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  • Source: IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, May 1, 2012
  • Read as: During June 2012, 13.2 million smartphone owners used the eBay Mobile application, from Android/iPhone handsets in the US.Source: Nielsen
  • As is having a multi-channel solution because…..
  • pull in Mosaic company example and Mandy example
  • TechnologyFunctionality in handsets gives you more choice and a rich media environmentDevicesSmart Phones – user experience - camera, location – got marketers excitedFeature Phones - Connected Devices Capabilities of the Network – Everything is Faster - 3G, 4G, WiFi, Broadband Ubiquity
  • Mobilized Marketing

    1. 1. Mobilized MarketingDriving Sales, Engagement,and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices @jeffhasen @hipcricket
    2. 2. Consider All That You Can Imagine• Take a trip to a faraway land
    3. 3. Fleet-Footed Wieners• Run, Tito, Run
    4. 4. Flying Children• Away They Go
    5. 5. Cashing In(bound)• Dollars From Heaven
    6. 6. Mobile Pixie Dust• Magic Apps• Cash-removing wallets
    7. 7. Sell More Stuff• Everything has changed• Nothing has changed
    8. 8. Winds Blowing In New Era• Time-crunched society• You can’t fish where the fish were
    9. 9. Life of A Marketer• Not enough time• Belief that safe won’t get you fired• Silos• Management enthralled with shiny objects
    10. 10. Life Of A Mobile Subscriber• Connected 24/7• Researching, interacting, shopping with device• Expecting brands to meet them on mobile
    11. 11. The Technology Divide Is Shrinking• Use of tablets by 45-54 has doubled YoY (Pew)• Number of web users 55+ using social media sites grew by 109% YoY (Nielsen)
    12. 12. The Two Need To Meet• Complementary needs
    13. 13. It’s Why I Wrote Mobilized Marketing• Learn from three dozen marketers• Find out how to go where the fish are• Catch more fish
    14. 14. Key Findings• Mobile is no longer a “nice to have”• “Meat and potatoes” often feed the hungry salespeople• What works in one region won’t necessarily work in another
    15. 15. Key Findings• Mobile bridges distance and generation• Marketers can’t afford to wait until everything in mobile is perfect
    16. 16. Key Findings• If you aren’t going to do mobile, can you say the same about your competitor?
    17. 17. Case Studies
    18. 18. The Passive Has Become Interactive• Interact to sell more• Give consumers choice
    19. 19. “You Can’t Move A Mall”• Shoppers increasingly choose on amenities like clean bathrooms, WiFi, and interactivity via mobile
    20. 20. 34 Cars Sold In One Day• Combination of traditional media and mobile• Dollars worked harder
    21. 21. Advice From Marketers
    22. 22. Do• Find the time• Be brave• Give your target choice
    23. 23. Don’t• Bet it all• Forget feature phone users• Put mobile on an island
    24. 24. The Mobile User
    25. 25. What We’re Doing On Mobile
    26. 26. Mobile Internet Traffic Worldwide
    27. 27. Mobile Apps and Smartphones
    28. 28. Reinvention of Shopping Experience
    29. 29. Who Loves Using Mobile? 63% <44 53 47 Surprises vs Predictable Years % % Multi-tasking vs Single-tasking Old Heavier Users Less likely to of Mobile own a Everything: Love to Blackberry or Internet Discover Windows Apps Mobile device Music GamesCopyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
    30. 30. The Search Via Smartphone100% 80% Never 60% 13% 15% Less than once a week Once a week Couple of times a week 40% Once a day Multiple times a day 53% 52% 20% 0% Mobile Phone TabletCopyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
    31. 31. Searches For Familiar Things Which of these have you searched for in the past week?100%80%60% 50% 45% 47% 47% 41% 41%40% 38%39% 39% 33% 35% 34% 31% 28% 26% 23%20% 0% Company Product App Topic Company Product App Topic Website New Familiar Mobile Tablet Copyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
    32. 32. Similar Behavior On Mobile Browser Mobile Websites Tablet Websites All new All new Mostly ones ones new ones 5% 8% Mostly 11% No new new ones No new ones 15% ones 33% 37% A few new ones A few new 47% ones 44% Thinking about yesterday and the websites you browsed on your mobile phone/tablet, how many of them were new, ones you had not visited before? Copyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
