Engaging the Digitally Connected Consumer


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  • Loyalty programs use preference centers as their basis, think of hotel and airline Web sites where preferences can include more than just channels – they can include choices about seats on airplanes or beds in hotels.
  • Mobile preference centers can live on mobile web sites or as part of applications. They can control the location messaging, as well as push alert messaging that can come to the phone, based on content and frequency preferences.
  • Brief explanation on these bullets
  • Social intelligence uses social channels to create deep customer intelligence to drive RELEVANCYSocial CRM is the method of using this social intelligence to drive multichannel relevancy throughout the customer experienceWe at Harte-Hanks have a 5-step methodology for using social intelligence to create a powerful social CRM strategy1st is building the infrastructure to hear what your customers are saying:….
  • So how do we collect the social data?
  • Plan both incoming and outgoing (engagement) channels
  • Engaging the Digitally Connected Consumer

    1. 1. Mobile Marketing AssociationEngaging the DigitallyConnected ConsumerJeannette KocsisEVP, Digital EngagementThe Agency Inside Harte-Hanks
    2. 2. Mobile Marketing Association 2Offer perspectiveon how toapproachcustomerengagement andbusiness growthShare our visionfor customerengagement andwhy mobile is thekeyShow how theDigitallyConnectedConsumer conceptcan work for you
    3. 3. Mobile Marketing Association 3Customer experience
    4. 4. Mobile Marketing AssociationOmnichannel
    5. 5. Mobile Marketing AssociationRelevance
    6. 6. Mobile Marketing Association 6Digitally Connected Consumers
    7. 7. Mobile Marketing Association 7The RoadmapPlan the JourneyMap Content tothe JourneyDetermineWhere theCustomer is inthe JourneyDrive Cross-ChannelCommunicationsMeasure andOptimize
    8. 8. Mobile Marketing Association 8Consider How We Need to EngageEngagement +Serve throughALL ChannelsSmart TargetingRelevantMessagesDynamicContentMail thatMattersBehavior-BasedContentOptimized forExperience
    9. 9. Mobile Marketing Association 9Planning moments in time
    10. 10. Mobile Marketing Association 10Leverage Dynamic ContentImplicitdataExplicitdataRelevancy!
    11. 11. Mobile Marketing Association 11Customer Engagement at Scale
    12. 12. Mobile Marketing AssociationMOBILE OPPORTUNITY
    13. 13. Mobile Marketing Association 13Mobile FirstNow we use “Progressive enhancement” – you willhave a better end product on both if you think about“Mobile First”1.2 Billion mobile users worldwide25% of US internet users are “Mobile Only”85% of new handsets access the internetWe used to start with Computer versions anddownsize – degradation
    14. 14. Mobile Marketing Association 14Our opportunity• Mobile is PERVASIVE• Mobile is becoming a channel of CHOICE by customers• Mobile is WHERE WE NEED TO BE!
    15. 15. Mobile Marketing Association 15Mobile ReadinessHow are you connecting with her?How WILL you connect with him?
