Making Global Campaigns Relevant For Local B2B Clients


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  • In another sample we use augmented reality to explain how our PlantStruxure PES offer addresses the problems experienced in a cement plant. An augmented reality video is embedded through layering technology in print advertisements and on roll up banners to be used at trade shows etc.
  • Making Global Campaigns Relevant For Local B2B Clients

    1. 1. Making global campaigns relevant for local B2B clients Jennifer STEARNS Accenture Cecile DELETTRE International coordinator Adetem Global Events and Marketing
    2. 2. @CecileDelettre Cécile DELETTRE DMA Conference since 1996 / DMA HQ : 1991 New York Experiences : Services, B2B marketing, International Business development -ADETEM : International Coordinator, Administrator –Europe -The French association in Marketing – 1500 members - 80 % Brands UBIFRANCE Global Business Development in 80 countries -Organization of 40 events in 2012/ 2013 : How to do Business in… -Head quarter in Paris - Global Events Manager -USA (New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago) – Managing Director consumer goods and luxury– Trade and business development -Global Marketing Manager ROBECO BANK : International Finance CRM , Marketing and Customer Loyalty manager CARNIEL Marketing : Marketing services MMV : international Tour operators Foreign markets knowledge. Marketing diploma (Master) from IFG Paris. Public relation for international organisations.
    3. 3. Some global B2B companies from Bernard Richard-Canavaggio Global Marketing Director Services Examples of global campaign EUROPE : •28 member states of the European Union •12 currencies • Eurozone : 17 states •Population 504 .456. 000 Majella Nolan VP Customer experience – Industry Business Examples of global assets AIR FRANCE present in US…
    4. 4. Global (EU-Fr) companies present in the World
    5. 5. HQ : France – Paris 140 000 employees in more than 100 countries 24 billion sales in 2012 41 pc of revenue in new economies
    6. 6. Sample integrated campaign assets to promote EC02.0 energy management Attention Assets: Press release Infographics Action Assets: Roll-up Animated demo ECO2.0 Software tool Desire Assets: Web banners on websites Tweets & linked-in mssg on social medias Interest Assets: Apps on mobile devices
    7. 7. Supported by ECO2.0 promo on Social Media after 2 weeks Twitter •(47+) tweets on Global and country Twitter accounts • Retweeted for over 175,000 views • QR code used in tweets for easy access to app LinkedIn Schneider Electric – Intelligent Energy • Promo and Discussion post ECO2.0 •Members: 27,600 Word cloud showing main keywords found in online conversations Blogs ECO2.0 Promoted in blog: “Energy Efficiency for Financial People” 243 views in 4 days
    8. 8. Augmented reality articulates a complex message - Infographic on social medias - Digital ad - Digital roll up Pointing to AR movie that customer can see on PC, tablet and smart phone
    9. 9. Marketing @Bureau Veritas World leader in testing, inspection and certification services – revenue : 3,9 billion euros – 65 000 employees –1330 offices 140 countries – 400 000 clientts Strategic Marketing Product marketing Business Marketing Operational Communication
    10. 10. What is Marketing mission ? • At local level: Sell! Sell ! Sell! • Be proactive instead of reactive • • • What to push? To who ? How ?
    11. 11. Global Marketing? • At Head Quarter : find a common way for impacting the business! • Not too smart concepts practical approach • What will be the results ? • BV is international! Interface with international companies (Global Key Accounts, Global Projects, Global Services, Global Markets,…)
    12. 12. wrong experiences and mistakes • Edit a brochure without an international team work (but with the risk of never produce it: out of time) • Set up of a local event by HQ • Teaching how to behave locally • …
    13. 13. The Good ones • Campaigns: • with input from HO on creation, web, white paper, etc. • And buy-back by countries with events, emailing, social media, etc.