    33. 33. Mobile Not As Preferred For Active Discovery of Websites Interest in Using Device to Find New Websites Mobile 49% Tablet 65% Computer 79% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Copyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
    34. 34. People Less Likely To Come Across New Things on Mobile & Tablet Copyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
    35. 35. Discovery For Content Action Taken After Coming Across New Content 57% 84% Downloaded Visited App Site 28% 32% 2% 2% Searched Searched for SomethingSomething for similar similar apps Else Came Else Came sites across across new new app website 69% 37% Read Read Reviews Reviews about App about Site Copyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
    36. 36. Discovery Action Taken After Coming Across New Product or Company 45% Looked for it in-store 2% Something Came Else across new 37% product/ Searched company for similar products/ companies 66% Read ReviewsCopyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
    37. 37. As Valuable As Social Referrals How did you hear about the new-to-you website/app?100%80%60%40% 29% 30% 29% 30% 29% 26% 27% 27% 22% 22%20% 15% 15% 12% 12% 0% Email Friends/ Social TV Trusted Ad Searched for family network website it myself Mobile Tablet Copyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
    38. 38. Mobile is Right Behind E-Mail
    39. 39. Adding Mobile To The Marketing Mix Jeff Hasen | Hipcricket CMO
    40. 40. Mobile Can’t Sit On An Island
    41. 41. Co-Dependence Outdoor• Direct Through Mobile Events – Marketer Push Media SMS – Consumer Pull – Mobile Advertising Content MMS On pack TV Mobile Engagement• Indirect Proximity email – Mobile with Traditional Media Print Apps Internet Online Point of Radio Sale
    42. 42. Tying Into Marketing Goals
    43. 43. Finding Prospects• Why do this? – Collect information and permission – Ask qualifying questions – Enable follow-up• How? – SMS – Mobile search – Proximity marketing
    44. 44. Closing The Sale• Why do this? – Motivate an initial purchase – Enable a transaction• How? – Mobile shopping cart – Mobile coupons – Gift cards – IVR ordering
    45. 45. Engagement and Viral Marketing• Why do this? – Create multiple memorable interactions – Encourage sharing• How – Text-to-screen – Mobile sweepstakes – Experiential campaigns
    46. 46. Increasing Brand Recall• Why do this? – Multiple engagements – Visual• How – Mobile video – Mobile advertising – MMS – Mobile apps – Mobile games
    47. 47. Upping The Basket Size• Why do this? – Maximize frequency and size of purchases – Encourage sharing• How? – PSMS – Mobile billing – Premium mobile apps – Mobile wallets
    48. 48. Building Loyalty• Why Do This? – Create brand preference – Offer rewards and privileges• How? – Mobile gifts and downloads – Mobile apps – Mobile loyalty sites – Mobile loyalty tracking
    49. 49. Hitting The Target• Who you want to reach – By type of relationship or demographic – Users of a specific device• Where and when you want to reach them – Location – Context – Behavior
    50. 50. Getting Reach• ID mobile behavior of your target• Modify for context• Utilize interdependent communication channels
    51. 51. Mobile Direct ResponseDecisions to Make• Shared or dedicated shortcode• Copy for call to action• Terms & Conditions• Keyword & Message• Response• Action• Fulfillment• Support• Tracking• Follow-up
    52. 52. Mobile Advertising MetricsMedia Performance• Impressions by mobile channel• CTRs (Clicks/Reply/Calls)• Budget Optimization• Delivery Pacing• Creative Performance by ad copyMobile Device Statistics• Top Device Manufacturers• Top Device Models• EtcEngagement Statistics• Mobile Site Visits• Internal Page Views• Site Actions (Downloads/Votes)• Lead/Field Captures• Etc
    53. 53. Mobile Messaging Metrics• Broadcast Direct response• By keyword – Unique keyword per media channel/placement – Engagement: measure interaction with subsequent keywords in Alerts messages sent to subscribers• Measure engagement timing• By URL – links to see CTR & associated metrics – links can contain tracking tags to further identify segments/users• Dynamically generate URLs to measure viral capacity
