Driving Conversions in a Multi-Channel World: Jordan Cohen


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  • 3 times as many email accounts as FB and Twitter accounts combinedTotal posts on FB and Twitter add up to 0.2% of all email trafficTotal number of searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing equals just 1.1% of all email traffic4X as much email is sent as web sites are visited inclusive of social sites, search sites and internet page views combined
  • In 2010,KAF ran an email A/B test – one version of the email featured star ratings and testimonials for the main products, one did not. KAF saw an ~30% lift in all key metrics – orders, sales, and orders per unique opens. 
  • Driving Conversions in a Multi-Channel World: Jordan Cohen

    1. 1. Driving Conversions ina Multichannel World Jordan Cohen VP of Business Development Pontiflex, Inc. 45 Main St., #1101, Brooklyn, NY 11201 800.420.6086 jordan@pontiflex.com www.pontiflex.com @jcohen808 @pontiflex
    2. 2. Conversion
    3. 3. No silly, I mean this kind
    4. 4. “The State ofthe IntegratedMarketingUnion”
    5. 5. Marketing Used to Be So Simple
    6. 6. But Not Anymore
    7. 7. The Challenge How do you get people to LOVE YOUR MARKETING in the age ofDigital Attention Deficit Disorder?
    8. 8. Your Customers’ Favorite Platforms
    9. 9. Email Remains King
    10. 10. Your Favorite Marketing Channels Marketing Channels Deployed Email Marketing 77% Print Direct Marketing 69% Social Marketing 65% Online Display Ads 63% Field or Event Marketing 56% Paid Search Marketing 50% Online Video, e.g. YouTube 44% Location Based Marketing 42% Loyalty Programs 42% Mobile Marketing 38%Digital Mobile Apps (iPad, etc.) 33% Catalogs 24% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Question Asked: Which marketing channels do you actively market in? (select all) Source: The Relevancy Group Executive Survey, n=368 5/11, United States Only
    11. 11. Integration a Top Priority Top Marketing Priorities) Improving segmentation and targeting 35% Integrating into social channels, leveraging social data 30% Increase relevancy via dynamic content 20%Centralizing our customer data and making it actionable 19% Improving response attribution 18% Greater use of testing in order to optimize our mailings 17% Hire more staff 17% Holistic reporting dashboard inclusive of all channels 17% Centralizing cross-channel marketing to one system 15% Centralizing marketing applications into one suite 9% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Question Asked: What are your three top priorities for improving your marketing programs this year? (select top three) Selected Responses Source: The Relevancy Group Executive Survey, n=368 5/11, United States Only
    12. 12. Lots of Room for Improvement Top Five Most Common Customer Segmentation/Targeting Attributes By Marketers Demographics 61% 48% 51% 2011 Geographics 45% 2010 Satisfaction survey data 42% 36% Email Click-throughs 42% 38%Customer profitability/LTV 39% 27% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Question Asked: Which of the following customer data attributes has your company used to segment audiences for marketing campaigns within the last six months? (select all) Source: The Relevancy Group Executive Survey, n=368 5/11, n=674 4/10 US Only
    13. 13. “From HelloThe Eternity” to State ofthe IntegratedMarketingUnion
    14. 14. Welcome to Fun• Promote sales• Promote community• Promote contests• Promote preference center• Promote special content• Promote FB and Twitter• Introduce persona/voice!!
    15. 15. Welcome Post Offline Signup• Immediate discount• Redeem coupon across multiple channels• Introduce website features• Introduce branding and voice• Mobile friendly
    16. 16. Getting to Know You
    17. 17. Getting to Know All About You
    18. 18. Getting to Like You
    19. 19. Getting to Kiss You
    20. 20. Getting to Hope You Like Me• Subject 1: Friends with Benefits - Fan Us on Facebook & Save• Subject 2: 20% Off When You Like Us – Offer Expires Tomorrow Night• Targeted to active customers• 25% increase in fanbase per send 20
    21. 21. Social Promo on Website• FB promotional banners on Men’s and Women’s stores, highly trafficked product pages and order confirmation pages 21
    22. 22. Instant Redemption 22
    23. 23. Now You’ve Got ‘Em on Social
    24. 24. Don’t Forget Print (Say What?)• Included in all packages• Promotes email sign- up as well as Facebook and Twitter
    25. 25. “Best in Show”
    26. 26. Was checking out what’s up in Florida this week, when suddenly…This happened
    27. 27. Email-Display: How it Works 2 Prospect receives dynamic Clicked, but didn’t buy Non-Openers Opened, but didn’t click email from marketer1 3 Marketer creates a Personalized ads are targeted email dependent on prospect’s campaign email action and data Source: Experian CheetahMail *Note: Target brand is only being used for demonstration purposes
    28. 28. Our Customers Have iPhones?
    29. 29. Yes, Our Customers Have iPhones
    30. 30. Social Buzz in Email Subject Lines
    31. 31. Social Buzz in Email Content 30% Increase in Orders and Sales Source: Silverpop
    32. 32. Create Urgency
    33. 33. Event-Based Urgency
    34. 34. BE SOMEBODY
    35. 35. Thank YouEEC ’12 attendees-only special offer! Contact me for details Jordan Cohen VP of Business Development jordan@pontiflex.com 718.971.5090
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