Measuring Brand Experience at Every Touch Point


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Measuring Brand Experience at Every Touch Point

  1. 1. Measuring the BrandExperience at every touch point Raul AMIGO CEO
  2. 2. RAUL AMIGOCEO & MANAGING PARTNERBUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINARaúl is a firm believer that Channel Marketing is theart to consistently connect Brands with peoplethrough a wide range of means and fomats. It´s oneof his passions and has been practicing it for morethan 20 years. After graduating with a BS/MS inengineering in the mid 80’s, he started a fast trackcareer in Sales & Marketing working for the japanesegiant NEC . He became a pioneer of the borningwireless industry and was part of the founding team ofthe GTE Mobile venture leading the Channeldevelopment team. After that succesfull story, heturned himself into a start up specialist and playedleading roles in Nextel CellStar, Asista and VisualPresence roll outs in Latin America. He completed hiseducation with an MBA degree in the IDEA Instituteand an MBA in International Business from one of theoldest Universities in Europe, Univesitat de Lleida,Spain. Another two strong passions of him areentrepreneurship and Higher education. He isfounder and partner of EMPREAR , a non for profitorganization endorsed by the MIT and the Stanfordtechnology Venture program, that help technologybased entrepreneurs, and MBA guest Lecturer inADEN School of business, in 12 countries of LATAM.From long time ago he envisioned a new way tomanage brands along the channel value chain. Finallyin 2007 Raúl founded La linea to make that dreamcome true.
  3. 3. What is Brand Experience?
  4. 4. We understand For us experiencethe experience is a relationship not as a and impression one time shot over the time
  5. 5. Frequentinteraction
  6. 6. 1.Frequentinteraction Value
  7. 7. 1.Frequent 2.Valueinteraction Emotion
  8. 8. 1.Frequent 2.Valueinteraction 3.Emotion
  9. 9. 1.Frequent 2.Valueinteraction The Brand Experience is the integration of the three 3.Emotion
  10. 10. 1.Frequent 2.Valueinteraction The Brand Experience 3.Emotion
  11. 11. How can we make the BXP entheleqy come to life?
  12. 12. Circles of Influences
  13. 13. The 5 enviromentswhere brand should outperform
  14. 14. The Conversation circle The RetailDigital ExperienceCircle Circles of Influences User Intimacy Interaction
  15. 15. The Conversation Circle Here is where the brand talksWe need to define what channels the brand is using to connect with its audiences and the impact each one of them is generatingVoice, tone, message and communication codes will be measured.
  16. 16. The Digital Circle Our digital worldEvery day we spend more & more time on line Does the brand is making our life better here?How is it adding value to our digital experience?
  17. 17. User Interaction The physical part of the experience. How many senses are involved?How much pleasure the brand is providing? Is it helping us to incorporate new skills?
  18. 18. Intimacy Is our inside world Here we assign meaning through the experienceDeep thoughts connecting the brand with hidden desires
  19. 19. Retail Experience What happen when we get into the store?How do we experience the sum of stimuli produced byStaging, product displays, POP material, Expert advice
  20. 20. The way me measure the Brand XP in each circle: The 3D Model
  21. 21. Time First Relevance DimensionFrequency
  22. 22. Efforts Second Benefits DimensionRewards
  23. 23. History Third Memories DimensionNostalgia
  24. 24. When does the 3D Model apply?First Second ThirdDimension Dimension DimensionTime Efforts HistoryFrequency Rewards NostalgiaRelevance Benefits Memories
  25. 25. TheCustomer´sDayExperience
  26. 26. Entertaining Socializacing TheCustomer´s Working DayExperience Transporting Sleeping
  27. 27. Brand XP Goal? To gain CDE share providing practical solutions & happiness
  28. 28. Can our brands help our customers to enjoy better CDE?
  29. 29. Example: The working slot
  30. 30. Imagine you are at yourdesk 8 hours a day
  31. 31. What kind of help, release ordistraction would you appreciate more, whileyou´re working?
  32. 32. Mano contando We noticed thatsecreto en el oido
  33. 33. People Think about… sports…travels…cofee… music and sex!
  34. 34. Imagineyou´re a cell phone company
  35. 35. What if we can integrate a Branded mugTaza con usb with... ...a wifi connection?
  36. 36. ...connection with access to you main areas of interest?
  37. 37. Wait for one minute and go back
  38. 38. Back to the circles of interest Mass Communications1.Frequent 2.Valueinteraction The The Brand Digital Retail Experience Experience Circle Circles of Influences 3.Emotion User Intimacy Interaction Back to the Brand Experience process
  39. 39. PASION MOVISTAR Business case The Retail Experience
  40. 40. PASION MOVISTAR What is Pasion Movistar?Business case
  41. 41. Pasión Movistar is theBrand experience programfor the Retail Circle.For the first time it unify thecriteria to measure the Brandperfomance from both,cualitative and cuantitativeperspectives.The goal behing the programwas to make Movistar customersfeel closer to the brand, bysharing values, serviceorientation and most of all pasion
  42. 42. PASION MOVISTAR ObjectivesBusiness case
  43. 43. PASION Client objectives Primary - To provide the same quaility of Brand experience at every Goal single point of relationship within the retail channel. - Strengthen the emotional link with the brand. - To increase Retail KPI´s (Service+quality+incomes-profitability).Secondary - To enhance customer brand´s perception. Goals - To stablish tha basis for a best practices program. - Identify the guardians of excellence. - Reward those that outperform providing brand experience.
  44. 44. PASION Challenges Breaking How to up with impact on Behaviour the past Shopper generating a whole new idea of brand experience
  45. 45. PASION MOVISTAR SolutionsBusiness case
  46. 46. PASION Solutions We define quality of experience at the retail level as thecombination of four factors
  47. 47. PASION Solutions (L) Location We define quality of experience at (EXH) Brand exhibition the retail level as thecombination of (HF) four factors The human factor (O) The offering
  48. 48. PASION MOVISTAR ImplementationBusiness case
  49. 49. We cover the entire argentine territory More than visiting every single 1000 pointswere mapped point of sale at least 4 across the times a year country We used mistery shoppers aimed with a hidden camera
  50. 50. PASION MOVISTAR DeliverablesBusiness case
  51. 51. PASION The experience algorythmRETAIL BXP index = a x L + b x EXH + c x HF + d x O
  52. 52. NEA= 5,40Retail BXP NOA=5,35index per region Litoral= 5,65 Centro = 6,50 Cuyo = 6,35 Patagonia= 4,95 AMBA = 6.75 Atlantica=6,03
  53. 53. PASION MOVISTAR The platformBusiness case
  54. 54. The plataform: Portal de nuestro sistema de carga
  55. 55. The plataform: TradeScan Pasión Movistar 2011
  56. 56. The plataform: TradeScan Pasión Movistar 2011 Filters & search engine Clusterized base
  57. 57. The plataform: Videos gallery Access to visit records
  58. 58. The plataform: BXP evolution for certain PDV
  59. 59. The plataform: Ranking
  60. 60. The Future& The Challenges
  61. 61. To get further than ever into peoples heart providingunique, personalized and memorable experiences.
  62. 62. In a real one to one world this will become mandatory unique personalized memorableexperiences experiences experiences
  63. 63. Thank you!