    54. 54. Mobile Web Metrics• Regular web metrics• With device detection/sniffer see penetration of users exposed to URL, by device• With web-based SMS opt-in, see effectiveness/conversion of handset verification process• Social sharing
    55. 55. Mobile Application Metrics• Number of downloads• Active use of app, by page• CTR of CTAs in app• Effectiveness of CPI campaigns• mCommerce for in-app currency• Social sharing
    56. 56. Case Studies
    57. 57. Customer Acquisition RESULTS • ~ 250 local databases created OBJECTIVE • Thousands of members regularly • Engage donors and others who engaged with the organization want to interact with the organizationSITUATION • Giving event coordinators the• The American Cancer Society (ACS) ability to communicate via is a nationwide community-based mobile, before during and a voluntary health organization after the events dedicated to eliminating cancer• Hipcricket and ACS are integrating into the organization’s CRM platform for 300 Relay for Live events this summer
    58. 58. Customer Acquisition RESULTS • 15.4% conversion rate OBJECTIVE • Leads delivered to local dealers and • Include mobile call to action in followed up on within minutes national ads to make dollars spent work harder • Give consumers a real-time opportunity to interact withSITUATION Ford• Ford is projected to spend $1.3 billion on advertising in 2011 with • Measure response levels across its primary purpose to create leads markets, models, and that turn into sales television programs• Prior to aligning with Hipcricket in late 2010, mobile was missing from national marketing programs
    59. 59. Engage Shoppers via SMS, MMS and QR Code RESULTS After 4 weeks OBJECTIVE • >4,000 MMS interactions • Giving on-the-spot advice to • > 3,000 SMS interactions shoppers about the latest • Thousands of QR scans fashions, designs and tips for the spring season. • Provide a fun and informativeSITUATION video features via an easy-to-• Macys is a U.S. chain of mid-to- use, direct-to-consumer high range department stores platform• Macy’s wanted a way for shoppers to interact with them over mobile Scan code to see how to use Macys backstage pass
    60. 60. Geo-Fencing RESULTS • Thousands of entries OBJECTIVE • Target travelers • Provide a way for Blue Moon fans to stay in touch with theirSITUATION favorite beer• Blue Moon wanted to be top of • Increase sales of mind with consumers on the go Blue Moon beers• Airport travelers were encouraged to opt-into Blue Moon’s mobile marketing program• Subsequently when consumers arrive at an airport, they receive a message telling them which restaurants serve Blue Moon beer
    61. 61. SMS + IVR + QR Code + Mobile Website RESULTS • Over a million views with the OBJECTIVE campaign continuing • Promote the Perrier nightlife and culture portal • Continue to evolve the U.S.SITUATION consumers perception of• In an appeal to chic consumers in Perrier into one that is more in North America and Europe, French line with global perception – sparkling water brand Perrier fun, daring, unique and modern launched, "Le Club Perrier“• Hipcricket was asked to bring a vital mobile component including a mobile website in English and French and calls to action via SMS and QR code
    62. 62. Case Study: The Hunger GamesSituation• Lionsgate selected Hipcricket as a one-stop mobile marketing and advertising solution for designing and implementing a campaign to attract, engage, and re-target audiences on the mobile device.Objectives• Lionsgate sought to attract a younger audience of active mobile users.• Lionsgate wanted to provide users the same experience visiting the desktop website or the mobile website and offer the same engagement to all mobile users – smartphones or feature phones owners.• Lionsgate wanted to re-target these mobile users weeks after the release to encourage ticket purchases.Results:• The movie broke all previous opening weekend records for box office purchases made with mobile devices.• 5% CTR on iPad video Ad units.• ~1.5% CRT on smartphone video ad units.• Overall ~1.4% media campaign click through rate.
