CDW Lead Generation From Sales Adoption to Leadership Reporting


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CDW Lead Generation From Sales Adoption to Leadership Reporting

  1. 1. CDW Lead GenerationFrom sales adoption to leadership reporting DMA 2011 October 5, 2011
  2. 2. CDW Lead Generation Speakers Mark Thabit Senior Director, Marketing CDWRandy IlasVP, Product Development & MarketingHarte-Hanks Market Intelligence
  3. 3. Today’s Session Learning ObjectivesHow to:• Gain sales adoption of the lead process• Measure and track lead success (ROI)• Make adjustments to “the best laid plans”
  4. 4. Market ObservationsLead Targeting Trends • “Lead” Sources & Variety Expanding • “Pull Sources” Volume Growing • Costs of Qualifying Often Hidden or Missed • Costs & Time to Qualify Underestimated • MQL & SQL Stages and Process Standardizing
  5. 5. The CDW Story Mark Thabit CDW
  6. 6. CDW Lead Generation The CDW Challenge • Purchased leads via third-party partners • No formal system for tracking or measuring • Sales feedback on lead quality was not favorable
  7. 7. CDW Lead Generation Out with the Old• Gain Sales commitment• Build the infrastructure• Follow the lead
  8. 8. CDW Lead Generation Sales Commitment • Coordinate with Sales – What is a lead? • Do we need BANT? • Person to call • Reason to call • Gain commitment to pursue leads – Send only qualified leads • Nurture all others
  9. 9. CDW Lead Generation Lead Infrastructure• Centralized lead repository• Tag each lead – Source – Date – Customer name – Opportunity – Sales representative name• Deliver lead within existing sales tool – Sales feedback – Sales disposition
  10. 10. CDW Lead Generation Sourcing the Right Leads• Based on Sales/Marketing lead definition• Quality and accuracy is critical• Set goals and forecast• Harte-Hanks Ci Pipeline® – More than a lead
  11. 11. Ci Pipeline®Opportunity Profile
  12. 12. CDW Lead Generation Reporting• Tracking ROI – Validate the investment• ROI Formula
  13. 13. CDW Lead Generation So What Happened?• Increased sales lead utilization by 20%• Increased average order value by 5 times• Closed 1 out of 3 leads• Able to deliver positive ROI
  14. 14. CDW Lead Generation Lesson Learned Best Practices:  Lock-step with Sales  Follow the lead  Validate ROI  Pilots with partners
  15. 15. CDW Lead Generation Lesson Learned – The Hard WayThings to avoid:• Don’t send all leads to Sales• Don’t underestimate the hand-off process• Don’t Assume
  16. 16. CDW Lead GenerationOur Work is Never Done Lead Sourcing Lead Measurement Lead Capture CDW Lead Process Opportunity Lead Management Prioritization Lead Distribution
  17. 17. Mark ThabitQ&A Randy Ilas For more information, contact: CDW 1-800-800-4239 Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence 1-800-854-8409
  18. 18. CDW Lead Generation Keys to Success• Get sales buy-in up front• Have a plan for tracking leads in order to calculate the ROI of your efforts• Select high quality, reputable partners• Start small