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Project report on "CarManager Alarm System" - An Android App

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CarManager Report

  1. 1. GITAM INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, GITAM UNIVERSITY Project Report on“CarManager Alarm System” (An Android App) Developed By: Vivek Prasad B.Tech CSE (4/4)
  2. 2. Table of content(I)Introduction………………………………………………….. 1(II)Description of the Idea…………………………………... 2(III)Implementation Details………………………………… 4(IV)Technical Aspects……………………………………….… 5(V)Screenshots…………………………………….................... 6(VI)Conclusion……………………............................……… 16
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONCarManager is an electronic way of effectively managing regular maintenance jobs forany car. It lets you monitor the air pressure, engine oil and coolant of your automobile.Untimely checking of these levels often leads to loss of mileage and engine life, in otherwords calling for unexpected expenses. To avoid the losses you just initiate the app atthe time of the next air pressure check, engine oil change or coolant check and then justforget about it. This app will effectively remind you through notifications once theappropriate time is reached which is set on intervals accepted by most renownedmanufacturers. You then have the option to snooze the alarm, ignore it or call or locate anearby repair shop. This app also gives you the flexibility to change the intervalbetween successive checks to suit your needs. You can also use this app to manage anyautomobile, not only on just a car.
  4. 4. DESCRIPTION OF THE IDEACHMS or Car Health Management System is an electronic way of effectively managingregular maintenance jobs for any automobile, be it a car or a pick-up truck. Currentversion of this app is available in multiple languages – Russian, Chinese, Korean, French,Italian, German, Spanish, and English – and includes features such as Tire Pressure, OilChange, and Coolant management:1. CAR TIRE PRESSURE REMINDERMost of the automobile manufactures recommend that users check their vehicle’s airpressure every thirty days. Underinflated tires not only cause more oil/gas usage(increased expenditure and expanded carbon footprint), but they also reduce tire’s life(impact on household expenses) and are a safety hazard.Conventional TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems) have not been able tosolve the problem and there are issues with the current approach:• TPMS provides an alert for underinflated tires, usually for a drop of up to 25%pressure; this is a reactive way of managing a car’s tire pressure.• In-built TPMS inflates the car’s price and an external device from aftermarket servicescause a car’s warranty to become void.Fortunately, using CHMS app reminders, one can now manage automobile’s tirepressure for economical fuel management, increased tire-thread life, andeliminate potentially unsafe low air-pressure situations.2. OIL LIFE / CHANGE REMINDERAutomobile manufactures also mandate that users change engine oil, be it synthetic orsimple, every 3000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. Such reminders have
  5. 5. conventionally been managed either by means of a small sticker in the corner of thewindscreen or by using oil change life indicators in the control panel. CHMS app helpsmanage such reminders with much ease, using a reminder function.3. COOLANT CHANGE REMINDERAutomobile manufactures also recommend flushing a car’s radiator once every twoyears unless the owners manual recommends otherwise. Most of the vehicles don’tcome with any indicator and it is left to the owner to remember this detail. Especially inhot climates, a bad coolant can break down a car’s air conditioning system, leading toexpensive repairs and warranty issues.CHMS app’s coolant change reminder feature solves this problem by reminding usersabout proper coolant change/flush intervals.
  6. 6. IMPLEMENTATION DETAILSThe user interface of the app provides user with reset button for air pressure, engine oiland coolant monitoring. When the user taps on the reset button, app calculates theproposed day for the next required check. This information is stored in-memory byusing shared preferences class of the android library.Further, this app sets up a broadcast receiver which compares the current day with theday of the next check. In this receiver class, if the current day matches or exceeds any ofthe three calculated dates, the receiver triggers a notification, reminding user about thepending scheduled maintenance.When the user taps on the notification, the app opens up a dialog box providing userwith an option to either snooze the reminder for two days or simply ignore the dialogbox. In the former case, the date of check is pushed out by modifying the respectiveshared preferences object whereas in the latter, the app simply closes the dialog box.If the user wants to reset monitoring then he has to tap on the reset button again and anew date will be automatically set in the respective shared preferences object. The appalso accounts for the fact that more than one notification can occur on the same day.The app also provides user with an option through the settings menu to modify the heckintervals. This is achieved by storing various settings in their respective sharedpreferences object. These values are needed by the app to calculate the next check dateand notify the user. A default recommended value in each category has already been setbased on recommendations provided by the auto-industry.
  7. 7. TECHNICAL ASPECT OF THE PROPOSED SOLUTIONMemory Requirements: CHMS app needs only 420 KB for installation and an extra 10 to20 KB for user data.Efficiency: In user testing conducted on android handsets of various processing powers,the app ran without any lag or flicker.User friendliness of the app: The app has a very intuitive user interface and is suitablefor day-to-day use by a wide spectrum of smart-phone users.
  8. 8. SCREENSHOT 1Home Screen
  9. 9. SCREENSHOT 2Main Screen
  10. 10. SCREENSHOT 3Notification Screen
  11. 11. SCREENSHOT 4In-App Notification Screen
  12. 12. SCREENSHOT 5Mechanic Selection Screen
  13. 13. SCREENSHOT 6Settings Screen
  14. 14. SCREENSHOT 7Warning Screen
  15. 15. SCREENSHOT 8Help Screen
  16. 16. CONCLUSIONCar Health Manager is a system that once initiated continues to monitor your vehicleutilizing various android library systems such as the notification manager, alarmmanager etc.In other words the app once set, gives an easily noticeable notification on the androidhome once the proposed day is reached. Tapping on the notification will open the app.The user is then provided with three options i.e. he can either snooze the notification foranother two days in case he wants to delay or he can choose to ignore the notificationaltogether or he can choose to call a mechanic from the given list for immediate help oreven use “Google Maps” to locate a nearby service centre.