    63. 63. Using Mobile toEngage CustomersAlong the Path toPurchase andBeyond
    64. 64. Approach to Mobile ShopperBrand Retailer
    65. 65. Creating a Mobile RoadmapSome Key Considerations:• What does a day in the life look like for our consumers and shoppers?• What’s their profile?• What’s their path to purchase?• What other products do they use or buy?• What kind of product information are they seeking?• How do their purchase habits vary by retailer or retail channel?• What are the opportunities for mobile engagement, interaction?
    66. 66. Path To PurchaseDESIRE DECIDE DELIGHT
    67. 67. DESIRE DECIDE DELIGHT On-Shelf On PackageMobile Advertising Apps Registration & Loyalty Mobile Coupons In-Store Sampling Print & FSI & Voting
    68. 68. DESIRE: In-Store Sampling and Voting Text-to-Vote
    69. 69. DESIRE: Mobile Advertising & Applications Mobile Advertising to Mobile Applications Relevant Demographic
    70. 70. DECIDE: POS, On-Shelf, Mobile Couponing Mobile Coupon (Direct to Print) ProductSweeps Launch
    71. 71. DELIGHT: Entertain, Registration & Loyalty, Social Advocacy SHARE
    72. 72. TIME BASED VIDEO DELIVERYDepending on the time that the consumerinteracted with the campaign, they would see avideo with the actor portraying the area of theworld where it was morning.
    73. 73. Convergence of Mobile and Social
    74. 74. They Really Are AllMegaphones
    75. 75. Era of Customer Disservice
    76. 76. 64% Have SwitchedBrands78% Have Bailed OnTransaction
    77. 77. The Moments of Trust Concept
    78. 78. Touchpoints ThatMake Or BreakBrands
    79. 79. Moments of TrustImpact Sales AndBrand Loyalty
    80. 80. Mobile Has ChangedThe Moments ofTrust Dynamic
    81. 81. Mobile and Moments of Trust
    82. 82. Moments of TrustPoll
    83. 83. 40%Have Remarked OnNegative ShoppingExperience
    84. 84. 46%Have Remarked OnPositive ShoppingExperience
    85. 85. 18%Used FaceBook8%Used Twitter
    86. 86. 34%Have Viewed Post48%Would Be Influenced
    87. 87. 32%Have Texted
    88. 88. 10%Heard From Brand35%Would Want ToAfter NegativeExperience
    89. 89. New or Old Business Rules?
    90. 90. What’s HisKlout Score?
    91. 91. Old School
    92. 92. In Any Era,There’s PowerIn Thanks
    93. 93. What Should We Do As Marketers?
    94. 94. Measure Even IfWe Can’tStomach TheResults
    95. 95. Change With The Times
    96. 96. Celebrate Or Mitigate
    97. 97. What’s Next?
    98. 98. More CustomerEvidence
    99. 99. Used In Richer andPotentially MoreDamaging Ways
    100. 100. From Even Those WhoHave Yet To Speak
    101. 101. Meaning What?
    102. 102. We Can’t Afford To SitOn The Sidelines
    103. 103. Mobile and Email
    104. 104. Knowing Your Audience
    105. 105. Mobile Opens by Platform
    106. 106. Email vs. SMS• Email is graphic and content-centric• SMS is offer-centric Alaska Air: Exclusive deals @ on new Horizon flights between Bellingham and Portland
    107. 107. Cadence• Cadence for email and SMS should remain the same• No data at this time suggest a higher percentage of opt- outs when consumers are receiving both email and SMS messages
    108. 108. Best Practices• Do not purchase a list; build one• Follow carrier and Mobile Marketing Association guidelines• Don’t send to a consumer’s mobile device unless they explicitly give you permission• Don’t have mobile sit on an island – make it an integrated part of your program
    109. 109. Trends for 2013:If You Build It, Will They Come?