    16. 16. Mobile Marketing Association 16What is Mobile Readiness?SMSMMSQRCodesMobileLandingPagesMobileWebSitesMo-So-LoDataCaptureMobileSearchMobileAdsMobileApp AdsMobileCommerceMobileApplicationSocialSharingMobilePaymentsLocationAware
    17. 17. Mobile Marketing Association 17What is Mobile Readiness?SMSMMSQRCodesMobileLandingPagesMobileWebSitesMo-So-LoDataCaptureMobileSearchMobileAdsMobileApp AdsMobileCommerceMobileApplicationSocialSharingMobilePaymentsLocationAwareDATA
    18. 18. Mobile Marketing Association 18Omnichannel BehaviorThe Customer Connection Points Where She GoesRetailPrintWeb SiteCall CenterMobileSocial
    19. 19. Mobile Marketing Association 19Do you have…MobileMarketingSMS/MMSAppsMobile Web
    20. 20. Mobile Marketing Association 20Mobile Web SitesMobile Landing PagesThink about your mobile strategyText to EnrollWeb Enrollment•In-store Signage•Web•Print / DM•CRMSMS AlertsCoupons• Acquisition• Conversion• SalesMobile SearchMobile Sites• Acquisition• Conversion• SalesMobile/Social AppsMobile Service AppsMobile Applications•Mobile Ads•CRM•In-store Signage• Acquisition• Retention• Sales1:1 SMS One to Many Mobile Engagement•Mobile Search•Browsers•Advertising•CRM
    21. 21. Mobile Marketing AssociationTo Consider ConnectedConsumers, Let’s LookAt…
    22. 22. Mobile Marketing Association 22CUSTOMER RECOGNITION• When we think of DYNAMIC best practices, we think of:Personalized recommendations and content
    23. 23. Mobile Marketing Association 23RECOMMENDATIONS• When we think of recommendations, we think of:A pioneer in personalized recommendations
    24. 24. Mobile Marketing Association 24LEVERAGING PROFILES• When we think of brands that are anticipating our needs – or at leastreacting to them quickly:Bringing customer experience through profile
    25. 25. Mobile Marketing Association 25CAPITALIZING ON PROFILES• When we think of brands that understand their customer, we think of:Leverages multiple customer touchpoints
    26. 26. Mobile Marketing Association 26What do they have in common?DATA
    27. 27. Mobile Marketing Association 27CUSTOMERPROFILES
    28. 28. Mobile Marketing Association 28HOW WE CREATE THEMPreferencesPurchaseDataWebBehavior3rd PartyDataAffinityContentSocialMedia
    30. 30. Mobile Marketing Association 30The First StepIs to enable your customers!ContentFrequencyChannel
    31. 31. Mobile Marketing Association 31What Preference Centers Can DoChoiceRecognitionSave theopt-out• Provide customerswith choices• Get relevant!• Recognize throughlogin• Any device/channel• Offer options• Offer otherchannels
    33. 33. Mobile Marketing Association 33Loyalty and RetentionSpecialOffersSpecialcontent &toolsViewpoints &redeem
    34. 34. Mobile Marketing Association 34Mobile ConnectionsPushContentLocationAwareMobileReady
    35. 35. Mobile Marketing Association 35Make It Simple for theConsumer• Single Sign-on• Simple Access (Email)• Password Retrieval• Third Party Authentication
    36. 36. Mobile Marketing Association 36Leverage Connected ConsumersBehavior:ProfilesDownloadsVerificationClickstreamTime spentEngagement:LikesFollowsSocial PostsResponsesVideoRSSData:Profile dataSurveysPollsPurchase:CategoriesChannelsPush Media:EmailMobileSocialAdvertising:SEMDisplayTVSocialMobileSEO:Organic
    37. 37. Mobile Marketing Association 37Leverage Segmentation
    38. 38. Mobile Marketing Association 38Leverage Purchase DataOpportunity toConnect• Transactions• 1st purchase/return purchase• Cross-selland/or upsell• Purchasecategory• Spend/basketsize• RFM• Ratings &reviewsFeeds Segments• How do theyshop and game• What do/didthey buy• Which channelsdo they engage• How engagedare they• What do theylook likedemographicallyProductEngagement Score• What do theyview• What have theyviewed• Which productsare they mostengaged withPath to Purchase• Determine theirlikely next step• Plancommunications
    39. 39. Mobile Marketing Association 39Create Social Intelligence to Build Relevance
    40. 40. Mobile Marketing Association 40Social Intelligence Data
