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Orbograph is a premier provider of end-to-end-electronic solutions for healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM...
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  1. 1. About Us: Orbograph is a premier provider of end-to-end-electronic solutions for healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) and recognition services and software for check processing in the financial industry. Orbograph technologies are in use in over 1,500 financial institutions, service bureaus and billers processing billions of documents annually. Orbograph’s innovative technologies convert paper-based EOBs into electronic files to automate the reconciling of payment data into healthcare accounting systems and provide business intelligence tools for financial and practice management reporting. Orbograph enables clients to envision more for their organization by reducing costs and managing risk while ensuring that achieving more is a reality. Ownership: Subsidiary of Orbotech; NASDAQ:ORBK Year Founded: 1996 End User Clients: 1,000+ Our Solutions: Beyond traditional CAR/LAR recognition and OCR recognition technologies, Orbograph’s innovative services and solutions maximize processing efficiency, minimize fraud risk and expand revenue potential. Employees: 50+ Business Partners: 15+ Industries Served: Banking, Financial, Healthcare Orbograph’s recognition-centric Check Processing Solutions enable financial institutions to achieve levels of up to 98% automation with 99% accuracy while gaining necessary operational efficiencies. When coupled with our Managed Recognition services, operational managers can gain peace of mind by allowing Orbograph’s Client Services team to monitor performance to exceed recognition performance targets and achieve the highest levels of financial return for our customers. Orbograph’s image-based Fraud Prevention Solutions protect financial institutions from fraudulent check transactions by providing real-time fraud detection. Our ability to drive down false positives while delivering optimal detection rates reduces operational overhead.  ​ Data Mining for Marketing services utilize check image data (payee and payer fields) from existing check processing platforms to generate focused customer lists for direct marketing campaigns. These lists boost the ROI by as much as 2-5 times above traditional direct mail list approaches. Orbograph’s Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (HRCM) solutions enable healthcare providers, financial institutions, service bureaus and medical billers to convert Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms or electronic data into a variety of post ready files (such as EDI 835 / X12-835) within the revenue cycle management (RCM) process. The installation of software is easy; the challenge is meeting performance targets consistently. To meet this challenge, Orbograph’s Client Services team is available 24X7 to support our business partners and customers. Headquarters: Orbograph US 44 Manning Road Billerica, MA 01821 Tel: 978-667-6037 (Sales, Marketing, Client Services & Management) Orbograph Israel P.O. Box 215 Yavne 81102, Israel Tel: +972 8-932-2257 (R&D, QA & Management)