; cooked food food foodPrice for 15-312 12-120 13-65breadsService Fast, attentive, Fast and attentive Fast, attentive, accommodating accommodatingFacilities Clean but small; with Clean, well-ventilated; Clean, well-ventilated; tables and chairs but no with tables and chairs with tables/chairs/CR CR but no CRCustomers Mostly families; women* 2 couples (mid-60s) Families and friends; and 1 woman (mid- office workers; students 50s)Orders Cakes/cooked food* Breads and cooked Bread/cake slices and food cooked foodStay Few minutes – 30 min. if Few minutes-1 hour if Few minutes-30 min. if dining in* dining in dining inTime of visit 0 5 persons 20 personsPOD Delicious & reasonably- Affordable French Kapampangan taste priced cakes breads
  • 26. THANK YOU! Entrepreneurship class Ateneo-Regis AGSB Clark