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18 newsletter 14 2-2013

  1. 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 14 February 2013 Issue 18 Have you Downloaded the D6 Communicator? 10 days to go! This will be Al Yasmina’s main form of communication. Follow this link to download this program on you PC. http://www.six-delta.com/schools/communicators.htmlDear Parents,Dates for your DiaryWeek 17-21 February - HALF TERMWeek 24 – 28 February - Class/Music and Sport team photos (please see schedule)Sunday 24 February - School startsWednesday 27 February - Year 2 Click Exhibition from 5pm-6.30pmWednesday 27 February - Second Hand uniform saleThursday 28 February - Aldar OlympicsThursday 28 February - Music Recital at 2.45pmTuesday 12 March - Parent Teacher ConsultationsWednesday 20 March - Spring ConcertInternational Day - Wednesday, 13 February 2013Wow! What a fantastic day! A journey around the world and we never set foot outside the school!Students were delighted, enthralled and amazed by the array of countries exhibiting at our 1st everInternational Showcase. With 33 countries represented by willing parent volunteers, children had theopportunity to understand what each country felt, looked, smelt, sounded and tasted like.Eager to collect stamps for their passports, the children took time to wander around the stalls, lookingat fabulous pictures, clothing and artifacts, sampling tasty food and drink, watching amazingdances, listening to traditional music and participating in impromptu sing-alongs! The children alsomade a super effort in dressing in clothes that represented their country or flag. They were veryproud to represent their country when the whole school took part in a truly international parade.Thank you to all who organized and supported the event.(Please view photos on the School Communicator).Class/Sport team photos - Week 24-28 FebruaryPlease note that class and sport team photos will be taken the week 24 - 28 February. This will takeplace in the Dance studio. Can we please ask that parents help children to remember their sport kitsfor the day they are scheduled to be photographed. See attached schedule. 1
  2. 2. Friends of Al YasminaFOY VEGThank you to everyone for supporting FOY Veg, it is proving to be very popular. We are aware therehave been a couple of problems to date, which are out of our control, however they are beingrectified and your patience is requested. Please remember there will be no deliveries next week dueto mid-term break and orders for March will be due the first week back ie. Thurs 28 February - keep aneye on the School Communicator for further details.Second Hand Uniform SaleThe next Second Hand Uniform Sale is on Wednesday 27 February from 1.00pm in the Atrium.From the French DepartmentThe Primary French department is looking for any unwanted French books. If you have any at homeand not using them, we would be very happy to make good use of them. You can drop them at thereception, library or hand them in to any languages teachers.Merci beaucoup - Mrs Cuven (Head of Primary French)From the Music DepartmentYear 1 celebrated their “Jungle Day” with spectacular performances of Jungle songs. There was agreat turnout from the parents and the children really enjoyed performing a great variety of junglerelated songs. Congratulations to all of you.Well done to this week‟s” Musicians of the Week” Mahra Al Khouri (FS1 Blue) and Lavinia Pollendine (Year 2 Spoonbills) KS2 Jana Al Armouti (Year 5 Mynahs)Mahra Al Khouri who always sings so beautifully in class. She sings perfectly in tune with a beautifulsinging voice. Lavinia Pollendine performed for the entire class on her violin and played beautifully.Jana Al Armouti who has performed a piece of music on the piano for the entire class. She playedvery musically and tunefully.Year 4 celebrated their “Roman Day” with a very fine performance of the song “Just Like A Roman”for their teachers. Grace Lewis sang the solo part at the beginning of the song and she sang ittunefully with great confidence. It was very evident from the enthusiasm of their performance, thatthey really enjoyed singing it. 2
  3. 3. Dates for your diary:Thursday February 28th Monthly Recital – the brass group will be performing too!Saturday March 9th ADMAF Young Musician‟s ConcertWednesday March 20th Spring ConcertWed/Thurs May 29th and 30th The Wiz!For any information about primary music activities, please contact cknapton@alyasmina.sch.ae.From the Arabic DepartmentYear 6 students madetreasure`s boxes as apart of the role plyactivity based on thegroups looked for losttreasure using thetreasure`s mapdirections, Then theywrote the first story“the treasure island”,and Three of themwere chosen as thebest writers.Sport NewsYear 3 – 4 House AthleticsThe children in Year 3 and 4 at Al Yasmina took part in the annual house athletics competition today.Looking bright and colourful in their house t-shirts the children gathered in their house pens ready forthe start of the much anticipated event. For 5 weeks now in PE the children have been preparingand practicing their athletic skills