The State of Email in an Interactive World


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  • When I joined 3 ½ years ago, you couldn’t go online and get a quote from MetLife.Now everyone offers online quotes, and it’s the most popular way to shop for insurance.
  • 25% of the people who start a quote, don’t finish it …And an even larger number don’t buy the policy immediately after quoting.
  • And 2/3 of those who abandon the quote, did so because they were interrupted, not because they weren’t interested.
  • We set up our original Lead nurture program in 2008. It was one single email that was segmented and personalized. In Summer of 2010 we re-launched this campaign with new creative and two additional emails to make up the program. This one was multi-channel and much more sophisticated.
  • I use integrate for a reason. See we were already retargeting these folks. But now we integrated our email lead nurture program with the remarketing to make our program more intelligent.
  • The program is seeing double the conversion rate of the control group who isn’t seeing display ads,And compared to other marketing programs at MetLife is getting 7 times the return on investment that would be considered “good”
  • The State of Email in an Interactive World

    1. 1. The State of Email inan Interactive World Seth Berman Rick Heffernan Twitter: @sbermo #EEC12 Twitter: @rjheffernan #EEC12
    2. 2. Seth Berman BabyCenterDirector, Global Marketing Twitter: @sbermo #EEC12
    3. 3. BabyCenter #1 pregnancy and parenting site and mobile platform worldwideLeadership Trusted Influential Celebrated• 24MM users in over 22 • Nearly 3x more • Most popular social • 2011 Webby Award and markets worldwide trusted than any other site for product People’s Voice Award in pregnancy and recommendations the Family/Parenting• 7 out of 10 babies born parenting site among new and category in the US last year are expectant moms BabyCenter babies • Recommended 2x • 2011 OMMA for Best more often than the • More than 3 out of 4 Social Network for the• Apps Magazine named next closest parenting moms share the BabyCenter Community us one of the Top 100 site information they find apps of 2010 on BabyCenter with other moms
    4. 4. Reaching her at the right time With stage-based solutions
    5. 5. Today is mobile inflection point
    6. 6. Rapid smartphone adoption +50% increase in smartphone users, 2010 to 2011 The Facts: Nearly 1 in 3 people in the U.S. have a smartphone.
    7. 7. The inbox is the new portal The Facts:Q: When do you check email on your smartphone? (Based on text logs) 78% use email on their smartphone to filter incoming communications.
    8. 8. Moms are hooked on daily deals Subscribe to one or more service60% (e.g., Groupon, Living Social) with 9 avg number of deals/offers purchased this year36% Share daily deals through social networks (124 index) Agree “When I save money on a84% shopping trip by using coupons, sales or other deals, I feel like I won!”
    9. 9. Rick Heffernan MetLifeDirector, eMarketing and Sales Strategy Twitter: @rjheffernan #EEC12
    10. 10. Making the most of online leads
    11. 11. MetLife Auto & Home• MetLife Auto & Home is the Leading provider of group Auto & Home benefits.• We have relationships with over 2,000 employers, associations and affinity groups including 50% of the Fortune 100.• We offer Group discounts to over 30 million individuals in the U.S.• No email programs in 2008.
    12. 12. Shopping for auto insurance has changed foreverIn which of the following ways did you shop/obtain price quotes when youshopped most recently?Online Quote 63%I went online to get a quote 70%Agent 25%I called/visited local agents whorepresent multiple insurance 24%companiesDedicated Agent 26%I called/visited local agents whorepresent one insurance company 23%Call Center 18% 2009I called toll-free numbers forquotes 18% 2011
    13. 13. Get an auto quote online
    14. 14. The challenge Abandoned
    15. 15. Reengage interrupted visitors 2 out of 3 people who abandon do so because they were interrupted
    16. 16. Converting prospects to applicationsFind a way to communicate with leads that abandoned the online autoapplication process before & after receiving a quote Summer 2010 Challenge – Consumers prefer to research product online, but make a purchase with an agent or over the phone – Low online conversion rate – Needed to stay top of mind for this considered purchase
    17. 17. Converting prospects to applications Summer 2010 Solution Results – 20% of our eMarketing phone volume is driven from our lead nurture emails
    18. 18. Integrate display to attract abandoners online Winter 2011Retargeting Before Retargeting Now You have You have been here before been here before Where you left off in your quote Segmented messaging/ads based on data collected from Quote Process
    19. 19. Early resultsConversion Lift ROIPeople who abandoned their $34 in premium for every $1 in quote exposed to display ads ad spend. converted at over 2X the rate of users who 7X 7 times better than what is didn’t see display ads. considered a “good ROI” for marketing programs.
    20. 20. What’s next?Seth Berman Rick HeffernanTwitter: @sbermo #EEC12 Twitter: @rjheffernan #EEC12