Avalon Global Research (India)


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Avalon Global Research; a brief introduction

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Avalon Global Research (India)

  1. 1. An Introduction Avalon: A success story in The Avalon Group Mumbai, New Delhi consulting and research &Chennai Head Office: 309, B- Wing, MP Bldg., SB Road, Dadar West, Mumbai-400028, Maharashtra, India Phone: +91-22-66132600 Fax: +91-22-24301655
  2. 2. AVALON GLOBAL RESEARCH About AGR Avalon Global Research (AGR) is a 20 year old research and consulting organisation in India. Our promoters have an IIT and IIM pedigree (few of the world’s best engineering and management institutes) with a combined experience of over 90 years. Our domain experts, each with over 15 years of experience provide the subject knowledge to the team in order to address specific industry issues. We have a team of 70 skilled research analysts drawn from top engineering and business schools. Market Knowledge We have covered more than 2000 products for over 250 clients. More than 2/3rds of our revenues come from repeat clients proving our quality and value addition. We have conducted studies in almost a dozen verticals and covering the entire Indian and MENA (Middle East and Northern Africa) region. We track many of the key sectors in India and MENA, keeping ourselves and our clients abreast of the new developments and likely future outcomes. Sectoral Expertise We cover over 10 industry segments and have studied dozens of products in each industry segment. The industries we cover extensively are: -Chemicals -Petrochemicals -Oil and Gas -Food -Healthcare -Engineering -Transport -Financial Services -Construction -Agribusiness -Textile -Metals -Consumer Goods www.avalonglobalresearch.com; www.consultavalon.com Page 2
  3. 3. AVALON GLOBAL RESEARCH The types of study we have executed in each of the sectors are as follows: Research Consulting Competition profiling Channel Effectiveness Enhancement Company tracking Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Industry landscaping Customer Management Initiatives Market mapping Competitiveness Audit Trade and Traffic Strategic Cost Management Target identification Supplier Management Initiatives Match making Entry Strategy Primary searches Corporate Growth Strategy Data analysis Organizational Transformation Financial Modelling Internet Strategy New product research Financial Restructuring Technology Scan Business Due Diligence and Valuation Network Avalon has offices in 3 of the 4 major metro cities of India viz. Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. We leverage our offices to develop and maintain contacts across India. We have a network of people developed over many years that we depend on authentic industry information. We have developed these over 20 years and by virtue of actively participating in industry forum. Our associations include CII, IMC, Indian Chemical Council, and FICCI which are large and respected industry associations in India. We are on the working committee of various business sections of the associations and support some of them w.r.t. research, match making and preparing white papers. We have worked with over 250 clients covering both medium and large scale companies across various sectors and geographies. Our long relationship with key executives, we have easy access to them to get inputs on their companies as well as the industry. Our Directors sit on multiple boards and committees offering us contacts with a larger pool of senior personnel whom we can tap for research or match making. We have a combined rolodex of over 20000 cards which have been entered in our in-house database. The database is leveraged by our resources to initiate a call/discussion with them. www.avalonglobalresearch.com; www.consultavalon.com Page 3
  4. 4. AVALON GLOBAL RESEARCH We also depend on our interviewing skills to create a network of respondents, partners, agents, etc. We can engage them in meaningful discussions and proposing a win-win propositions them. We have a huge repository of books, market and sector reports (over 4000) in our in-house library. We subscribe to most key databases and have access to listed and unlisted company information. We have a huge databank from our twenty years of desk as well as field research. AGR also maintains a panel of experts in addition to our own resources who provide insights in some projects. We have access to library of UDCT and IIT for advanced magazine referencing – for technical research. Quality Assurance System AGR has developed a process framework for service delivery that conforms to the standards stipulated under ISO 9001:2000 certification. The company is planning to apply for certification once the preparatory audit is undertaken. The generic framework, which is divided into sub components, follows a standard documentation and communication approach and serves as a guideline for our service delivery and not as a deterministic set of rules. The reason being most of our deliverables are customized in nature and requires exercise of skill and judgment. In order to ensure that the skill and judgment are exercised properly, the framework depends a lot on the Knowledge Management, which has been integrated into the process framework. The process lays emphasis on Research Planning, Execution of Research methodology and Customer Feedback to ensure that the deliverable meets client expectations. Since the quality of the deliverable depends a lot on skill set, the process puts stress on identifying, training and deploying the right kind of resources for the assignment while the quality check of the deliverable is addressed through checklist, templates and multi stage review, which is inherent part of the execution stage of the process. The review of project post delivery is conducted to ensure that the measure of performance meets the expectations of both the customer as well as of the company. In short, the process framework follows the broad guidelines and stages prescribed for ISO 9001: 2000 standards but customized to meet the specific requirements of the business as well as the customer. www.avalonglobalresearch.com; www.consultavalon.com Page 4
