Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Marketing
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Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Marketing






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Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Marketing Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • Driving  Sales,  Engagement,  and   Loyalty  Through  Mobile  Marke;ng Jeff  Hasen,  Mobiviy Michael  Becker,  Somo
  • Your  Instructors • Jeff  Hasen,  Chief  Marke;ng  Officer,  Mobivity,   and  Author – @je.asen • Michael  Becker,  Market  Development  &   Strategic  Advisor,  North  America,  SOMO,  and   Author – @mobiledirect 2
  • Our  Road  Ahead • Part  1:  Mobile:  No  Longer  A  Nice-­‐To-­‐Have  In  Your   Marke;ng  Mix • Part  2:  Going  Beyond  The  Shiny  Objects:  A   Ver;cal  Market  Cross-­‐Sec;on  of  What  Works  and   Does  Not  Work • Part  3:  GeVng  It  Done:  A  How-­‐To  Map  to  Mobile   Marke;ng  Success
  • PART  1 Mobile:  No  Longer  A  Nice-­‐To-­‐Have  In  Your   Marke;ng  Mix 4
  • Why  Mobile  –  high-­‐level  overview   of  opportunity   5
  • Consider  All  That  You  Can  Imagine • Take  a  trip  to  a  faraway  land
  • Fleet-­‐Footed  Wieners • Run,  Tito,  run
  • Flying  Children • Away  they  go
  • Cashing  In(Bound) • Dollars  from  heaven
  • Mobile  Pixie  Dust • Magic  apps • Cash-­‐removing   wallets
  • Sell  More  Stuff • Everything  has  changed • Nothing  has  changed
  • Winds  Blowing  In  New  Era • Time-­‐crunched   society • You  can’t  fish   where  the  fish  were
  • Life  of  a  Marketer • Not  enough  ;me • Belief  that  safe  won’t  get   you  fired • Silos • Management  enthralled   with  shiny  objects
  • Life  of  a  Mobile  Subscriber • Connected  24/7 • Researching,   interac;ng,  shopping   with  device • Expec;ng  brands  to   meet  them  on  mobile
  • The  Technology  Divide  Is  Shrinking • Nearly  40  percent  of   55-­‐64  year  olds  have   a  smartphone  (Pew) • Number  of  seniors   on  Web  has   increased  average  of   16%  each  year  for   last  decade  (Nielsen)
  • The  Two  Need  To  Meet • Complementary  needs
  • It’s  Why  I  Wrote  Mobilized  MarkeOng • Learn  from  three   dozen  marketers • Find  out  how  to  go   where  the  fish  are • Catch  more  fish
  • Key  Findings • Mobile  is  no  longer  a   “nice  to  have” • “Meat  and  potatoes”   ohen  feed  the  hungry   salespeople • What  works  in  one   region  won’t   necessarily  work  in   another
  • Key  Findings • Mobile  bridges   distance  and   genera;on • Marketers  can’t   afford  to  wait  un;l   everything  in  mobile   is  perfect
  • Key  Findings • If  you  aren’t  going  to   do  mobile,  can  you   say  the  same  about   your  compe;tor?
  • The  Passive  Has  Become  InteracOve • Interact  to  sell  more • Give  consumers   choice
  • “You  Can’t  Move  A  Mall” • Shoppers   increasingly  choose   on  ameni;es  like   clean  bathrooms,   WiFi,  and   interac;vity  via   mobile
  • 34  Cars  Sold  In  One  Day • Combina;on  of   tradi;onal  media   and  mobile • Dollars  worked   harder
  • Advice  From  Marketers • Find  the  ;me • Be  brave • Give  your  target  choice  
  • Advice  From  Marketers • Don’t  bet  it  all • Don’t  forget  feature  phone  users • Don’t  put  mobile  on  an  island
  • Consumer  Behavior  and  Interest An  Evolu;onary  Trend  Not  to  be  Ignored 26
  • Understanding  Change Banking Credit Insurance Computers Watch Internet Camera Mobile Telecoms Mapping Advertising Print Music Broadcast Theory by Tomi T Ahonen 2002-2013 Social Media Gaming
  • 7,094,284,785 People Source:  hlp://www.census.gov/popula;on/interna;onal/data/idb/worldpopinfo.php,     June  2013 2
  • And  we’re  increasingly  connected 3,250,000,000 Unique  Mobile  Users   (7.4B  mobile  connecTons, 12.5b  connected  devices,   50b  connected  to  the  Internet) Source:    hlps://gsmaintelligence.com/,  Cisco  2013 3
  • Mobile  Malers The U.S. Consumer 88.8%  own  a  mobile  device 20%  of  their  media  Tme  spent  in  mobile 60%  own  a  smartphone,  and: Search:  95%  have  searched  for  local  info Shop:  84%  use  phones  in  a  physical  store Spend:  Mobile  influences  17~21%  of  all  U.S.  retail   commerce Source: Prosper Insights, 2013, Deloitte,2 012) 30
  • We’re  never  far  away 31
  • < 32
  • By  2020 13,311,666,640,184,600   devices  connected  to  the  Internet) Source:  Cisco  2013 33
  • MOBILE  HAS  CAUSED  AND  ENABLED  AN   IRREVOCABLE  CHANGE  IN  CONSUMER  BEHAVIOR There is a seismic change in consumer behavior that is linked to technology such as social and mobile platforms.” Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO Jan 2013, NRF Convention & Expo 4
  • Media  Has  Evolved 35
  • This  is  really  happening 36
  • Media  consumpTon  has   Source:  Navigating the new multi-screen world: Insights show how consumers use different devices together - Google Mobile Ads Blog. (n.d.). Retrieved September 19, 2012, from http://googlemobileads.blogspot.mx/2012/08/navigating-new-multi-screen-world.html?utm_source=Blog +subscribers&utm_campaign=f9f8a74760-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email 14
  • Nature  of  Media  Has  Evolved 38
  • Text  Message  STll  Significant 39
  • We  love  to  text 40
  • Email  has  Evolved Source:  Return  Path,  2012 41
  • Source:  hbp://blogs.denverpost.com/opinion/2013/08/09/cartoons-­‐of-­‐the-­‐day-­‐back-­‐to-­‐school/41207/ 42
  • TIme  of  Day  Malers Source: Google,  2012;    comScore: Share of Browser-Based Page Traffic by Hour for Computer, Smartphone and Tablet Platforms. comScore Device Essentials, U.S., Monday, Jan. 21, 2013 43
  • 44
  • Social  Media  &  Neworking U.S. consumer spends an average of 2 hours and 38 minutes per day on smartphones and tablets. 80% of that time (2 hours and 7 minutes), 24% in Facebook & social networking Source:  h*p://blog.flurry.com/bid/95723/Flurry-­‐Five-­‐Year-­‐Report-­‐It-­‐s-­‐an-­‐App-­‐World-­‐The-­‐Web-­‐Just-­‐Lives-­‐in-­‐It 45
  • Search  Has   19 Source: Google (2013). “How  Mobile  Is  Transforming  the  Shopping  Experience  in  Stores”
  • 4  million  mobile  transacKon/per  week 10%  of  U.S.  Revenues Source:  Noah  Elkin  and  Rachel  Pasqua,  2013,  Mobile  Commerce  Daily,  2013
  • Shopping  has  Evolved 48
  • Mobile  User  Various  Throughout  the  Path-­‐to-­‐Purchase 17% 21% 37% 5% 14% 8% 11% 64% 44% Gas/Convenience Banking  &  Finance At  the  Start All  the  Way  Through 23% 11% 9% 16% 17% 52% 51% Retail Insurance In  the  Middle At  the  End Source:  Nielsen    and  xAd,  2013 Ques;ons  used:  CQ39A/B/C/D:  When  visi;ng  the  <CATEGORY>,  at  what  part  of  the   research  process  did  you  use  your  <DEVICE>?
