Tyska utbyte redovisning - traditioner pdf


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Tyska utbyte redovisning - traditioner pdf

  1. 1. Swedish traditions Svenska traditioner onsdag 2 oktober 13
  2. 2. Valentine’s day Alla Hjärtans Dag We celebrateValentine’s day in Sweden like everyone else - by giving away flowers, hearts, chocolate and spend time with the ones we love onsdag 2 oktober 13
  3. 3. Easter Påsk Easter is a very important holiday within Christianity. We celebrate it by coloring eggs, eating traditional easter food - sausage, meatballs, eggs and herring(kind of fish) and much more. The Easter bunny comes with easter-eggs that includes sweets and hides it in the yard. During easter we have one week holiday. Some families also dress out, for example as a Easter witch. onsdag 2 oktober 13
  4. 4. Sweden’s National Day 6/6 Sveriges National Dag 6/6 On Swedens National Day we celebrate the Swedish flag and our King. It’s a red day that means we don’t need to go to school. The National Day has nothing to do with any religion. On this day we eat a lot of cakes and sweets. onsdag 2 oktober 13
  5. 5. Midsummer Midsommar The 20th of June we celebrate midsummer. It is the longest day of the year. The sun sets later. In the north of Sweden the sun never sets that day. We celebrate it by eating a lot of Swedish food like meatballs, herring and a lot more and singing and dancing around a maypole. onsdag 2 oktober 13
  6. 6. Kräft skiva Crayfish party We celebrate it with friends and family. Sometimes we cloth and decorate a long table on streets with neighbours or with friends and family. On Crayfish parties we eat crayfish and a pie, one of them is called ‘’Västerbottenpaj’’ in Swedish. onsdag 2 oktober 13
  7. 7. Halloween We celebrate Halloweeen like everyone else - by dressing up and go trick or treat. People who has lost someone important in their lives go to their graves and light a candle. onsdag 2 oktober 13
  8. 8. Lucia 13th of December We celebrate Lucia because we want to remember the saint. We celebrate by baking “lussekatter” and hot drinks. And we also walk a “Luciatåg” and sings Christmas songs and special luciasongs. In the train there is a Lucia who has a corona on her head and behind her there is female attendant and starboys. Lussekatter onsdag 2 oktober 13
  9. 9. Christmas Julafton We celebrate Christmas Eve with our family at the home of anyone in the family. The Santa Claus comes to our homes and gives us gifts if we have been nice. Meatballs, herring and Christmas ham are three typical dishes we eat on Christmas Eve. A very special tradition we have on Christmas eve is that we watch “Kalle Anka på Julafton” (Donald duck on Christmas) and some other Disney scenes, 3 O’clock every year. It’s always the same scenes except one that is new. onsdag 2 oktober 13
  10. 10. New years eve Nyårsafton We celebrate the year that has been and is coming with our friends and families. At 12 O’clock we go out and shoot fireworks or just watch everyone elses firework. onsdag 2 oktober 13
  11. 11. Made by: Mattias, Louise, Ronja, Ellen, Kristinn onsdag 2 oktober 13