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  • 1. DMA 2011 Conference & ExhibitionExhibitor FAQsWhat is Vivastream?Vivastream is a social platform for the DMA2011 Conference enabling one-to-one interaction betweenexhibitors and attendees. Vivastream tells you Who to Know based on your interests, profile, and skills,and helps you connect and interact with other like- minded individuals before, during and after theevent.How does Vivastream help exhibitors?The Vivastream platform will be used by DMA 2011 attendees to explore the event from their laptop ormobile device. By completing your exhibitor profile on Vivastream, you tell everyone in attendance:  Who is attending for your company and how to connect with them  Where your booth is located  What topics, solutions, and products you can help with at the event  How to follow or connect with your companyHow do I edit my exhibitor listing?The primary contact of every exhibiting company has been invited to join Vivastream. If you have beeninvited, you will see a section on the top of your home page that gives you access to your exhibitorlisting:Clicking the “Manage Exhibitor Account” button will link you directly to the page where you can updateyour exhibitor listing.How do I register on Vivastream?DMA 2011 attendees should register using the following link:
  • 2. What should I do after I register?After you register, fill in your basic profile information ( your company, title, and profile picture gives everyone a good idea of who you are and who yourepresent.If you want other attendees to be able to connect with you on LinkedIn, follow you on Twitter, or evenfriend you on Facebook, be sure to connect all of your social accounts to Vivastream( is my personal profile different than my company profile?You can manage your personal profile settings by clicking on the Settings icon in the top right toolbar.The information you change here determines how you as an individual will be viewed by otherVivastream members.
  • 3. How do I give admin access to my colleagues that will also be attending the event?To give one of your colleagues access to your exhibitor profile on Vivastream, simply enter their namein the representatives section of the admin page. As you type their name, you will see all Vivastreammembers who match the text you have typed in. Once you select your colleague and save, they will begiven access to administer your company listing, and will also be listed as an attending associate. Theywill also receive an email letting them know that they now have access to manage their exhibitorlisting.If your colleague is not already on Vivastream, you can invite them by clicking the “Create and ApplyNew User” button at the bottom of the list of results:How do I get access to edit my exhibitor listing?If you do not see this alert on your home page, you can do one of two things:  Ask a colleague who currently has access to add you in the method described above  Contact Vivastream ( and request access. Be sure to tell us what event you are attending, as well as your name, title, email address, and company.
  • 4. What are topics?Topics connect everything on Vivastream. By listing the topics, products, and solutions your companycan help with, we can connect you with attendees who are interested in your solutions or who arelooking for help.Enter topics, product categories, or solutions into the topics field on your exhibitor admin page.Separate each topic with a comma.The first five topics that you enter will be displayed on your exhibitor listing:When a user clicks on a topic, they can see who is interested and who can help with that topic at theevent they are attending:
  • 5. What is an exhibitor microsite?Coming in August 2011, you will be able to purchase a full microsite for your organization. Themicrosite gives all attendees the ability to:  View a branded page dedicated to your company (including your company logo)  View all topics, solutions, and products that your company can help with (as opposed to the first 5)  View details on who is attending the event from your company  View a detailed description of your company  Follow your company on Twitter & LinkedIn and/or Like your company on Facebook  Upload content that attendees can view and download, including presentations, whitepapers, and case studiesYour microsite is more than just an advertisement for your company…it’s also a place to generateleads. During and after the event, you’ll have access to view the profiles of all of the people that areinteracting with your brand…either viewing your microsite or downloading your content. And you canconnect with those individuals directly through Vivastream, or distribute the list of interestedprofessionals to your salesforce after the event.How do I purchase a microsite?You will have the ability to purchase a full microsite directly from your exhibitor admin page, startingin late August 2011. In the meantime, if you would like more information, please contact your DMArepresentative or