  • But  what  does  this  all  mean? 13
  • Mobile  Impacts  Sales “Those  that  have  our  app  make  twice  as  many  trips  to  the  store  and  are  spending  40%  more.  “ Wanda  Young,  Vice  President,  Media  and  Digital  MarkeTng,   Walmart MMA  SM2,  September  2103   51
  • Not  just  consumer  change It’s wave of change that has potential to invigorate business of all types and all sizes. Source:  Noah  Elkin  and  Rachel  Pasqua
  • PayPal  Beacon • Any  store   running  Point-­‐ of-­‐Sale  systems   compa;ble  with   PayPal,   including   53
  • If  an  eight-­‐year  old  can  do  it 54
  • If  an  eight-­‐year  old  can  do  it 55
  • Mobile’s  ImpacTng  Every  Industry Banking 60% Credit Insurance Computers 60% 60% Watch Internet Camera Mobile 90% Telecoms 85% Mapping Advertising Print Music Broadcast The aggregate value of all these industries in 2012: 6 Trillion dollars Social Media 50% Theory by Tomi T Ahonen 2002-2013 Gaming 35% 35%
  • • • • • • Some  Nuances Ethnicity Loca;on/Geography Time  and  loca;on  of  engagement Device  ownership Transparency 57
  • Consumers  Use  MulTple  Devices 58
  • Demo  (Age,  Income...)  Malers Source:  Business  Insider  2013 59
  • Ethnicity  Mabers Lopez, Mark Hugo, Gonzalez-Barrera, Ana, & Patten, Eileen. (2013). Closing the Digital Divide: Latinos and Technology Adoption | Pew Hispanic Center. Online: PewResearch Hispanic Trends Project. Retrieved from http:// www.pewhispanic.org/2013/03/07/closing-the-digital-divide-latinos-and-technology-adoption/ 60
  • Device  Malers Source: Mobile Path to Purchase. (2013). Retrieved September 2, 2013, from http://www.mobilepathtopurchase.com/ 61
  • Local  Malers 40%~43%  of  consumers  prefer  loca;on   relevant  in-­‐app  mobile  ads Source: Experian, 2013; Forrester, 2012 62
  • Consumers  worry  about  their  data 63
  • SimilariTes,  Differences  In  Device   Types 64
  • The  QuesOons  We’ll  Tackle • What  are  the  best  use  cases  involving  feature   phones? • What  about  smartphones? • Do  you  need  both  a  tablet  and  smartphone   strategy? • What  the  heck  is  a  phablet  and  should  you  care?
  • The  QuesOons  We’ll  Tackle • Does  one  device  more  than  another  lead  to  sales? • What  is  responsive  design  and  is  it  the  answer  for   you? • What  are  some  of  the  best  pracTces  for  marrying   each  device  type  with  other  markeTng   components?
  • Best  Use  Cases  Involving  Feature  Phones • The  forgolen  bunch   could  be  valuable  to   you • Inclusive  programs   never  ignore  the   more  than  100   million  who  carry  less   sophis;cated  devices
  • Coca  Cola  Moves  To  Mobile   • 70  percent  of  Coke’s   mobile  dollars  are   spent  on  proven   channels • The  Olympics  are  all   about  inclusiveness
  • The  Program’s  Elements • Music,  sports  and   mobile • SMS  provided  alerts,   links,  a  way  to  engage • 13-­‐17  year  olds  were   the  most  ac;ve  –  a   gold  medal   performance  for  Coca   Cola
  • Is  A  Feature  Phone  Program  Right  For  You? • Depends  on  your   target  audience • Does  it  fit  in  with   your  brand?
  • Best  Use  Cases  Involving  Smartphones • More  than  half  now   carry  sophis;cated   devices • Experiences  and   expecta;ons  have   reached  new  heights
  • “True  Blood”  Takes  Over  Screen • Immersive,  break-­‐through  execu;on  got   no;ced  and  discussed • Viewership  went  way  up
  • Should  You  Market  Via  Smartphones? • Depends  on  whether   your  audience  carries   them • Does  it  fit  in  with   your  brand?
  • Do  You  Need  Phone  Strategy,  Tablet  Strategy  or  Both? • Factors  include   target’s  device  usage,   poten;al  for  overlap,   dollar  available
  • Macy’s  Buys  Into  Employing  Both • Efforts  account  for   different  users,  day   parts,  behaviors • Retailer  is  all  about   choice  for  customers
  • Is  Using  Tablets  and  Phones  Right   • One  size  does  not  fit   all • Depends  on  many   factors,  including   where  target   audience  spends  its   ;me
  • What’s  A  Phablet  &  Should  You   • Devices  with  screen   between  5  and  7   inches • Users  consume   content,  but  also   create  it
  • Phabet  Use  Cases • Those  who  market   with  lots  of  text  in   ads • Others  who  seek   heavier  interac;on   with  content  than   what  a  smartphone   can  provide
  • Are  Devices  Equal  In  Pushing  Sales? • Simply,  the  answer  is   no • Feature  phones  are   the  least  effec;ve,   tablets  are  the  most   effec;ve
  • Analyzing  Shopper  Behaviors • Users  spend  more   ;me  with  tablets  –   and  spend  more   money • Larger  screen  gives   consumers  more  of  a   view  before  they  buy
  • Factors  To  Consider • Your  customers  and   prospects  must  use   tablets  for  the  choice   to  make  sense • Can  you  deliver  on   the  expecta;ons  that   come  from  tablet   owners?
