MRM: Building Lasting Relationships, Trust and Value


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  • Unproven business models, brittle systems, stretched budgets, rapidly evolving technology and competing priorities are impeding Brands adoption and value recognition Accelerating expectations from advertising driven consumer applications adds pressure to the ecosystem and adds to the challenge My Space, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat Increasing complexity and fragmentation Network fragmentation: 4G, Roaming, Wi-Fi Device fragmentation: smartphones (Apple, Samsung, Google), tablets (Apple, Android), feature phones, others Messaging Services, Location Services, Identity Services Proliferation of complexity and reality of economic conditions makes it difficult to fully realize benefits of the mobile channel Build minimal presence Lowest common services (voice, SMS)
  • SLIDE OBJECTIVE: To discuss the opportunities that brands have based upon identified needs of the end users as well as owners and shareholders who they have to answer to while running their business TALKING POINTS: Brands are looking for ways to utilize mobile capabilities to offer consumers relevant, secure transactions to meet their needs for a personalized mobile experience, all-the-time access to more services, a consistent experience and relevant timely offers. Consumers expect that their transactions are secure – i.e. if they’re moving money, or making a payment or a purchase – they want it done ‘securely.’ All of this must be done while focusing on continually improving the user experience across all channels. While focusing on meeting the consumers’ mobility needs, brands must also look for ways to drive revenue and growth, create stickiness, and expand business globally all the while supporting acquisition and retention of users through proactive timely offers. While growing and being profitable brands must find ways to reduce risk but not at the expense of the end user. This must be done without negatively impacting end-user satisfaction. Brands may discover they need help understanding how to achieve success in the mobile ecosystem due to lack of experience in the space. Whether it’s strengthening knowledge of compliance, best practices, differences in device types or mobile-specific challenges, there are significant opportunities that if tapped into, will provide new revenue streams, among other benefits, for brands. We have discussed the mobile space and implications to brands as well as consumers. We are now going to focus on how we, Syniverse, can help brands take advantage of these opportunities. BELOW ARE TALKING POINTS SPECIFIC TO FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS (FIs) ******************** FIs desire to further utilize mobile technology to improve consumer experience. They do this by driving engagement beyond balance alerts into other areas of the business and by creating a more personalized, relevant mobile experience in order to bring more value to consumers. Additionally by leveraging real-time intelligence about the consumer on their preferences, location, device type, brands can deliver the right content to the end user, thus improving the consumer experience.
  • SLIDE OBJECTIVE: To provide an overview of how Syniverse is looking to support the opportunities of the Brand in this mobile ecosystem within five basic pillars of brand mobility that we’ve defined. TALKING POINTS: These five pillars allow you to do the following: Mobile Identity- like anything not knowing the identity of your end users (i.e. correct phone numbers, devices) makes it difficult to accurately communicate your brand to your end users. This helps you maintain a clean up-to-date database. (Mitigate risk and exposure) Policy Management- has the end user given me the proper permission based on government, network (ex. ATT), and my specific requirements for this type of action I want my brand to do. (Richer end user experience) Consumer Information- if they have given permissions what can I get from information perspective based on factors such as their current location, or potentially others areas such as their demographic or behaviors. (Enhance end user experience and drives profit) Marketing, Promotion, Retention, Loyalty- what and how do I send my brands activity to them that makes it more relevant that my competitors. (Enhance end user experience and drives profit) Campaign Management/Reporting- in your definition of real time, what campaigns are out there and how are my campaigns doing, did they get the communication, did they react, what are the results? (Increases efficiency thereby reducing costs) Here we would like to understand the mobility solutions that you are considering to meet various business needs across various modalities on the mobile devices and how are you looking to engage with end users through the mobile channel at various stages of their life-cycle such as Customer Acquisition, Customer retention and customer engagement. We would like to collaborate with you and provide end-to-end solutions to address some of your specific business requirements. E.g.: If you are considering ATM’s of the future and how you can include the mobile device in the complete ATM experience. Some examples that come to mind are: - ATM fraud - using LBS to ensure that the end user’s phone is located where the ATM withdrawal is occurring - ATM location assist - When an end users sends an SMS message to Chase, Chase can do a location look-up through Syniverse and provide 3 of the closest ATM locations near the end user's location or refund the ATM fees if there are no ATM in the 20 miles radius to the end user’s location - ATM locations can also be provided via an MMS with the map and the ATMs marked out on the maps ATM receipt via SMS or MMS