ready for this big day!The day got underway with field and track events for both years. The teachers and young leadershelped to organise each of the events and encourage all of the children to do their best. Distanceswere scored and measured, races were timed, each to find out who could win overall for their yeargroup! In assembly these children will be rewarded with a certificate of their achievement. Parentssupported and cheered from the side and provided some great motivation for the children. Someeven got involved in the action! opting to show off their own athletic ability in the parent race! theirprize, a cup of tea and a biscuit from FOY who kindly provided refreshments throughout the morning.Foundation Stage 1 (FS1). Please go to School Communicator to view photos on the gallery.Year 5 – 6 House AthleticsThe final day of primary house sports saw the Year 5 and 6 children take to the track! It was a coolmorning and ideal weather for athletics. The teachers manned their events and the competitionbegan for who could win the House Athletics Competition for 2013! After some great races, hugethrows and even bigger jumps the children gathered to watch their parents and teachers competein the fun! I‟d like to say, somewhat more competitive than the children! It was a very successfulmorning. Overall the winners were Endeavour, 2nd was Voyager, 3rd Discovery and 4th Challenger. 3
  4. 4. Well done to everyone involved for their great team spirit and effort throughout the competition.Individual winners will be awarded certificates of their achievement on Sunday after the break.ALDAR Olympics Athletics Meet 2013:On Thursday 28th February Al Yasmina will host the 2nd annual ALDAR Olympics,aptly named due to its athletic nature! The competition involves all five ALDARAcademies primary schools, Al Yasmina, Al Mushrif, Al Muna, The Pearl and Al AinInternational School. Each will come together to celebrate the successes of ourtalented young athletes who will compete against each other in a variety of athletic events. Teamsare selected and invited to participate in the competition by their PE teachers who nominate themdue to their athletic ability shown in PE and house athletics. We look forward to the event and to theAl Yasmina team defending the title they won at last year‟s competition!Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)This week in FS1 we have been exploring thejungle. Our Jungle dress up day today was somuch fun, there were monkeys and tigers hidingeverywhere! Thank you to all the parents whoprovided a treat for our Jungle snacks. We alsocelebrated „International Day‟ this week, wherewe got to wear the traditional dress from ourcountry or the colours from our countries flag.Thank you to all of our helpers from secondary!We hope you all have a wonderful break and come back with lots of energy for our very busy nexthalf term. Remember to keep practicing your name writing at home!Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Gil Hutcheson from Yellow Class, Ibrahim Haddad from White Class, Sultan Abushahab from Gold Class, Alia Al Braiki from Green Class, Mara Belle from Red Class and Nicholas Loadman from Blue Class. Keep up the hard work boys and girls! 4
  5. 5. Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)This week has been a real adventure in FS2! We have been learning about the Jungle and theanimals that live there. We have found out that the Jungle is home to lots of different types of animalsand plants and have really enjoyed learning all about them. We even went on a Jungle journey intoa secret rainforest! We had to make sure that we packed everything we might need into ourbackpacks. We knew that things like a raincoat, shelter, food, water and mosquito spray would bereally important to keep up safe and healthy. We also took a camera and binoculars to make surewe could see all the wild life. During our adventure we had to climb over logs, through vines, across acrocodile infested river and through a secret tunnel! We have also learnt how important it is to tryand save the worlds rainforests so that these animals don‟t lose their home.In Numeracy this week we have been learning different ways that numbers can be represented,such as in tallies, sets and arrays. We have done a great job collecting information to show as a tally!Next week is half term, so enjoy the holiday! To help your children over the break, please continue topractice the word walls, do some extra reading and play a few simple addition games with yourchild.www.starfall.co.ukThe next topic will be „Tell me a story‟. We will be looking at a different book each week, all written byColin McNaughton. We will have lots of activities planned, all linked to story reading and writing!Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekChloe Nasr – Purple class, Hamad Dhabbahi – Orange class, Hamdan Al Romaithi – Ruby class, SamFarrugia - Jade class and Osha Fakhroo – Amber class)Year 1Wow!!! What a fabulous half term of learning we have had in Year One. As our Jungle topic comes toan end we have been looking back and celebrating all of our learning. We would like to say amassive thank you to all the children and their parents for supporting our jungle project homework.Each project is AMAZING and beautifully put together. 5