  • Is  Responsive  Design  Clear  Answer? • Idea  is  to  provide  an   op;mal  web  viewing   experience • In  the  best  of  cases,   one  builds  once  and   deploys  over  all  web   experiences
  • Best  PracOces  In  Marrying  Mobile   • Mobile  doesn’t  sit  on   an  island • Successful  programs   leverage  dollars   already  being  spent
  • How  To  Pull  It  Off • Mobile  gets  a  seat  at   the  concep;on  phase • Consider  mobile   adver;sing  as  an   igniter
  • IntegraTng  mobile  in  markeTng   mix   85
  • MISR  image  of  the  Central  Amazon  
  • Mobile  Is  The  Heart  of  Evolu;onary  Change Messaging Browsing Downloading Calling Digital markeOng TradiOonal markeOng (AdverKsing,  LocaKon,  Commerce,  Cloud,  Data) Mobile is pulling these forces of marketing together
  • Mobiles…enabling  a  vast  range  of   Source:  ABInBev  (2013).  “The  Power  of  Mobile  InnovaKon  for  Brands” 34
  • The  mobile  media  paths…consider   Apps We Search Social media Emai l b Personal How can we tailor the experience to you? The  Home  Depot  Approach Adaptive How can we tailor the experience to where you are and what you need? Valuable How can we add value to your experience? Adv e rtis ing
  • It  is  About  Engagement:  Two  Sides Mobile Advertising Marketer Initiated Engagement (Contextual) Mobile-enabled Traditional Media Indirect Engagement Consumer Initiated Direct Engagement 90
  • Index  of  Mobile  MarkeTng  Services • Mobile  Adver;sing   – – Display – Search – Rich  Media – • Text Video/Interac;ve  Video Mobile  Presence – – • Mobile  Web  (tradi;onal/responsive) Mobile  App Mobile  Messaging – Text   – Mul;media – Email – Push  (in  app) – Bluecas;ng Mobile  Payments Proximity  Payments Mobile  Commerce Scanning/Viewing Response  Codes Augmented  Reality Nearfield  CommunicaKons RFID  Tagging Enhancements LocaKon Data Loyalty Social Augmented  reality CRM Content   AnalyKcs  &  measurement 91
  • High-­‐level  Warning 92
  • “Your  Free  Mobile  SEO  Trial  is  Over” “…we  plan  to  roll  out  several   ranking  changes  in  the  near  future   that  address  sites  that  are   misconfigured  for  smartphone   users.”
  • Fortune  100  Mobile  Recap
  • 94%  Face  Mobile  Ranking  Risks
  • Elias St. Elmo Lewis 1889 Elias  St.  Elmo  Lewis March  23,  1872–March  18,  1948 27
  • 29
  • 32
  • So Toys ‘R Us developed a strategy Delivery of a SEAMLESS Shopping Experience Across All Fulfillment Channels that Maximizes the VALUE of EVERY Customer Interaction “Order from Anywhere, Fulfill from Anywhere” Omnichannel   Source:  Milton  (2012).  “Before  Omnichannel  retailing,  Toys   ‘R  Us  was  like  many  other  companies…”  MMA  Forum  New   York.  Mobile  Marke;ng  Assoca;on.  
  • 30
  • The  Funnel  Has  Evolved Mobile  Marke;ng [ { } ] Upper  Funnel Awareness Lower  Funnel Preference ConsideraKon Loyalty TransacKon Social/ Advocacy Support Mobile  Commerce  Window One  to  Many   (the  Marketer) One  to  Many (The  Consumer) One  to  One (marketer  &  consumer) 28
  • Starbucks  customer   DIGITAL  TOUCHPOINTS Opt-­‐in Augmented  reality App  promo mobile   adverOsing QR  codes ENGAGEMENT AWARENESS tradiOonal adverOsing acOvaOon Print OFFLINE  TOUCHPOINTS Social integraKon Mobile Coupons sponsorship acOvaOon consumer promoOon acOvaOon Signage Mobile wallet TRANSACTION mobile incenOves  &   coupons In-­‐store LOYALTY in-­‐store mobile   markeOng mobile database markeOng VIP/rewards program Rewards Source:  Vibes,  2012 102
  • Media  Examples 103
  • Recommended  opTmized  share   While the average optimized mix in mobile is 7%, that figure likely is lower for low involvement brands and higher purchase funnel (LIHP), but higher for high involvement brands and lower purchase funnel (HILP) Mobile  ad  units  included:  Ads  in  Mobile  Web  (Display  Ads),  Ads  in   Apps,  Mobile  Video  Ads,  Mobile  Games  Ads,  Mobile  Social,  Tablets
  • The  Dollars  Are  Following  the  Consumer By 2017 mobile will account for 16% for all U.S. Ad Spending, over 50% of digital ad spending 105
  • 106
  • Dollars  Going  Local • 91%  of  Brand   Execu;ves  plan  to   increase  their   investments  in   loca;on-­‐based   marke;ng  campaigns   in  2013. 107
  • SEARCH  DOMINATES  AS  OTHER   FORMATS  GROW Source:  BIA  Kelsey,  2013 108
  • Spending  Type  Varies  by  Medium   &  Region 109
  • Case  study:  Roaming  geo-­‐fence OBJECTIVE   Drops Increase  purchases  of  Halls  Cough   SOLUTION    Geo-­‐fence  pharmacy  and  retail  locaKons  in   “high  flu  index”  areas  using  a  CDC  data  feed.  (A/B  test   included  naKonal  and  localized  Roaming  geo-­‐fence   campaigns)          RESULTS   62.5% 3.5% Higher  CTR  in  campaign   using  a  roaming  geo-­‐fence Lik  in  purchase  intent 110
  • Ad  IncenTvized 111
  • Expanding  Media 1 2 3
  • Feature Icons are highlighted with a Description once you tap on it. You can drag and drop Feature Icons into the Saved Features Bar at the bottom. Timer appears at top of Frame once game starts. 4 18 5 Somo Copyright & Confidential 6
  • You can swipe or tap on the white arrow buttons in mid-frame to enter the next room. 7 19 8 9 Somo Copyright & Confidential
  • 10 20 11 Somo Copyright & Confidential
  • AUDI A3 INNOVATIVE INTERACTIVE MEDIA § OBJECTIVE – engage users in the new A3 interior and convert users to test drive § Interactive media ad to allow users to experience every inch of the A3 interior § High levels of engagement and conversion: § Engagements: 15,054 § Test Drives: 1,136 § 7.5% conversion to test drive 116
  • Rich  Media h*ps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23192908/NaKonalUniv/Week2/97811923.mp4 117
  • Home  Screen 118
  • NaTve  AdverTsing Source:  Sharethrough  (2013) 119
  • Mobile  Throughout  the  Journey 120
  • Text  Ads For  more  Info  contact:  Chris  Wayman  at  Merkle  (cwayman@merkleinc.com) 121
  • FunMobility's  Mobile  Coupons 122
  • SMS  Traffic  GeneraTon Business:  3  Dairy  Queen  restaurants. Challenge:  Boost  store  traffic   Idea:    Leverage  “NaKonal  Cheeseburger  Day”,   September  18,  send  text  to  1,482  subscribers  in   loyalty  database “It’s National Cheeseburger Day! Sink Your Teeth into .99 Cent Cheeseburgers @ Dairy Queen {STORE LOCATION} until 8pm Tonight/No Limit/Show Text – FWD-2-Friends!” Result:    24  Hours,  one  store  saw  483%  inc.  in  traffic,   106  add’l  customers.   Source: Lawrence, Rebecca. (10/72013). Mobile marketing Dairy Queen SMS campaign - Mobile Commerce Press | Mobile Commerce Press. Mobile Commerce Press, p. Featured News. Online. 123
  • Samsung  Poster h*p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjq5GNiIBDY 124
  • Hijack  the  guest 125
