Integrated Marketing Analytics & Data-Driven Intelligence


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Integrated Marketing Analytics & Data-Driven Intelligence

  1. 1. Integrated Marketing Analytics & Data-Driven Intelligence
  2. 2. • Bruce Swann • Manager, CI / Integrated Marketing, SAS • Scott Briggs • Principal Solutions Architect, Customer Intelligence, SAS • Suneel Grover • Sr. Solutions Architect, Integrated Marketing Analytics, SAS • The George Washington University (GWU)
  3. 3. Module 3: Marketing Operations Management
  4. 4. Agenda I. Current State of Marketing Operations II. The Changing world of Marketing III. What is Marketing Operations Management IV. An Example of MOM in action V. Industries that are leveraging MOM VI. Best Practices for Deploying a MOM solution
  5. 5. Marketing Operations Management Current State in Most Organizations…
  6. 6. When Marketing Operations Go Bad Don’t Let This Happen to You
  7. 7. EMPOWERED CONSUMERS: Proliferation of Digital Channels EXPLOSION OF DATA: Big Data vs. Right Data EVOLVING C-LEVEL ROLE: Dual Mindset analytical creative Three Things Changing the World of Marketing
  9. 9. What is it Marketing Operations Management (MOM) is a version of end to end marketing process optimization, from planning and budgeting, through marketing asset management, to global marketing execution and analysis. MOM is the alignment of people, process and technology to support marketing activities and improve marketing effectiveness.
  10. 10. An Example
  11. 11. Not From Marketing
  12. 12. Building a Sky Scraper Architects don’t start with plumbing and electrical drawings. They start with an idea. They plan accordingly • How long will this take to build? • How much will this cost? • Who will we need to work on it? As the plan evolves, the original idea is refined • From what we want to do to what we can do
  13. 13. Before We Dig the Hole • Financials are determined • Blueprints are needed • Then detailed construction drawings capture every detail of the building • Permits are acquired • Crews are hired • Etc…
  14. 14. • Do you build before planning? • Do you plan before building? OR
  15. 15. How This Relates to Marketing Ideation Execution Evaluation Planning
  16. 16. Marketing Operations • Limited visibility into marketing efforts • Siloed systems and spreadsheets for managing processes, assets and data • Manual reporting • Central location for tracking and managing marketing efforts • Reporting strategy and structure • Processes, assets and data available for reuse OR
  17. 17. Centralized Planning and Execution Digital Creative (Agency, Social, etc.) CMO Marketing Analyst/ Data Scientist Market Planning and Strategy Brand Manager Campaign Execution Operations Management Platform
  18. 18. Marketing Processes Resources Vendors Analytics Metrics Content Processes Customers Plans Budgets Operations Management Platform
  19. 19. Business Value Increased efficiency: Single process from conception through execution Increased visibility for all groups involved: Leverage Marketing Calendars and Workflows to see all planned and in-market activities; track status of marketing activities Collaboration: From ideation through attribution all processes are transparent Elimination of duplicate entry: Less error prone and less effort Analytics: Inclusion of Operational information provides a rich data set to understand marketing activities and improve ROI
  20. 20. Industries Leveraging MOM Financial Services Consumer Goods & Retail
  21. 21. Telecom, High-Tech Healthcare &Pharma Others Industries Leveraging MOM
  22. 22. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail You’ve invested millions of dollars for hardware, software, and infrastructure in the most sophisticated solutions; yet you are planning and managing these processes in Excel spreadsheets spread throughout the organization.
  23. 23. Questions?
  24. 24. Sunday Afternoon Preview Emerging Analytic Approaches For Integrated Marketing 1. High-performance marketing optimization 2. Social media analytics and real-time actions 3. Social network analytics and community influence