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Growing Your Business Through Subscribers & Advertising in Email
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Growing Your Business Through Subscribers & Advertising in Email


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Email is the killer app for the internet.Email is central to social media, gaming, daily deals, content and so much more. To be clear, we do not send email or collect email addresses. We simply make it easier for Publishers and Advertisers to sell and buy display ads in email.
  • Target device, geo, time of day with ads and landing pagesTags work in all ESPsTags light up on open, sense geo, device, time of day, newsletterPublisher can sell their own ads into the newsletters or LiveIntent can bring ads, in any proportionPublisher can use it to target iPads, Geo, Time 
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    • 1. Growing your Businessthrough Subscribers & Advertising in Email
    • 2. What is LiveIntent?LiveIntent is the real-time platform for delivering geo, deviceand time-optimized display ads within email newsletters,alerts and notifications - at the time of open.We make it easy for publishers to monetize their newslettersand for advertisers and agencies to reach targetedconsumers through an exchange/SSP model.LiveIntent is NOT an ESP or ListManager - We do not send email. 2
    • 3. One Email, Dynamic Experience
    • 4. The Value of EmailLegitimate email usage is far larger than social media, total searches, and even total internet page views combined. 4
    • 5. Average View-time 30 seconds TV Commercials 28.3 seconds Display in Email 20 seconds Radio Commercials Average view-time in email is comparable to8 seconds Online Display commercials on TV, but is way more measurable 5
    • 6. User ProfileCHANNEL USERS Search Intenders, but not necessarily discoverers Web Casual visitors, browsers Subscribers Email Openers Clickers
    • 7. An Email Subscriber has: Signed up Read it! Opted in For an With IntentBEST average CUSTOMERS TO ACQUIRE & 28.3 Attention! Clicked seconds! Clicked on on email YOUR client message Scanned Inbox
    • 8. Across the LiveIntent Exchange• +1000s of newsletters• +750 million email opens• .26% avg CTR• 7.79% avg CCR• 16% avg CCR for email submissions• 12.6% HHI > $150K• iPhone is the top browser for 21-34 year olds• iPads most popular 35-64 year olds• Zero Complaints
    • 9. About TechliciousLiveIntent client since July 2011The voice for womenin consumer technology • Highly engaged audience • Syndication with MSNBC/Today & others • Premium sponsorsGoal:Replicate DailyCandymodel with Techlicious Dailynewsletter
    • 10. ChallengesCHALLENGE #1Increase daily newsletter subscribers from 8,000 to 25,000+ Budget: $50,000/COA target <$2.50 Strategy: Lead generation through CPM/CPC/CPA campaigns, Barter agreements, Content syndicationCHALLENGE #2Monetize unsold newsletter ad inventory Strategy: Maximize CPM while maintaining high standards for Techlicious brand
    • 11. Results: Subscriber GrowthFrom July to Oct ’11, grew list 40000to +33,000 subscribers 35000 30000Cost:Blended COA of $1.95 25000 20000 But not all 15000 channels deliver 10000 equal results! 5000 0 Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
    • 12. Results: Cost per SubscriberCPA channels were significantly cheaper than CPM/CPC channels $70.00 $61.32 $60.00 $50.00 $40.00 $30.00 $20.00 $10.00 $6.33 $3.85 $2.50 $0.00 $0.00 Barter CPA channels Direct ad Facebook Google Adwords placement
    • 13. Results: LiveIntentNot all leads are Percent of total subscriberscreated equal Bad addresses / 5 Star HHI Channel UnsubscribesLiveIntent had spam complaints subscribers >$150k• fewer spam complaints LiveIntent 2.7% 19.9% 11.4% 22.7%• much better CPA 1 3.3% 22.2% 5.0% 4.5% engagement• higher income CPA 2 6.1% 25.9% 4.6% 2.9% leads CPA 3 4.2% 16.7% 4.3% 2.4% CPA 4 13.0% 26.0% 2.9% n/a CPA 5 3.6% 18.1% 2.6% 1.5%
    • 14. Results: Inventory Monetization Implemented 300x600 ad unit with LiveIntent For the period Nov ‘11 – Jan ’12: • Avg CTR: 1.9% (display avg .08%) • Avg CCR: 25.7% • Avg eCPM: $10.21 eCPM is lower than our standard rate, but it works out well for us as a solution for unsold inventory. Ad content is excellent match for our audience
    • 15. How it worksIf you want to be like Techlicious and buildyour business with LiveIntent… 1 2 3 Launch Learn Scale
    • 16. THANK YOU!Any Questions?