  • Guinness  Hidden  QR   • Guinness  introduced  promoTonal  glasses  with  hidden  QR   codes.  The  QR  codes  would  not  be  visible  unTl  beer  is  poured   into   the  glass,  then  the  QR  codes  would  appear • The  QR  codes  led  to  various  Guinness   mobile  websites,  promoTons,  games   and  info  about  the  beer • If  other  beer  (more  yellow  in  color)  used in  same  glass,  the  QR  code  won't  show • Ad  concept  by  BBDO  New  York • Source:  Ads  of  the  World  30  April  2012
  • Bring  the  product  to  the  customer 127
  • Bos  Icetea  Sampling  through  Tweet 128
  • US:  Shazaming  TV  Commercials • • • • • • • Featured  music  –  Shazam  has  leveraged  its   rich  music  history  and  its  20+  million  track   database  to  idenTfy  the  music  featured  in   whatever  people  are  watching Cast  informaTon  –  the  app  will  list  the  cast   featured  in  the  program,  guest  stars,  as  well  as   other  shows  they’ve  been  in Trivia  –  fans  can  learn  more  about  their   favorite  program  and  even  read  about  the   occasional  goofs  with  the  trivia  feature  in  the   app Celebrity  buzz  –  gives  fans  all  the  latest  gossip   about  the  show  and  the  stars  in  it Social  sharing  –  live  Twiber  feeds  as  well  as   commenTng  in  the  app  makes  it  fun  to  talk   with  your  friends  about  what  you’re  watching More  informaTon  –  convenient  links  to  show-­‐ related  informaTon  at  IMDB,  Wikipedia,  and   the  official  site  for  the  show. 129
  • AXE  Call  Me  -­‐  Singapore h*p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2sFeESB5ZY AXE direct response 760 million interactions from 35 million users 300% increase in Axe sales 130
  • Triggering  Engagement  with  ** ß 131
  • Make  is  Locally  Relevant 132
  • Every  Surface  Opp.  for  Ad h*p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAQh-­‐_nFH-­‐s 133
  • Hyper-­‐local  Engagement/Offers BLE  4.0 Source:  hbp://www.swirl.com/plazorm.html 134
  • Taking  The  Store  to  Consumers The future of mobile is here.
  • Consider  the  story  and  point   engagement Amazon Launches Mayday For Its New Kindle Fire Tablets 136
  • Making  a  difference hbp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS3ThxPrlVo 137
  • Mobile Every  surface  is  media Every  surface  “can  be”  interac;ve Every  moment  is  a  ;me  to  exchange  value   138
  • PART  2 Going  Beyond  The  Shiny  Objects:  A  Ver;cal   Market  Cross-­‐Sec;on  of  What  Works  and  Does   139
  • Products  and  Services 140
  • Group Discussion Where do you fit in the ecosystem? MKT 652 Advanced Mobile Marketing Strategies Michael.Becker@natuniv.edu
  • Index  of  Mobile  MarkeTng  Building   Blocks • Mobile  Adver;sing   – – Display – Search – Rich  Media – • Text Video/Interac;ve  Video Mobile  Presence – – • Mobile  Web  (tradi;onal/responsive) Mobile  App Mobile  Messaging – Text   – Mul;media – Email – Push  (in  app) – Bluecas;ng Mobile  Payments Proximity  Payments Mobile  Commerce Scanning/Viewing Response  Codes Augmented  Reality Nearfield  CommunicaKons RFID  Tagging Enhancements LocaKon Data Loyalty Social Augmented  reality CRM Content   AnalyKcs  &  measurement 142
  • The  Big  Secret • View  from  the  consumer’s  prospec;ve (Health,  Death,  Work,  Money,  Tax,  Sex,   Religion) • In  many  countries  mobile  is  a  fundamental   tool  for  life 143
  • Health Product  ValidaKon (17  African  Countries) Health Death Work Money Tax Source: 2012, http://mobihealthnews.com/18348/sproxil-deal-offers-free-mobile-drug-authenticationin-17-african-countries/ Sex Religion
  • Health 75%  use  phone   on  toilet (24%  make  calls) Health Death Work Money Tax Source: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/fun/news/a464219/75-percent-of-people-use-their-phone-onthe-toilet.html Sex Religion 145
  • Living  Headstones Health Death Work Money Source: http://www.prepaidinsurance.co.za/ Tax Sex Religion
  • 20% of UPS hires apply via a mobile device 30% of LinkedIn Job vies from mobile Health Death Work Money hlp://blog.resumebear.com/mobile-­‐recrui;ng/mobile-­‐recruitment-­‐trends/ Tax Sex Religion
  • 15  million  bank  accounts  in   6  years Health Death Work Source:  hlp://www.bdlive.co.za/africa/africanbusiness/2013/04/29/m-­‐pesa-­‐ phenomenon-­‐taken-­‐a-­‐step-­‐further Money Tax Sex Religion
  • File  your  taxes (Norway,  via  SMS  since  2004) Health Death Work Money Tax Sex Religion
  • Health Death Source: 2013 Mobile Con­sumer Habits study Work Money Tax Sex Religion
  • Health Death Work Source: 2008 http://www.condomcondom.org/ Money Tax Sex Religion
  • 152
  • Confession Health Death Work Money Tax Sex Religion
  • Emerging  Technologies 154
  • Myriad  of  Devices • Feature  Phones • STll  the  standard  in   many  developing   countries • Smartphones • Outpacing  in   adopTon
  • More  Tablets  and  Connected  
  • Mobile  Wallet • Money  be   gone  by   Tuesday?
  • Payment  Devices • Text  here
  • Mobile  Wallet  Ecosystem •  Mobile  devices  at   POS •  Coupons •  Loyalty •  Signature •  AuthenTcaTon •  Access  control.   Physical  or  digital mCommerce mPayment •  Proximity   Payment  /  NFC •  Remote  Payment mIden*ty mBanking •  Bill  Payment • Cash  In/Out •  Content  related   informaTon •  Account  informaTon
  • Starbucks  Leads  Way
  • Augmented  Reality • A  camera  enhanced  view  where  Data/ Informa;on  is  layered  on  top  of  the  real   physical  world/physical  objects  providing  rich   informa;on,  context,  entertainment,   promo;ons,  offers...  Anything.
  • Augmented  Reality:  How  It  Works ENGINE This  is  the  sohware  which   drives  the  experience  and   can  be  deployed  online  or   on  a  local  computer  (as  in   the  case  of  events  or  in-­‐ store  displays).   CAMERA The  camera  is  used  to   capture  the  user’s  world   and  determine  the   placement  of  the  anima;on.   The  camera  can  be  a  web   cam,  a  video  camera,  or  a   mobile  phone  camera. DISPLAY The  magic  of  AR  happens   only  when  it  has   somewhere  to  be  displayed.   It  is  the  combina;on  of  the   AR  anima;on  and  what  the   camera  sees  which  makes   AR  different  than  any  other   flat  digital  experience.  The   display  could  be  your  laptop   screen,  a  kiosk,  or  a  mobile   phone  display TRIGGER In  most  cases  (but  not  all)   the  trigger  is  held  in  front  of   the  camera,  which  then   recognizes  the  image  and   launches  the  AR  anima;on,   which  is  then  displayed  on   the  display.  There  are  a   wide  variety  of  triggers  but   all  are  required  to  launch   the  AR  program.  Triggers   can  be  anything  from  a   physical  object,  to  a  face   (facial  recogni;on),  to  a   magazine  ad,  to  even   shapes  and  GPS   coordinates.
