Deliver More Powerful, Personalized Communications


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Deliver More Powerful, Personalized Communications

  1. 1. Deliver more powerful, personalized communications li d i iPresented by: With Special Guest:Neil Rader Darrin WilenVice President & General Manager PresidentSmall-Medium Business Wilen MediaKevin KleinPrinciple ConsultantCustomer Communication Management
  2. 2. Deliver more powerful,personalized communications Communication opportunities Mail and direct marketing are effective – really! ff ti ll ! Techniques for driving results Questions IT’S A CHANCE TO TALK TO ME
  3. 3. The world of customer relationships is evolving from individual to multi-channel l i f i di id l t lti h l Behavioural DATA Attitudinal GeoLocation Contextual Feedback Psychographic Response Transactional Demographic Address Address Door D Direct Di drop mail Telephone Inserts IVR ATM Facsimile Email Mobile CHANNELS Transactional Online Social Documents MediaUnsolicited commercial mailU li it d i l il Telemarketing Di T l k ti Direct M k ti t Marketing Fax M k ti F Marketing E il SMS F Email FaceBook B k 1954 1960 1967 1980s 1992/4 2004 2011
  4. 4. Communications opportunitiesDrive Data Insight Strategy Communicationsconsumerbehavior CompanyIncrease Target                       Attract                      Offer                 Onboard                   Serve               Grow/Retain Reconnectcustomersatisfaction Best Customer Lifecycle RevenueImportance ofpersonalization Typical Customer Lifecycleand relevance $0Importance ofchannel Aware                  Consider              Purchase                      Use                Love/Leave              Repeat/Loyalty      Consumer
  5. 5. The power of more personalized communications Names only Static full color Personalization & full colorDatabase intelligence & localization l li ti 0% 100% 200% 300% 400% 500% Source: Personalized and Database Printing, Romano / Boudy
  6. 6. Mail and direct marketing are effective – really! Multi-channel marketing creates connections for brands and ultimately builds customer l lti t l b ild t loyalty lt According to the DMA, customers that combine mail and email, can increase response rates by 28% PLEASE STOP SENDING ME “UN”VALUABLE OFFERS UN VALUABLE
  7. 7. Innovative techniques for driving results Effective targeting-use of analytics g g y Achieving relevance-use analytics, segmentation Bridging channels-QR codes Facilitating customer friendly calls to action-QR codes Leveraging the transactional communicationMAKE ME FEEL LIKE I AM MORETHAN JUST ANOTHER CUSTOMER
  8. 8. Effective targeting use of analyticsDeliver the right message to the right person– The most critical part of your marketing campaignEffective use of data– Capture, organize and analyze will give targeted, actionable informationIt’s all about measurement– Proper measurement and tracking of leads with result in enhanced ROMI
  9. 9. Effective targeting and relevance- the role of analytics Data Insight Integrating and  Understanding and  enriching  predicting customer  individual  behaviour customer data Communications Strategy Managing and  Deciding and  connecting cross‐ executing on the  channel customer  customer best next  communications action “Pitney Bowes is shifting the discussion from a dialog centered on cost control and efficiency to one that also incorporates driving revenue for its customers.” IDC
  10. 10. Achieving relevance – use of analytics and segmentation l i d iPersonalized communications is key– Every communication should be driven by knowing y y g and understanding your customer– Not just about WHO they are but WHAT they doPersonalize messages to the individuals likes,dislikes, past behaviors and buying patternsKnowledge i power: TK l d is Targeted relevant d lcommunications provides customers with majorcompetitive advantages
  11. 11. Analytics and segmentation – creating insight Location Analytics • Risk Management • Assets Location Analysis • Campaign Analysis • Real-time monitoring • Routing • p Sales area optimization Insight Understanding and  Data predicting customer  Integrating and  behaviour enriching  Campaign Analysis individual  customer data Customer Analytics • Offer management • Customer • Uplift Modelling segmentation & • Contact optimizationCommunications Strategy Managing and  Deciding and  targeting connecting cross‐ executing on the  • Propensity to churn channel customer   customer best  communications next action and purchase • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Analysis ( ) y
  12. 12. Bridging channels – QR CodesYour audience is key Delivering personalized, actionable and trackable messages to your targeted audienceWhere you deliver the message is as importantas the content of the messageQR Codes…ideal for data capture, responsefrom your target audience and reinforcement ofyour promotional message
  13. 13. QR Codes Bridging h i l di i l B id i physical & digitalConnecting physical communications to the mobile world – Targetable: Complimentary to segmenting and profiling – Personalizable : Encoded PURL for a personal customer experience – Actionable: Deliver richer content, facilitate customer self serve including payments – Trackable: Capture customer interest and facilitate ordering p p g process
  14. 14. The new formula4 color VDP f envelopes l for l The power of color… Variable - Unique No Converting Real Time – Data Drives Messaging No Inventory
  15. 15. The power of dataKey eyMessage:Data drives asuccessful VDPproject
  16. 16. The power of dataAnalyze the data you haveCreate a data strategyCreate data specific messagingProduce a relevant and measurable campaign Measurement leads to success
  17. 17. New applicationsNot for profits… Being B i personal works l k Use creative to drive response Create an emotional connection
  18. 18. What do recipients really want?The Future of Direct Mail Mail*According to a recent customer survey direct mail is the“preferred” medium among most consumers for receiving p g gand evaluating information about products: * 66% want "highly-personalized" offers, rather than ones not personalized at all.SOURCE: CAPV
  19. 19. Right message to the right audience
  20. 20. Leveraging transactional communications 95%+ of transactional mail is opened 1 and 3 minutes spent reading transactional documents Multiple views per document Specific calls to action 7% of direct mailings read 8.5% of prospecting emails are opened 76% of online purchases are influenced by mail y Sources InfoTrends,ExactTarget and the Direct Marketing Association
  21. 21. The common denominator – variable data Application template form document design Transactional dataPersonalized,targeted insertPersonalized,targeted onsert Personalized, targeted “ensert” All created with 100% variable data
  22. 22. Triggers Transactional Data Address/Cluster Statement Whitespace
  23. 23. Realizing the transactional communication opportunity i i iCharacterization– Transactional application pp– Consumer profile– White space opportunityBuild the campaign– Load digital assets– Select business rulesReporting
  24. 24. Best practices in transactionalmulti channel communicationsmulti-channelMaintain the BrandConvert documents fromcompliance to relationshipenhancing Marketing & Line of Business  can: – Content/presentation Maximize existing real estate onBuild in linkages transactional statement Infinite variety of inserts – Customer service features Gain more messaging per ounce Target customer messaging – C ll t action enablers Call to ti bl Quickly execute new campaigns Maintain control of messaging – Intelligent and relevant Integrate campaign based upon offers results
  25. 25. ANY QUESTIONS?