  • MRM: Building Lasting Relationships, Trust and Value

    1. 1. Jamie MillsVice President, Enterprise Mobility SolutionsSyniverseMobile Relationship Management:Building Lasting Relationships,Trust and Value1
    2. 2. Market Trends:Mobile is THE Disruptive Force2Syniverse ProprietaryMobile #1technology priorityfor CIOsApproximately30% of householdsin developedcountries aremobile onlyU.S. total wirelesspenetration is> 100%  Over-the-topmessaging hasemerged as asignificant disruptorSource: Belden Partners, CTIA, GartnerUser adoption of mobile applications will accelerate eightfold in the coming three years
    3. 3. The Challenge: Evolving & MeetingNew Customer Expectations3Syniverse ProprietaryIncreasingcomplexity andfragmentationAcceleratingexpectations fromadvertising-drivenconsumerapplicationsProliferation ofcomplexity andreality of economicconditionsUnproven businessmodels, stretchedbudgets, rapidlyevolving technologyand competingprioritiesMobile solutions delivered via the cloud are needed to acceleratetime to value, prove business models and mitigate riskMobile solutions delivered via the cloud are needed to acceleratetime to value, prove business models and mitigate risk
    4. 4. The OpportunitiesEnd UsersBrandHow can we USE MOBILEto offer more relevant,secure transactions?How do we IMPROVE USEREXPERIENCE in allchannels?How can we INCREASERETENTION AND SHARE OFWALLET through proactive,timely offers?How do we REDUCE COSTSwithout sacrificing end-user satisfaction?Revenue and earnings growthShare appreciationROIGeographic ExpansionRisk Reduction4PersonalizationEverywhere, all the time accessMore servicesConsistent experienceRelevant and timely offersSecure transactions
    5. 5. Meeting End-User Needs: Build Trust, AddValue, Enhance RelationshipsWhatText BankingHowWhenPolicyManagement(Permissions)MobilePaymentsMobile WalletATM look-upAndroid, iPhone, BlackBerry InvestmentBanking ApplicationsBranches of thefutureTargetedPromotionsWhereFraud DetectionMobileIdentityManagement(Number,Device)Marketing(Acquisition,Retention,Loyalty)End User(Location,Demographic, orBehavior)CampaignManagement/ Reporting(RTI)WhoEndUser5
    6. 6. Blasts / AlertsSend text messages to opt-in users. Keep customers informed of promotions, offers &events. All campaigns can be scheduled in advance.Info-on-DemandProvide information via custom keywords. Capture opt-in users for future message blasts.Capture emails with Email Capture to build your email list.Redeemable Couponsand Loyalty ProgramsDistribute coupons redeemable by potential customers who have opted-in to receive yourpromotions. Include promotional codes for additional tracking through the API and reports.Unique, one-time use coupons further provide controls over campaigns.2D/QR Barcodes &Mobile WebpagesCreate quick landing pages and mobile webpages on demand. Tools include CSS integrationand WYSIWYG controls over the creation and management of each site.Geofencing & Location-Based ServicesProvide special offers and messages to subscribers involving geofences and location-basedservices. Unique offers can be managed and delivered via SMS, MMS and mobile web for avariety of promotions and notifications all dependent on the location of the subscriber.Text-to-Win Enable potential users to text in a special keyword to instantly enter to win a prize.Text-for-InfoProvide information on-demand so users learn more about your products orservices. Optionally, users can subscribe to mobile alerts or sign up to receive continuedalerts and updates.6Syniverse ProprietaryMobile Campaign Types
    7. 7. Text-to-VoteHave interested customers text and vote on a topic. Real-time graphs show instant results.Create new lists based on their votes for additional targeting opportunities.Text-to-ScreenAllow participants to instantly submit comments via text to a live screen. Additional outputscan be setup through RSS.Data Collection, Surveys Collect valuable information from consumers through a survey.MMS DeliveryDeliver rich content to customers with MMS and mobile downloads. Complete Carrier-gradeMMS is available when the short code is provisioned with this feature.Website WidgetUse the included Web Widget to build a list and have customers sign up directly. Enablewebsite forms that capture cell phone numbers and build a mobile list of opt-in users whosign up for the service.Custom Applications Utilize the two-way API to build custom mobile messaging applications or interfaces.Mobile WebsitesCreate and manage mobile websites and landing pages. Ideal for capturing data off SMS and2D/QR campaigns. Includes a lite-app feature to save a page on your smartphone.API Ability to be integrate into a variety of custom services through the SOAP-based API.7Syniverse ProprietaryMobile Campaign Types (Cont.)
    8. 8. jamie.mills@syniverse.comThank You!8Syniverse Proprietary