  • Wearables
  • Smartwatches • Dick  Tracy  wore  one   in  the  1940s • For  some,   complementary  to   other  wireless  tech
  • More  Connected  Devices • Refrigerators • Thermostats
  • Source:  hbp://www.unikey.com  (May  2013) 167
  • Science  of  Pouring  a  Drink 168
  • Some  sensors  will  be  external   abachments  … iBGStar   combines  a   glucometer  and   an  iPhone  app  to   provide  health   services  for   diabetes   management iBreath   Breathalyzer (ethanol   sensor) Source:  AMFitzgerald  &  Associates Source:  Adapted  from  “Going  on  the  Offensive  Against  Showrooming:    Leveraging  Mobile  to  Drive  Store  Analy;cs,  Traffic,  Engagement  and   . Commerce.”  Mobile  Marke;ng  Assoca;on.    June  2012 170
  • Others  will  transmit  informaTon   wirelessly CardioMEMS:  Aneurysm  Pressure  Sensor Sensimed  Triggerfish  IOP  monitor Aorta  stent  grak   monitoring,  FDA-­‐ approved Source:  AM  Fitzgerald  Associates Source:  CardioMEMS;  www.cardiomems.com Source:  www.sensimed.com Source:  Adapted  from  “Going  on  the  Offensive  Against  Showrooming:    Leveraging  Mobile  to  Drive  Store  Analy;cs,  Traffic,  Engagement  and   . Commerce.”  Mobile  Marke;ng  Assoca;on.    June  2012 171
  • Ford  OpenXC 172
  • Connect  with  Present:  Digital   Taboos Source:  hbp://www.slashgear.com/whats-­‐inside-­‐motorolas-­‐digital-­‐taboo-­‐31284412/ 173
  • Social  Home  2.0 177
  • Best  PracTces  &  RegulaTons 178
  • Understanding The age of the
  • Best  PracTces 180
  • Pick  the  right  media  for  the   opportunity   Source:  Sumotext  (2013) 181
  • Knowledge • • • • • Know  your  objec;ves Know  your  customer Know  your  intent  -­‐  being  of  service Know  your  plan Share  your  plan   182
  • Consider  Your  ObjecTves 183
  • Mobile  AdverTsing 184
  • Media Formats Consider: Incentivzed vs. Non-incentiveze 185
  • IMPACTING  APP  RANK  POSITION  WITH   PAID  MEDIA The  app  store  ranking  algorithm  is   mainly  driven  by  2  factors: Volume  of   Velocity  of   Increased   High Quality  of   user The  final  media  mix  will  be   dependent  on  the  specific  targets  of   the  campaign Available  media  includes: Targeted  Display Cost  per  installs IncenKvised/App  of  the  day Low TARGETED  PAID  CPC  /  CPM COST  PER  INSTALL INCENTIVISED  /  APP  OF  THE  DAY High Low 186 Volume  of   downloads Paid  media  can  be  uKlised  to  drive   both  volume  and  velocity  of  installs
  • Mobile  Web • • • • • Review  your  web  logs,  see  how  is  visi;ng Look  for  insight  everywhere   Responsive  design Integrate,  monitor  &  react  to  analy;cs   Adjust  your  value  proposi;on,  content   offering 187
  • Mobile  Apps • Stay  focuses,  provide  u;lity  and  be   entertaining   • Select  the  right  pla~orm  for  your  customers • If  possible,  build  to  the  OS  don’t  just  port • Adver;sing  your  app • Instal  is  the  first  step,  think  engagement 188
  • Messaging • • • • Get  an  opt-­‐in Consider  ;ming  of  messages Make  sure  content  is  relevant Consider  frequency   189
  • Push  NoTficaTons • Push  is  a  permission-­‐based  channel • Seven  rules – Preferences:    fits  into  ever-­‐changing   schedules – Provide  relevant  message – Enable  personalizaKon   – Stay  consistent  with  you  brand – Provide  entertaining  &  engaging  experience   – ConKnuously  improve – Leverage  context 190
  • TesTng Test  SEO 191
  • RegulaTons 192
  • The  Balancing  Act Consumer  Advocates Government Consumer ExpectaKon/SaKsfacKon Industry 193
  • The  Basic  Tenants  In  The   Engagement  World • • • • • No;ce Transparency Choice Control Security 194
  • Pieces  to  The  Puzzle   Government   LegislaTon   &  Policy Focus:      DirecTonal  instrucTons  &  industry  self-­‐regulaTons Deliverable:    Published  document  and/or  tools   Ind u st ry   Se lf-­‐r eg ula Ko n Standards Best  PracKces  & Guidelines DefiniKons,  Frameworks, SpecificaKons,  Updates   Primordial  Soup:  the  market  conversaTon Focus:    Market  making  programs  the  grow  revenue  &  reduce  fricTon Deliverable:  “Consumer  Best  PracTces  –  Messaging,”  research Focus:      Any/all  topics  perTnent  to  mobile  markeTng Deliverable:  ArTcles,  research,  case  studies Focus:  IdenTfy  deliverables,  e.g.   updates,  best  pracTces,  etc.   Deliverable:  PrioriTzed  deliverables  &  topics 195
  • Government  RegulaTons/Guidance • Government  LegislaKon – Telephone  CommunicaKon  ProtecKon  Act – Video  Privacy  Act – Federal  Credit  ReporKng  Act – Privacy  Act  (1974) – Cable  Television  Consumer  ProtecKon  and  CompeKKon  Act FCC FTC White  House Courts – Telemarketer  Sales  Rule – Health  Insurance  Portability  and  Accountability  Act  (HIPPA) – Children's  Online  Privacy  ProtecKon  Act  (COPPA) 196
  • Telephone  CommunicaTon   ProtecTon  Act,  Oct.  16 • Expressed  wri*en  consent   • Wording – consumer  authorizes  the  seller  to  deliver  markeKng  text  messages   – consumer  not  required  to  sign  the  agreement  or  agree  to  enter  into  it  as  a   condiKon  of  purchasing  any  property,  goods  or  service See:  Archer  Webinar-­‐  Tips  for  TCPA  Mobile  Compliance,  2013 h*p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60VGnIuWy9w 197
  • Industry  Self-­‐regulaTon • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mobile  Marke*ng  Associa*on Internet  Adver*sing  Bureau   Associa*on  of  Na*onal  Adver*sers Direct  Marke*ng  Associa*on Cellular  Internet  Trade  Assoca*on  (CTIA) Shop.org Na*onal  Retail  Founda*on Digital  Adver*sing  Alliance Privacy  Freedom  Forum 4As Network  Adver*sing  Ini*a*ve BeOer  Business  Bureau  (BBB) Interna*onal  Associa*on  of  Privacy  Professionals Privacy  Freedom  Forum Digital-­‐placed-­‐based  Adver*sing  Associa*on  (hOp://www.dp-­‐aa.org/) 198
