Notes Version: Celtics 3-Point Play - Gleaning Data from Facebook Engagement


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Notes Version: Celtics 3-Point Play - Gleaning Data from Facebook Engagement

  1. 1. 9/30/2011 Celtics 3-Point Play Building engagement while generating Facebook fan dataAGENDA Celtics Overview Digital Landscape Why Facebook? The Goal 3-Point Play Concept Results Lessons Learned Next Steps Q&A 1
  2. 2. 9/30/2011 CELTICS OVERVIEW Team History: - Founded in 1946 - 17-Time World Champions - 2008 NBA Champions - 2 trips to the NBA Finals in the past four seasons Current Facts: - 230,000+ Twitter followers; 5th largest in N. American team sports - 5.3 million Facebook “Likes”; 2nd largest audience among North American team sports. - ranks Top 3 in traffic among NBA teams DIGITAL LANDSCAPEWebsite traffic was dropping year over year (Oct 1 – July 1) 2006-07 – 19.6 million (24-wins, no playoffs) 2007-08 – 54.6 million (Roster overhaul = 17th NBA Championship) 2008-09 – 37.0 million (2nd round exit) 2009-10 – 34.0 million (NBA Finals, 11.5 million in May/June alone) 2010-11 – 60.0 million (2nd round exit, monthly traffic doubled YOY)Social platforms grew exponentially over last 12-18 months:Regular content engages fans and organically grows audience when fansengage with team (FB wall posts/comments/likes, re-tweets, video embeds)Traffic by Location: ~25% of traffic from inside our DMA WHY FACEBOOK? Source: 2
  3. 3. 9/30/2011 WHY FACEBOOK?- 2007-08 Season – Celtics Fans congregate in groups on Facebook - “Watercooler” tries to sell us Celtics community- About 100,000 fans grouped across a few unofficial communities- Celtics launch Facebook page, absorb unofficial fan groups-Summer 2009: 400,000 Facebook Fans – Double the size of our emaildatabase- Facebook daily growth: 700-800 “Likes” per day- Who are these fans? What can we learn about them? Can we monetizethem?- Facebook gaming (Farmville, MafiaWars) picking up steam- Celtics meet with Isobar North America to discuss how to get fans intothe database WHY FACEBOOK? Facebook “Likes” Growth: January 2009 – October 2009 Before 3-Point Play Launch THE GOAL - Create a straightforward Facebook application to allow Celtics fans to win tickets, all while gathering marketing information - Develop an uncomplicated game based on the basketball team that would be quick and easy to play but difficult to win - Utilize a basic fantasy and prediction game concept - Reward players for how well they know the Celtics and follow the team - Drive fan affinity - Give fans reason to return to FB page - Make the game social so that fans can get their friends involved - “Challenge” concept: reward players for beating opponents - Create a leaderboard to give players bragging rights 3
  4. 4. 9/30/2011GAME VIEWPRIZE PERIOD 4
  6. 6. 9/30/2011RESULTSRESULTS- 50,000 in-market players added to Celtics database - 25k during regular season - 25k more during 2 months of NBA playoffs - 12k alone during NBA Finals in 2010.- $130,000 in tickets sold to 3PP players (some already in DB)- Facebook audience grew dramatically (indirect benefit)- Proved concept that Facebook fans will sign up to play in exchange for chanceto win tickets; validated Facebook as a valuable marketing channel Facebook “Likes” Growth: January 2009 – July 2011 6
  7. 7. 9/30/2011 LESSONS LEARNED - It takes a concerted effort to drive Facebook fans back to your Facebook page - Facebook can change the rules at the drop of a hat - Even a “simple” Facebook game is a complex application - You need support - Plan for bugs - Enlist the right partner -Set realistic goals – 10% adoption on 400,000 fans - Direct ticket sales didn’t happen via Facebook application - Little available inventory to start with - Players mostly bought through other offers after in DB - Price points need to be lower for fans to buy via Facebook NEXT STEPS- Possibly extend the game’s reach to a mobile app and Push NBA to allow corporate sponsor for game on Facebook - 75-mile DMA restrictions- Broadcast integration with pregame show- Possible arena integration for fans to play in real-time at TD Garden - Wireless signal in building is a major factor - Sponsor up-sell is a potential solution to currently unavailable in- game “inventory”- Play against team legends, Celtics Dancers, broadcasters & celebrity fans- Make prizes more experiential – Meet and greets, BTS access, and more- Increase social aspect of the game Q&A 7