  6. 6. The children spoke confidently and independently in front of their whole class describing their ownproject and how they made it. Some children gave PowerPoint presentations, some sang their ownsongs, and others made jungle movies and much more. What a super creative bunch you are. WELLDONE! Here are just a few.Our school trip to Emirates Zoo this week was a great way to end our topic; it was a busy but fun dayfor all the adults and children. I even think some of the teachers wanted to take the white tigershome! Not only did it help us see some of the animals we learnt about during our topic but also led usinto our new topic for next term „Growing‟. We got to plant our own carrot seeds which will take 3months to grow. Remember your special growing number and maybe you could go back and visit ina few months and let us know how the carrots are growing.The children will have no homework or spellings during the half term holidays but we do ask that youcontinue to read with your child, this can be newspapers, magazines, road signs if you‟re travelling oryour favourite book.Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekHuge congratulations to last week‟s stars, how proud we are about their fabulous achievements. Welldone to Lana ODonnell in Sparrows class, Leith Qadan in Doves class, Nina Mohni in Robins class,Emma Burke in Larks class and William Whitcher in Cuckoos class.The Year 1 team would like to thank you for your continued support this term and look forward tostarting our new topic after the half term holidays.Have a restful and enjoyable break. 6
  7. 7. Year 2This week in Year 2 Literacy, we have been learning about „persuasive language‟ and creating ourown advertisements for landmarks around Abu Dhabi.In Maths, we have been investigating Mass and enjoyed weighing and estimating the weight ofmany different articles. We have also been thinking about what we have learned so far this year.On Wednesday we celebrated a wonderful International Day! We paraded around in our continentsand learnt about each other‟s countries and cultures.The week after half term we‟ll be completing our Click Topic. This will culminate in The Click Exhibitionto be held at the school on Wednesday, 27th February. Please see yesterday‟s mailshot and theSchool Communicator for further details.Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Storks: Arantza Sanchez Alvarez, Herons: Yasmina Rushaidat, Sandpipers: Syed Muhammad Hussaini, Spoonbills: Amarjot Notay, Flamingoes: Chris NasrYear 3 7
  8. 8. We had an absolute blast at our „Aussie Campout‟! The children were exhausted after a full day ofswimming, sports, athletics, BBQs, bush dancing, bush safari, art, movies… the list goes on and on! I‟msure every child in Year 3 would say they had an unforgettable experience – even the teachersenjoyed themselves! Check out our photos to see us in action. Thank you so much to all of ourparent helpers. We could not have done it without you.We hope you all have a relaxing holiday next week. Please remember to keep collecting old trash,clothes, materials, newspapers and water bottles as we start our Trash to Treasure topic after thebreak. If you could send in anything you have already collected we would be very grateful.If your child needs some mental stimulation during the holiday here are some fun educationalwebsites:http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/maths/http://www.ictgames.com/www.spellingcity.comCongratulations to our Stars of the Week Khaled Samarah – Curlews, Tanuli Wickramarchchi – Cormorants, Zayed Al Khaili – Ravens, George Worth – Buntings, Lily Den Hertog - TernsYear 4What an amazing week we have had in Year 4, quite possibly the best weekever! Sports Day, International Day, Roman Day... the list goes on!Thank you to all the parents that came and supported the students on SportsDay. It was a fantastic day and not only did we see some outstandingrunning, jumping and throwing, i think we have some future champions inour midst, but also some great sportsmanship! Congratulations to Challengerfor winning the Year 4 section and to Challenger for winning overall.International Day was a great day! It was wonderful to see everyonedressed up representing their home country. We enjoyed parading aroundthe playing field and listening to all the different national anthems in ourclassroom. Lessons all had an international theme. We were challenged tolabel as many countries as we could on a world map, played flag GuessWho, looked at national dishes and designed a national dress for our homecountry. 8