  • Industry  Self-­‐regulaTon  &  guidance • Industry  Self-­‐regulaKon – Digital  AdverKsing  Alliance  (DAA) – MMA  Universal  Mobile  Ad  Package – MMA  Consumer  Best  PracKces  (reKred) – CTIA  Carrier  Playbook  and  MMA  Consumer  Best  PracKces – NAI  Mobile  ApplicaKon  Code  (h*p://www.networkadverKsing.org/mobile/ NAI_Mobile_ApplicaKon_Code.pdf) 199
  • AdverTsing  Standards • Ad  Units • Measurement • Inefficiency Mobile  Rising  Stars  Ad  Units h*p://www.iab.net/risingstarsmobile Universal  Mobile Ad  Package hbp://www.mmaglobal.com/ bestpracTce/compliance/ umap 200
  • Viviki’s  The  Pool 201
  • Example  Ad  Units • The  Ad  Unit • Standards  vs.  specializa;on – Balance  “Efficiency  for  buying,  selling  creaTng”  vs.   Uniques  of  experience  and  offer • Examples – MMA  Universal  Mobile  Ad  Package – IAB  Rising  Stars – mRaid/ORMMA 202
  • Viviki’s  The  Pool 203
  • CTIA  Playbook 204
  • DAA  Behavior  Code  of  Conduct • ApplicaTon  of  Self-­‐Regulatory   Principles  to  the  Mobile   Environment • Cross-­‐industry  Self-­‐Regulatory   Principles  for  MulT-­‐Site  Data • Cross-­‐industry  Self-­‐Regulatory   Principles  for  Online  Behavioral   AdverTsing hbp://www.aboutads.info/principles/#guidance 205
  • Mobile  Email  Design   ConsideraTons hbp://www.mmaglobal.com/node/20603 206
  • Responsive  Design Source:  hbp://www.mmaglobal.com/node/20603 207
  • Case  Studies 208
  • Hilton • Knows  that  all  its   customers  are   mobile • Crea;ng  experiences   while  belering   transac;onal   opportuni;es
  • Dunkin  Donuts • Has  one  of  the  most   successful  apps,  but   uses  variety  of  mobile   products  and  services • Regionalizes  efforts   for  best  results
  • Loews • Arms  salespersons   with  iPhones  and   customers  with   access • Follows  its  “Never   Stop  Improving”   mantra
  • Walmart • Has  seen  app  users   spend  4X  and  come   into  stores  twice  as   ohen • Uses  mom  panel  to   learn  and  experiment
  • Mondelez • The  former  Krah  has   dedicated  10%  of   marke;ng  spend  to   mobile • Incuba;ng  but  with   eyes  on  sales
  • PART  3 GeVng  It  Done:  A  How-­‐To  Map  to  Mobile   Marke;ng  Success 214
  • Ge•ng  it  Done “Buy  more  beer” Jeff  Hasen,  “Mobilized  Marke;ng” 215
  • “Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enable organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.” (Mobile Marketing Association, 2009) 216
  • It  is  About  Engagement:  Two  Sides Mobile Advertising Marketer Initiated Engagement (Contextual) Mobile-enabled Traditional Media Indirect Engagement Consumer Initiated Direct Engagement 217
  • You  have  op;ons AGENCY Strategy CreaKve ExecuKon Mobile  AnalyKcs  &  Measurement PLATFORM IN-­‐HOUSE HYBRID
  • Execu;on  is  cri;cal Strategy CreaKve ExecuKon Mobile  AnalyKcs  &  Measurement Mobile  Plavorm AggregaTon Development Content  creaTon  &   licensing Short  Code  leasing
  • Create  a  grid  of  experiences MARKETING FUNCTION/ GOAL Static/Animated/Rich Media Banners ACQUISITION Text Ads Expandable Ad Units for iPhone and Android RBT RETENTION BRAND BUILDING Games DIRECT RESPONSE PROMOTION PERMISSION/ CRM CUSTOMER SERVICE Shortcode& keywords QR codes ** Competitions Sampling On pack SMS/MMS IVR Push Alerts SMS?MMS Apps Vouchers/Coupons ADVERTISING SMS/MMS Push Alerts Branded Utilities Branded Utilities
  • Breaking  Down  Mobile Messaging Voice Browsing Content Downloading Proximity
  • The key to re-imaging everything: Moving from interruption to invitation Source:  Urban  Airship  (2013).  Greatest  Moments  from  Mobile  Saturday:    Brands  at  SxSW  Speak  .    Mobile  Marke;ng  Associa;on.     222
  • Understand  the  drivers  of  mobile  adop;on   Mass media Brandcentric Personal mobile Customercentric Source:  Urban  Airship  (2013).  Greatest  Moments  from  Mobile  Saturday:    Brands  at  SxSW  Speak  .    Mobile  Marke;ng  Associa;on.     223
  • Understand  the  drivers  of  mobile  adop;on   Mass media Brandcentric Personal mobile Customercentric Broadcast Niches of one Multichannel Omnichannel Primetime Broadcast to influence (R+F) Paid media Location is a place My time Influence me to broadcast Owned media My location profile Interruption Invitation Transaction Relationship Source:  Urban  Airship  (2013).  Greatest  Moments  from  Mobile  Saturday:    Brands  at  SxSW  Speak  .    Mobile  Marke;ng  Associa;on.     224
  • Index  of  Mobile  MarkeTng  Media • Mobile  Adver;sing   – – Display – Search – Rich  Media – • Text Video/Interac;ve  Video Mobile  Presence – – • Mobile  Web  (tradi;onal/responsive) Mobile  App Mobile  Messaging – Text   – Mul;media – Email – Push  (in  app) – Bluecas;ng Mobile  Payments Proximity  Payments Mobile  Commerce Scanning/Viewing Response  Codes Augmented  Reality Nearfield  CommunicaKons RFID  Tagging Enhancements LocaKon Data Loyalty Social Augmented  reality CRM Content   AnalyKcs  &  measurement 225
  • Enablers 226
  • Devices 227
  • A  Lot  of  Device  Atlas 11,000  Devices  X  140  Proper;es (this  i  just  the  start) Source:  Device  Atlas  (2013).  hlps://deviceatlas.com/resources/about-­‐our-­‐data 228
  • InteresTng  ApplicaTon  of  Device   DetecTon “M&C  Saatchi's  Banners  Recognize  and  Respond  to  CompeKtors'  Hardware” Source:  Crea;vity  (2013).  hlp://crea;vity-­‐online.com/work/lg-­‐smartbanners/32904 229
  • User  Agent  and  Network  DetecTon There  are  Thousands  of  Devices  Out  There • • • • • Re-­‐direc;on Content  adapta;on Content  delivery Analtyics Example  SoluKons … the Wireless Universal Resource FiLe 230
  • LocaTon 231
  • How  LocaTon  is  Tracked Bluetooth Audio Source:    Derived  from  Ballvé,  M.  (2103).  How  Loca;on  Data  Is  Transforming  The  En;re  Mobile  Industry.  Business  Insider 232