    110. 110. Mobile Wallet
    111. 111. Digital Wallet
    112. 112. Payment Devices
    113. 113. Mobile Wallet Ecosystem• Mobile devices at • Signature POS • Authentication• Coupons • Access control.• Loyalty Physical or digital mCommerce mIdentity mPayment mBanking• Proximity • Bill Payment Payment / NFC • Cash In/Out• Remote Payment • Content related information • Account information
    114. 114. Case Study
    115. 115. Location-Based Services (LBS)
    116. 116. What is Network-Based Location?• Network-based location techniques utilize the carrier network infrastructure (Cell towers) to identify the location of the wireless device.• Carrier network-based location information offers some significant advantages: – The ability to access precise (Assisted GPS) and course (Cell ID) location data – No device dependency – Operating Systems, GPS, Smartphone or Feature Phone – No device or interaction required (Cell ID) – No user download required (Cell ID) – Secure and can not be manipulated like GPS location on smartphones
    117. 117. Network Location: Speed and AccuracyCell IDUses the cell site and the respective sector to report estimatedlatitude and longitude• Accuracy = 100M+ Can be as accurate as 100M in metropolitan cities like New York City Cell ID• Speed: Fastest method to return a location, approx 3-10 Sec• Advantages: Fastest, can locate any device type• Disadvantages: Accuracy depends on density of cell towers. A-GPSAssisted GPS (aGPS)GPS uses Assistance Data to more quickly determine its location(as compared to stand-alone GPS)• Accuracy = 15 meters to 30 meters• Speed: slowest, approx 30 Seconds• Advantages: very accurate if devices can see satellites• Disadvantages: slowest method
    118. 118. Proximity Marketing• Pushing targeted content based upon mobile location and time-of-day to maximize call-to-action or response• Content, due to its higher level of relevancy, is more valued by the user/consumer than broadcasted text or e- mail• Content is delivered without user/consumer dependencies or actions – user always receives content when phone is “on”• Mobile Location information is provided “on-demand” as a business service, enabling retailers/brands/entertainment to decide when to deliver specific content to maximize ROI• Drives rich analytics of when? and where?• Therefore, location-triggered mobile messaging will be more targeted, more impactful, more actionable and more cost-efficient
    119. 119. Augmented Reality
    120. 120. Augmented Reality: What is it?• A camera enhanced view where Data/Information is layered on top of the real physical world/physical objects providing rich information, context, entertainment, promoti ons, offers... Anything.
    121. 121. Augmented Reality: How it WorksENGINE CAMERA DISPLAY TRIGGERThis is the software which The camera is used to The magic of AR happens In most cases (but not all)drives the experience and capture the user’s world only when it has the trigger is held in front ofcan be deployed online or and determine the somewhere to be displayed. the camera, which thenon a local computer (as in placement of the It is the combination of the recognizes the image andthe case of events or in- animation. The camera can AR animation and what the launches the ARstore displays). be a web cam, a video camera sees which makes animation, which is then camera, or a mobile phone AR different than any other displayed on the display. camera. flat digital experience. The There are a wide variety of display could be your laptop triggers but all are required screen, a kiosk, or a mobile to launch the AR program. phone display Triggers can be anything from a physical object, to a face (facial recognition), to a magazine ad, to even shapes and GPS coordinates.
    122. 122. Source:
    123. 123. Augmented Reality: What’s Next • Google’s Project Glass
    124. 124. More Devices in More Sizes
    125. 125. Myriad of Devices• Feature Phones – Still the standard in many developing countries.• Smartphones – Gaining ground rapidly
    126. 126. The Rise of Smartphones
    127. 127. More Tablets And Connected Devices
    128. 128. The Global View of Mobile
    129. 129. Canada
    130. 130. United States
    131. 131. Central & South America
    132. 132. Europe
    133. 133. Asia
    134. 134. @jeffhasen@hipcricket