  9. 9. As well as all the excitement of special days this week, the Year 4 students have been working hard inthe classroom. In Science we have been learning about switches and how they work. Using ourknowledge of circuits, conductors and insulators, we designed and made our own „burglar alarm‟switch. If you need a new security system installed in your house, then see a Year 4 student!In Literacy this week we have been experimenting writing some exciting sentences. We are nowexperts in using 3_ed sentences, 2A sentences, 2 pairs sentences and emotion comma sentences. InMaths we have been revising units of measurement, in particularlength and capacity. The students enjoyed making estimating andthen making accurate measurements of different objects.We have been getting creative in Social Studies this week. We havebeen focusing on UAE forts this half term, learning about the featuresof a fort and reasons why they were built in certain locations. Using thisknowledge, we have designed and made our very own model of aUAE fort out of junk!We hope you all have a lovely half term break. We are looking forwardto all the excitement of the Hatta trip next half term. We cannot wait!Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Kara Alphonso (Sandgrouse), Katie Raisbeck (Warblers), Luna Gulec (Wagtails), Daniel Cooper-Okanome (Pipits) William Burke (Wheatears),Year 5Wow! What a fun packed week it has been in Year 5! As I am sure you have already heard from thechildren, whether on the Dibba Residential or enjoying their Chinese Cultural festivities in school, havehad the best time learning through taking part in lots of exciting different experiences andchallenges. On Sunday 10th February, 100 very excited children and 6 equally excited members ofY.5 staff, settled onto their 3 buses to set off to Dibba for 3 days of fun and adventure. Great stuffindeed… but what of those of us left behind? What did we get up all alone in Year 5? 9
  10. 10. For the children who did not attend Dibba they have been immersed in a variety of different ChineseCultural Activities: Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Cookery and Chinese Painting. The childrenthoroughly enjoyed these activities and were given a unique opportunity to learn about the differentaspects of Chinese culture. Here are some photos to give you a glimpse of what they got up to!In addition, the children during theirspecialist lessons, either continued theChinese theme or took part in teambuilding activities. It is hard being leftbehind whilst the others go on aresidential trip, but we definitely madethe most of it! The rest of the Year 5 hadan amazing time at Dibba, the childrenwere full of enthusiasm and are to becommended on their good behaviour.We were kept very busy with lots ofexciting activities such as abseiling, climbing, mountain biking and manoeuvring our way around anobstacle course. We took part in orienteering using digital GPS trackers and showed our precisionand accuracy during Archery. We also got to visit Al Bidya Mosque, which was built in 1446 and is theoldest worship place in the UAE. The teachers were also very impressed by the level of talentdisplayed at the Monday night talent show – „U.A.E‟s Got Talent‟ here we come! Well done to ourtalent show winners Iman Mohd Husni and Aidan Ball who sang a cappella to their favourite song!We also then had the fantastic International Day wherein everyone took great pride in representingtheir respective nationalities. We had an opportunity to visit the amazing stalls set out by parents andwere allowed to use our senses to learn about all the different nationalities we have at Al Yasmina! 10
  11. 11. Finally to end this busy week, we finished off with our Sports Day which was an excellent event to endthe week and half term with. The children were thoroughly excited and enjoyed every minute of it!Well done to the winning team! (Please view some photos on the School Communicator).We have had so many Stars of the Week during this eventful week that all the teachers in Year 5 feelthat all the children were Stars of the Week, well done Year 5, let‟s keep this attitude going into nextterm!Year 6It has been an exciting week in Year 6 with the arrival of our “Freaks of Nature” projects. This week wehave seen the likes of cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes. The students have workedvery hard on this term‟s topic; Natural Disasters and it was evident in the final outcome of theirprojects. And all the teachers are extremely proud of the children. Tsunami VolcanoIn literacy the students have spent the week looking at how to approach the reading Sats paper. Inset groups they have answered past sats papers and analyzed what is necessary for the highermarked questions. The children have all excelled in their understanding of inference deduction andanalysis.Science was a time of assess and review. The children had to use their understanding about filteringand dissolving and apply this to a problem. The students have gained much insight from this topicthrough intense discussions and hands on experiences and experiments.In numeracy we have looked at problem solving. The children were encouraged to use the Rucsacmethod of approach – R=read, U=understand C=choose S=solve A=answer and C= check.Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Saif Al Suwaidi , Ahmed Al Belooshi, Bruce Donald, Kyle Stott-Briggs, Glen Davidson, Harriet Juby, Trinidad Carrasco 11