  • LocaTon  ConsideraTons • Use  cases  (example) – Targeted  AdverTsing – Targeted  Alerts • Proximity/near  store  alerts • In-­‐store/retailer  alerts • LocaTon  graph/historical  alerts   – Store  traffic – Social  (check-­‐in,  likes) – LocaTon  sensiTve  features  (e.g.  share  locaTon,   track  family) 233
  • Example:  In-­‐store  tracking AddiTonal  Info:    hbp://www.nyTmes.com/2013/07/15/business/abenTon-­‐ shopper-­‐stores-­‐are-­‐tracking-­‐your-­‐cell.html?pagewanted=all&_r=2& 234
  • AdverTsing 235
  • AdverTsing • Marketer – “Target”  New  Prospects – “Re-­‐target”  prospects  and  customers – Engage  -­‐  encourage  an  acTon  (e.g.  opt-­‐in,  share   informaTon) – Convert  -­‐  redeem/sell • Publisher – MoneTzaTon 236
  • ConsideraTons  for  You  Brief • • Why  are  you  buying  mobile  media? What  are  you  buying? – Audience:  Na*onal,  local,  ethnic,  etc.   – Format  &  CreaOve:  Text,  Display,  Search,  Rich  Media,  Video,   Audio,  Na*ve Device/Medium:  Smartphone,  tablet,  Cross-­‐screen,  Home   screen... – – • Agency,  direct  to  network,  exchange Which  network  partners  should  you  choose?   What  is  the  pricing  structure? – • Media:  Text,  Mobile  Web,  Apps,  Push,   Who  should  you  buy  it  from? – • • The  Challenge The  Idea The  ExecuOon The  Results CPM,  CPI,  CPL,  CPC,  CPA Expected  vs.  actual  performing?  Ability  to  adjust  in  real-­‐*me? Sources:  hOp://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/opinion/columns/7669.html 237
  • Understanding  Mobile  AdverTsing (the  ad  mobile  ecosystem) 238
  • Mobile  LUMAscape (the  mobile  adverTsing  ecosystem) 239
  • Mobile  Video  Ecosystem 240
  • MoneTzaTon Source:  Ballvé,  M.  (2103).  How  Loca;on  Data  Is  Transforming  The  En;re  Mobile  Industry.  Business  Insider 241
  • Commerce 242
  • Mobile  Commerce • Types – Proximity  Payments – Mobile  Commerce • The  Wallet • Issues "Mobile's  influence  on  in-­‐store  retail  sales   is  growing  exponenKally,  driven  by  a   perfect  storm  of  rising  smartphone   penetraKon,  increased  adopKon  by   shoppers,  decreasing  barriers  to  use,  and   improved  mobile  funcKonality  for  retail   applicaKons."  -­‐  Deloi*e  Digital – Standards:  NFC,  CC – Point  of  sales  integraTon 243
  • The  Wallet 244
  • Apple  Passbook Boarding Passes Tickets Store Cards Coupons 245
  • 246
  • 247
  • PayPal  Beacon • Any  store   running  Point-­‐ of-­‐Sale  systems   compa;ble  with   PayPal,   including   248
  • The  Influenced  Sale Three  Dairy  Queen  franchises  used  text  messaging  to  drive   traffic  to  their  business. The  Challenge:  Boost  store  traffic The  Idea:  Leverage  “Na*onal  Cheeseburger  Day”,  September   18,  send  SMS  (text  message)  to  1,482  subscribers  in  loyalty   database “It’s  Na*onal  Cheeseburger  Day!  Sink  Your  Teeth  into  .99   Cent  Cheeseburgers @  Dairy  Queen  {STORE  LOCATION}  un*l  8pm  Tonight/No   Limit/Show  Text  –  FWD-­‐2-­‐Friends!” The  Result:    In  24  Hours,  one  store  saw  483%  inc.  in  traffic,  106   add’l  customers. This  goes  to  show  you,  you  don't  need  to  have  na*onal  scale  to   drive  material  results.    Rather,  you  need  to  1)  have  done  your   Source:  hbp://www.mobilecommercepress.com/mobile-­‐markeTng-­‐sms-­‐ campaign-­‐drives-­‐traffic-­‐dairy-­‐queen/858935/ 249
  • Data 250
  • • “Our  compeTTve  set  is  no  longer  Omnicom  and  IPG   and  Publicis.  It  is  Nielsen  and  GFK.  It’s  the  data   companies."   WPP  CEO  Sir  MarTn  Sorrell.   Source  Harvard  Business  Review.  March  2013 251
  • z Text Source: Granville, Vincent. (2013, March 22). Job titles for data scientists. Job titles for data scientists. Data Science Central. Retrieved from http://www.datasciencecentral.com/profiles/blogs/job-titles-for-data-scientists 252
  • “Human  beings  today  generate  200   exabytes  of  informaOon  per  year.” David  Siegel    Entrepreneur,  Futurist,  and  Author Pull:  The  Power  of  the  Seman6c  Web  to  Transform  Your  Business 253
  • All  Kinds  of  Data • • • • • • • • Axciom  PersonicX  Clusters Search Loca;on Purchase Content Social  data Interest Preference Contacts Mosaic®  USA  Consumer  Lifestyle  SegmentaOon 254
  • A  Lot  of  Data 255
  • Compounds  and  Elements 256
  • CreaTng  a  new  compound Da Mo So Lo Pr Co $=SoLoMoCoDaPr
  • PersonicX  Clusters Source:  hbps://isapps.acxiom.com/personicx/ 259
  • Black  Gold
  • High Level  of  Contextual  Sophis>ca>on Control: Biometrics Display technology Gesture-based control Adv. Context Distance? Depth? What floor in building? What aisle? Direction consumer facing? Light? Dark? Intelligence Purchase intent? In my store? In a competitor’s store? Within 1 hour of flight? Two days? Basic Context Behavior/Preferences GPS Time of day Low 2011 2012 2013 Source:  Adapted  from  “Going  on  the  Offensive  Against  Showrooming:    Leveraging  Mobile  to   Drive  Store  Analy;cs,  Traffic,  Engagement  and  Commerce.”  Mobile  Marke;ng  Assoca;on.    June   2012. 2014 2015 2016 261
  • Apple  5s  and  iOS7 262
  • Consumers  worry  about  access  to  their  data “In  general,  how  concerned  are  you  about  the  companies  you  interact  with  accessing the  following  personal  informaOon?” Behavioral  data Individual  data Derived  data 263
  • Source:  hlp://www.cagle.com/2013/07/obamacare-­‐data-­‐hub/ 264
  • Be  careful  with  what  you  know 265
  • Progressive  Snapshot May  Risk: Higher  premiums Invasive  tracking Your  data  being  sold 266
  • The  Heart  of  The  Maber Source:  hlp://boingboing.net/2012/09/28/why-­‐cant-­‐pacemaker-­‐users-­‐rea.html 267
  • “I  Take  the  5th” Source:  Sept.,  2013.  h*p://www.wired.com/opinion/2013/09/the-­‐unexpected-­‐result-­‐of-­‐fingerprint-­‐authenKcaKon-­‐that-­‐you-­‐cant-­‐take-­‐the-­‐fikh/#! 268
  • “If  You're  Not  Paying  For  It,  You   Become  The  Product” Source:  hbp://www.forbes.com/sites/marketshare/2012/03/05/if-­‐youre-­‐not-­‐paying-­‐for-­‐it-­‐you-­‐become-­‐the-­‐ product/ 269