  5. 5. AVALON GLOBAL RESEARCH Experience in supporting international companies to conduct trade with India Example 1 Avalon Global Research has been involved with WTI for over 5 years. Avalon Global Research (AGR) supports WTI to generate trade between Welsh and Indian companies. AGR has advised over 50 Welsh companies on the attractiveness of doing business in India and encouraging them to evaluate the Indian markets. The key activities involve Market size estimations, key players profiling, key association contacts, market opportunities for both manufacturing and services industry. We also provide regular updates on sectors strategically important to companies in Wales. As a first step, we provide general advice on the market and sector to the Welsh companies. The market suitability for the Welsh companies is gauged on certain parameters like need and supply based on desk based/ secondary market research and understanding of the specific sector in India. Once the interest is ascertained, more details are collected on the market segment – such as potential size, growth drivers, competition is studied through secondary as well as primary sources. Primary sources included speaking to market influencers – companies, distributors, associations, Govt bodies, etc. If a need is established AGR conducts research in terms of taking the company’s offer to end customers / potential distributors to gauge interest and solicit market data. Introduce Welsh companies to a shortlist of companies/dealers identified from the research along with a profile and comments. AGR supports the Welsh companies visit to the market in terms of arranging a visit programme and the logistics. We even accompany to many meetings to facilitate the meeting and for a review/follow up. In general AGR provides support in terms of advice and chasing in-market contacts for information, progress etc. The Project Manager from AGR makes regular visits to Wales. The purpose of the visit is to familiarise with target companies, offering advice and creating a base of companies to develop further by generating interest in the Indian market. We are tasked to identify and qualify opportunities in India that are pertinent to the economic strengths of Wales. Opportunities leads came from sources such as the British Consulate, trade www.avalonglobalresearch.com; www.consultavalon.com Page 5
  6. 6. AVALON GLOBAL RESEARCH bodies, private and public organisations which we would select based upon certain criteria, for further investigation. We also assist certain specified Welsh companies with mutually agreed tasks to enable them to assess and enter the Indian market. These are identifying partners, conducting market research, profile companies and distributors, etc. A few examples of activities we executed are as follows: • Electrical beds manufacturer identifying an Indian agent/distributor • Construction company with skills in restoration work wanting to expand market and set a network of contractors • Liquor company wanting to export whiskey and liqueur to India and import Indian wine • Telecom Network Management company looking for expanding market in India • Security system manufacturer wanting to assemble certain products in India • Rail manufacturer looking at Indian casting and forging units • Microscope manufacturer looking for agents in India • Rotary dressers manufacturer looking at new agents to expand base • Geotechnical instrumentation supplier looking at manufacturing in India Example 2: Avalon Global Research provides a comprehensive range of research and advisory services to European clients in order to facilitate their Business Life Cycle with/in India. It facilitates European clients in focusing on India as a source of raw materials, finished products and expertise/know or as a market for European products or technologies. • AGR serves as a focal point of contact and advice for the European clients guiding them in every phase of their business strategy with respect to India. AGR has supported various organizations in identifying business opportunities in India. Our team has worked on the ‘entry strategy’ for many of the companies. • AGR guided client organizations in every step like research, matchmaking, company profiling, impact of local laws, competitors, Government policies, researching product/service needs in India, technology tie ups, available product range, etc. A typical scope included the following: • Market Size: This section talks about the total market statistics for the specific industry in India. It also talks about the raw materials used and the end products manufactured in India • Market players: This section profiles a couple of large companies and a couple of smaller companies in this business in India. Information on their capacity, number of employees, experience, products etc is provided www.avalonglobalresearch.com; www.consultavalon.com Page 6
  7. 7. AVALON GLOBAL RESEARCH • Market Characteristics: This section talks about the product range, manufacturing process and technology used • Market Opportunities: This section describes the need of the product/service, available alternatives and opportunities which can be addressed. • Policies and Regulations: Government policy, Industry organizations, legal issues, company formation, partnerships, etc. • The projects involved scanning the secondary sources viz. our paid databases, association reports, in-house reports, etc. AGR has added value to desk research by conducting interviews with the relevant respondents. Interviews depending on time availability, costs, convenience are carried out over phone or email or face to face. Example 3 Avalon Group have been engaged by the Italian Trade Commission (ICE) and Federchimica – the Italian Chemical Industry Association, in order to promote industrial and commercial collaboration agreements between Italian and Indian fine, speciality and consumer chemical companies. The objective of this assignment is to enable some of the member companies of Federchimica to find the right partners in India who match their specific requirements. The partners could be any of the following  Simple distributors  Manufacturers willing to only distribute with the option of manufacturing at a later date  Manufacturers to start immediate production in India  Raw material sourcing partners  Finished goods sourcing partners  R&D Partners Despite the commonness of the overall objective, the needs of each company are very specific and in most cases do not overlap with the needs of another company. Hence the approach followed to identify Indian partners is very specific for each Italian company. The phases of the project Phase I: Preliminary survey in Italy to identify the needs of each individual Italian company participating in this assignment. The information captured the type of partnership required, technological competence of the Indian firm, reputation, economic-financial and market solidity of the Indian firm. www.avalonglobalresearch.com; www.consultavalon.com Page 7
  8. 8. AVALON GLOBAL RESEARCH Phase II: On the basis of the information gathered in Italy, a list of potential Indian partners was created and ran each partner through a framework developed (which captured the requirements of each firm) to identify the most suitable Indian partner for each Italian company. Phase III: After selection of prospective Indian partners, we will organise B2B meetings in Italy between the Italian and Indian companies in order to develop hypothetical partnership proposals. www.avalonglobalresearch.com; www.consultavalon.com Page 8