    14. 14. Timber Legality Project What is illegal timber ? Timber harvested in contravention with local regulations on forestry and trade of wood materials. ► Illegally harvested wood represents => As much money as global trade of drugs !  between 15 to 30% of global wood trade  40% of tropical wood are harvested illegally  15 to 20% of wood imported in EU Europe is the first destination of illegal wood
    15. 15. New legal obligation New obligationson all companies trading wood based products : wood, pulp and paper, packaging, furniture & deco, wood-based fuels 1 EXPORTING FIRMS • No import of illegal wood • Have a due diligence performed before shipment 2 IMPORTING FIRMS • Demonstrate legal origin of all products to market products in Europe 2 Publics/Services offered by BV Service : Service : Legal Origin Assessment EUTRcompliance suppliers management
    16. 16. Marketing campaign Objectives Awareness: Bureau Veritas is a leader in Timber certification services Client Acquisition:Generate leads to growth the business Client relation/ Loyalty: A majority of our clients are concerned by this regulation Mix
    17. 17. MIX Dedicated page to download the white paper Forest content on and pilot countries Local exhibitions Clients seminars Client meetings Strong SEO Strategy Digital Campaign E-mailing campaign to clients and prospects Local adaptation Local Offline Plans Global/ Local EUTR Campaign Google adwords campaign to create traffic on the white paper page White paper PR Campaign Global/ Local PR launch in France for HO Partnership with PR Newswire for launch in pilot countries
    18. 18. Global Leads Generation (1) Google Adwords + optimized Search Engine Optimization (4) Leads gathering and qualification against strategic criteria (5) Leads Centralized management in CRM and distribution of actions in concerned countries (2) Landing page (3) Form Submit (2) Web Page (7) TRACKING results (won/lost/no answer) in CRM according (6) Local Sales Actions - Contact prospects -Telemarketing - Business Meetings - Offers Reporting of sales CONTRACTS
    19. 19. First Results at the end of pilot phase Roll-out plan Launch Materials + Process set-up + BV.UK May 14th Start in Germany, Poland, Spain, NL, Russia June 22nd TOP 5 Sources Results from + BV.UK • Traffic mainly comes from Google adwords campaign: 91% 148 White Paper Downloads China 1094 India 306 USA 205 UK 196 France 3724 unique visitors on the landing page • Global roll-out (see priority A and B countries) 138 52 QUALIFIED LEADS • Segmentation • Large Company:10 • Mass-Market: 42 • Main Position: CEOs, Sustainability / QHSE Managers • Main Country: UK, France • Request for Due Diligence Service and / or FSC/PEFC
    20. 20. Internal International Promotion E-mailing Campaign Intranet Conference Calls Let us know if you’re interested in launching one of our campaigns!
    21. 21. Results • International team Building • Confidence in HQ to provide added value operational marketing actions • International &Local Leads
    22. 22. Think Global, Act Local ! • A campaign for gaining Lead$$$$ (brand image awareness too) • Tracking of leads (then thanks to proven results it will be easier to recruit internal partners next time) • Work with voluntary (and motivated) countries
    23. 23. 10 Tips for Making Global Campaigns relevant for local customers 1. Think Global… - Study the market places you want to target Evaluate SWOT analysis on each market : Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats. - Create a global message Storytelling, Content, asset - Integrate the culture-specific nuances. Be inventive and creative – but be aware to possible local sensitivities
    24. 24. Re-think our geography Launch global assets with sufficient time for localization Provide a range of assets for different budgets – Not all countries have the same marketing spend.
    25. 25. 2. Study the Ecosystem Whoare the decision makers ? Who are the influencers ? Whatare their values ? Identifythe community, events, Social DNA, media… Legal aspects : rules on data, sustainability,…
    26. 26. 3. Involve your local teams • Set the objectives and ROI together. • Give flexibility and autonomy to reach the goals. • Choose global and local multi-channels media. • Share the information, communicate the results.
    27. 27. 4. Build the metrics by country •Set the KPI, Key Performance Indicators •Track and gauge what is effective or not. •Manage the campaigns in the CRM software tool.
    28. 28. Analyze continuous evolution : GDP, population, growth… Area > 3 million km2 Population > 100 million Indonesia Nigeria Brasil Bangladesh United States E.U. Russia India Pakistan China Canada Mexico Australia Japan Spain UK France Germany South Corea Italy GDP > 800 billion US$
    29. 29. 5. Create partnerships locally Industries leaders, Think Tanks, Federations, Universities, … 29
    30. 30. 6 . Develop a B2B Social Media Strategy globally and adapt it -Target and segment (job, geography…) Xing (China, Germany….), Linkedin, Viadeo… - Generate Qualified leads / Email/ Web Content marketing : - Facebook, Scoop it, - White Papers in different languages, - Newsletters, -You Tube, localized in 43 countries.
    31. 31. 7. Act locally with events - Join the community - Meet your local clients - Exhibit Speed business dating
    32. 32. Make it Happen -Launch a product. - Create the Buzz. - Engage Public relation.
    33. 33. 8. Efficient PR campaigns
    34. 34. 9. Integrate your Global Marketing Campaign Email Web Customer Intelligence Social Mobile
    35. 35. 10. Be active Worldwide Celebrate with your customer and your team Create a strong relationship
    36. 36. Thank you for your attention Cecile Delettre Europe France / Germany