  • CreaTng  a  new  compound  that  can   be  used  by  everyone! Da Mo So Lo Pr Co Value=SoLoMoCoDaPr
  • The  Rules  Have  Changed 271
  • Text  Messaging 272
  • Mobile  Text  Program 273
  • Text  Messaging  Flows 274
  • Developing  a  Text  User  Flow 275
  • Mobile  MarkeTng  Plazorm 276
  • Registering  Common  Short  Codes   277
  • Long  Codes 278
  • Mobile  Email 279
  • Email  EssenTals 1. Keep  it  simple  and  intuiTve.  Minimize  clicks  to  navigate  the  content. 2. Remove  non-­‐essenTal  elements—design  for  mobile  devices  with   images  turned  off. 3. Divide  content  into  clear  secTons  to  opTmize  decreased  screen  real   estate;  use  a  one-­‐  or  two-­‐column  template. 4. From  fields  should  be  5  characters  or  less;  Subject  lines  should  be  35   characters  or  less. 5. Stay  away  from  large  images  in  the  upper  le…  area. 6. Avoid  using  images  as  the  important  or  only  call  to  acTon. 7. Place  CTA  and  offer"above  the  fold." 8. Allow  enough  space  to  click  accurately.  The  bubon  height  should  be   40  px  to  45  px  with  15  px  for  padding. 9. Fonts  should  be  no  smaller  than  14  px  for  body  copy  and  strive  for   headline  fonts  at  22  px+. hbp://www.mmaglobal.com/node/20603 280
  • Mobile  Web • • Mobile Web Methods Transcoding Dedicated site Responsive Design Other considerations Content Management Systems Maintenance Budget Development Team Testing - 281
  • Mobile  Apps • • • Types of Apps Hybrid Native Develop Hand Development platform Other considerations Content Management Systems Maintenance Budget Development Team Testing Discovery - • • - 282
  • ApplicaTons  +  Social  Media • VW  mobile  gaming  &   adver*sing • VW    GTi  Real  Racing   app  for  2010  model • $500,000  spend • 6m  plus  downloads • Lowered  cost  of   acquisi*on  by  97% • More  cars  sold
  • Developing  to  the  Plazorm 284
  • App  Store  Data 285
  • NaTve  &  Hybrid  Apps  “Compared” HYBRID APPS Persistent Screen Real Estate Persistent Screen Real Estate Cross-Platform Reach Push Messaging Engagement Push Messaging Engagement Fast, Cheap Development Camera / Library / Mic Access Camera / Library / Mic Access Search Engine Discoverable Address Book / QR Code Access Address Book / QR Code Access Bookmarked and Forgotten Native Performance Native Performance No Push Messaging In-App Purchases and Ads In-App Purchases and Ads Camera / Library / Mic Access Promotion Through App Stores Promotion Through App Stores Address Book / QR Code Access Invisible to Search Engines Fast, Cheap Development Multi-Step Purchase Transactions Slow, Expensive Development Cross-Platform Reach Inconsistent Browser Capabilities Chronic Platform Fragmentation Invisible to Search Engines No App Store Distribution Source:  Brightcove  (2012).  How  to  Manage  the  Increasing  Complexity  and  Costs  of  Mobile  App  Development.  Mobile  Marke*ng  Associa*on 286
  • InteracTve  Voice 287
  • Almost 3 million people viewed the game on the street 3500 people played the game More than 250 people participated everyday Source:  Mobilera  (2010) 288
  • Last  call  by  13th  street  –  Horror   h*p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qe9CiKnrS1w
  • Response  Codes 290
  • Codes,  Codes,  and  More  Codes Source: QR Code http://bit.ly/caStiw Source: i-Pop Source: UPC-E http://bit.ly/cjGNSE Source: ISBN http://bit.ly/cKVnIp 62407 **265 See www.usshortcodes.com See www.zoove.com Source: JagTag (hlp://bit.ly/cpjT4V) Source: UPC-A http://bit.ly/afXitT Source: Snaptell Source: Code 39 http://bit.ly/9dufkY 9231 See targeted carrier Source: http://bit.ly/d5quIU (bCode, Aug. 8, 2010) Source: Digimarc Near Field Communications 466453 See www.usshortcodes.com Source: http://bit.ly/czyjoI (JagTag, Aug. 8, 2010) #265 See www.singletouch.com 291
  • • What  is  a  Mobile  Barcode? Linear  (or  1-­‐D)  barcodes  are  machine   readable  codes  that  hold  a  minimal   amount  of  data • • • Mobile  (or  2-­‐D)  barcodes  hold  enough   data  to  create  fun  and  exciKng  mobile   markeKng  opportuniKes • • QR  Code  ™   Microsom  Tag   DataMatrix SnapTag Source:  Neusar  (2013).  Mobile  Barcode  Marke*ng  -­‐  From  A  to  Z.  Mobile  Marke*ng  Associa*on • Mobile Barcodes are printed or digitally rendered symbols that link consumers with interactive mobile content They transform traditional print mediums into mobile digital media – a powerful new media form where print, mobile and web converge Reach Ubiquity across the broad base of mobile subscribers. Bridges offline and online media Targeting messages and content One to One, on demand interaction Scan location and time Knowledge of media placement Measurement Ongoing measurement of results Continuous refinement
  • Also  Consider • • • • Digital  Watermarking Image  recogni;on Audio  recogni;on Augmented  reality 293
  • Build  Your  Own  QR  Code 294
  • CollaboraTon “In  the  long  history  of   humankind  (and  animal  kind,   too)  those  who  learned  to   collaborate  and  improvise  most   effec*vely  have  prevailed.” Mobile  Darwinism 295
  • 296
  • The  Industry  Structure Sellers Th eC ons u me r Buyers Agencies Brands Retailers Innovators/Enablers Associates Old  &  New  Media  Publishers AdverKsing  Plavorms/Enablers Messaging,  App,  Mobile  Web,   Commerce,  Reserach... Investors,  Analysts,  Academics... 297
  • Wealth  to  InformaTon  At  Your   FingerTps 298
  • IAB  Mobile  CreaTve  Library h*p://www.iabuk.net/ disciplines/mobile-­‐markeKng/ mobile-­‐campaigns 299
  • • eMarketer • Mobile  Marketer PublicaTons • Mobile  Commerce  Daily • SmartBriefs   – Mobile  MarkeTng  AssocaTon – IAB –… • Business  Insider  ($) • Tech  Crunch • Google  Alerts • Google  Mobile  Playbook   300
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