    41. 41. Mobile Marketing Association 41Social IntelligenceMake $75K/yearProgrammerWorks in .COMspaceCollege GraduateStraightLives at HomeDoesn’t SmokeDoes DrinkXBOX/Android FanLikes PandoraListens to RapReads GamingMagazinesWatches ComediesLikes DexterDrinks BeerLikes Buffalo WildWingsShops at Best BuyLikes FantasyFootballGamerSupports ASPCANot politicalCatholicJon BlakeKurdish1st@email.comFound onSingleNo ChildrenAround 5’11”Male25-30 Years OldLives in Roanoke VANot Very Athletic White
    42. 42. Mobile Marketing Association 42Scoring• Mobile/Email Engagement Model– Identify, rank and score the likelihood to engage unengaged customers– Score engaged customers that have the ability to increase their level ofengagement• Product Engagement Scores– Adds customer behavior surrounding browsed, abandoned, andreviewed products– Layer on known preference data– Leverage data sources to create a scoring system• Social Engagement Scores– Layer social scoring as individuals or list pulls (social segments)
    43. 43. Mobile Marketing AssociationWHAT THEY LOOK LIKEProfile:22 years old, living in Roanoke, VAHas a “day job” as a programmer working for asocial networking site, >$50,000/yearSingle, lives at home with his parentsAt night, he is the KING of his clan on Call ofDuty, code name “Kurdish-1st”CommunicationsEmail WeeklyContent preference Shooting gamesUsername: kurdish1st@email.comPassword: xxxxxxxxxxJon Blake May Never Grow UpPurchase Data:Purchases/year 6Approx value $300Behaviors:Friends 766Likes:COD Franchises 10XBOX 5SPES Score: 8
    44. 44. Mobile Marketing AssociationPUT THE PROFILE TO WORK
    45. 45. Mobile Marketing Association 45Create Digital Engagement Strategy
    46. 46. Mobile Marketing Association 46Plan Content Throughout the ExperienceCampaigns(EM, DM, Media, SEM)Ongoing CRM(EM, DM)Ongoing Loyalty(EM, DM)Mobile App AlertsSMSBlogs, Facebook &Twitter PushSocial ResponseVideo ContentWeb Site Content
    47. 47. Mobile Marketing Association 47EmailOpportunity:Engage with the BrandPrioritize products by profile, Webbehavior, scoresCross-sell/upsell on accessories through profiledataAdd engagement content, requesting productfeedback, show social contentLeverage Pinterest, other social networks
    48. 48. Mobile Marketing Association 48Mobile EngagementUniversalLoginMobile Application:• Recognizes Customer• PersonalizedRecommendations• Connects with social• Leverages third party andWeb site content• Provides relevantexperience for a rewardscustomer• Manage account• Mobile alertsSMS:• Get rewards balances on the fly• Get advance notice of title productlaunches; countdowns to release• Customized offers• Special content
    49. 49. Mobile Marketing Association 49Social EngagementPush Messages Engagement ContentLeverage toolsfor consistentpush, butrelevant toneFollow yoursocial strategyProvide in-channelcontent in relevant toneOptimize content forsearch (internal andexternal)
    50. 50. Mobile Marketing Association 50Instore Engagement
    51. 51. Mobile Marketing Association 51Measure and OptimizeWeb AnalyticsTools, MediaAdservingSocial AnalyticsWeb AnalyticsTools, ESPData, Mobile DataWebAnalytics, Social, ESP, Mobile, CallCenterDirect SalesCost per lead/clickLevel of Engagement:ContentVideo1:1 with Brand1:1 with OthersSupport interactionsWithin communitiesWithin call centerPreferencesChannel interactionsMobile InteractionsHealth of SMSHealth of AppsEmail InteractionsHealth of EmailData CollectionSocial/Third PartyProgram RegistrationIncoming MediaSourcesSocial Media Push& EngagementIncomingCommunicationsEngagement
    52. 52. Mobile Marketing AssociationIN CLOSING
    53. 53. Mobile Marketing Association 53Things to Remember• Plan your mobile strategy as part of your customerengagement strategy• Think “Mobile First”• Create the infrastructure to capture customer profiles• Allow customers to set their own preferences• Leverage what you know• Get Relevant for Mobile Engagement!
    54. 54. Mobile Marketing AssociationTHANK YOU!Read our white paper “The DigitallyConnected Consumer” or stop by our booth todiscuss further…Jeannette KocsisEVP, Digital EngagementThe Agency Inside Harte-Hanks845-339-0022@jnetkText Jeannette to 47201 for my mobile business card!TheAgencyInside.com