How Brands Can Get their Game On Using Geofencing


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  • ¹Source: US Department of Commerce²Source: Mike Ghaffary/TechCrunch 2-24-13
  • How Brands Can Get their Game On Using Geofencing

    1. 1. How Brands Can Get their Game On Using Geofencing Lee Karchawer, Placecast
    2. 2. Placecastat a glance ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 2
    3. 3. Placecast Capabilities ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 3
    4. 4. The opportunity: Location + mobile
    5. 5. Market opportunity: $4 trillion in offline commerce 95% offline 5% online 2012 $ 4 Trillion Total US Retail Sales¹ ¹Source: US Department of Commerce Select SoLoMo Categories (Do not migrate easily to online²) 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 Offline Online $660B $491B $305B $48B $34B $7B ²Source: Mike Ghaffary/TechCrunch 2-24-13 ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 9
    6. 6. ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013
    7. 7. ChallengesMarketers Face with mobile + location • Sufficient reach and scale • Verifiable audience targeting • “My consumers” vs. somebody else’s audience • Cross-channel attribution • Ability to “close the loop” and measure ROI • Reporting and analytics ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 11
    9. 9. ShopAlerts drives real-world transactions ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 14
    10. 10. Brand Value Highly Targeted Marketing ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 15
    11. 11. Consumer Value Highly Relevant Marketing ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 16
    12. 12. Closing the loop Measurable redemption through transaction ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 17
    13. 13. PlaceAd:delivers reach at scale for location ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 19 Over 10 Billion location-based impressions per month Site-level transparency Real-time bidding capabilities.
    14. 14. PlaceAd: Localized mobile campaigns with national scale • Reach customers on the go with localized mobile display ads • Campaign creative tailored to location, time and audience target • Dynamic ads incorporate real-time information like:  Address and phone number of closest retail location  In-store promotions and events  Inventory and prices • Full 3rd party ad serving support ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 20
    15. 15. Creative: Ads created dynamically ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 21 Ads an be dynamically tailored based on: • Location • Time • Audience Segment • Device • Content Type
    16. 16. Example: Targeting audience and location PRIZM segments, Experian data Geofence Playgrounds Parenting Apps Parents w/ kids under 18 ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 22
    17. 17. SocialVibe/Target Case Study
    18. 18. USE CASE ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 24 MOBILE/SOCIAL VIRTUAL CURRENCY Consumers are prompted to engage with a brand while they are social gaming on the SocialVibe network. The engagement opens, and users answer a series of questions about the brand. The engagement can also include video, custom games, and more.
    19. 19. USE CASE ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 25 MOBILE/SOCIAL VIRTUAL CURRENCY SocialVibe has integrated with Placecast to allow customers to receive additional currency through an additional opt- in geo-fencing step within the engagement unit.
    20. 20. USE CASE ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 26 MOBILE/SOCIAL VIRTUAL CURRENCY • Online Social Engagement model extended into physical world via mobile • Reward consumers with virtual currency each step through the purchase funnel • Retarget pre-qualified users when they are nearby stores and other locations • Program remains 100% opt-in, and delivers at scale • No smartphone or app downloads required • Cutting edge, first of its kind marketing program
    21. 21. USE CASE ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 27
    22. 22. USE CASE ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 28
    23. 23. Best Practices LOCATION IS AN ENABLER, NOT JUST A TACTIC Location can take many forms – push and pull, in-store and at other places in the real world. Instead of buying a “location-based campaign”, think about how location can be incorporated into everything you do on mobile, including coupons, direct-to-card offers, branded apps – even augmented reality. LINK OTHER DATA WITH LOCATION FOR BETTER TARGETING AND HIGHER TRANSACTION VOLUME Data such as demographics and psychographics, past purchase behavior, CRM or loyalty data and even dynamic information like weather can all be used to increase the relevancy of an offer to consumers THINK BEYOND THE STORE Geofences can be deployed anywhere and location offers a great way to associate an offer with an experience or place. Sports arenas for post game, concerts to reinforce sponsorship, ski resorts, airports, gyms, even dog parks can all be used to trigger an offer PUSH AND PULL ARE BOTH RELEVANT EXPERIENCES - BUT MAY REQUIRE DIFFERENT OFFERS Push offers via SMS or push-notifications should be high value and very relevant marketing offers; pull offers can be more nuanced and focused on merchandising INTEGRATE WITH OTHER MEDIA Use other media to drive awareness then take advantage of mobile + location in proximity to a store can be a great reminder near the point of purchase CREATE MOBILE-SPECIFIC OFFERS Mobile is a unique and highly personal medium – create offers that the consumer sees as a valuable service from the brand (vs. publishing the same offers that are available on the web or in FSI’s) ©Placecast, proprietary and confidential, 2013 29
    24. 24. Lee Karchawer National Sales Manager +1 646-918-7874