How Workday went from Great!: Winning with Big Data

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  • 1. How Workday went from Good… to Great! Winning with Big Data
  • 2. Why Big Data, Why now?//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Pace of change…+ Companies Large and small…+ Industries: Old & young+ Customers: b2b or b2c, male or female, rich or poor…+ Continue to evolve quickly… and…
  • 3. Greatest Company Asset “Customer Relationship”Not product, not IP, not brand. Data becomesIntroduction, enabler and insight Customer Relationships
  • 4. I’m Thad Kahlow //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////+ CEO BusinessOnline+ 12 years Digital Marketing+ Fortunate to work with some incredible brands+ B2B Magazine Interactive Agency year+ Top Agency: 2008, 2009, 2010@Tkahlow
  • 5. Allow me to Digress… //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////+ GM, +100 years+ 1999 largest market cap US > $50B & stock @$100+ < 10 years… bankruptcy
  • 6. In the same Breadth… //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////+ < 7 YEARS+ MARKET CAP > $80B+ 2x+ Market cap of GM in less ONE decade…
  • 7. CEO: New normal////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CEOs operate in a substantially more “volatile, uncertain and complex world” -IBM Study, face-to-face conversations with more than 1,500 CEO’s worldwide.
  • 8. Solution CEO ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////By…Re-Invent Customer Relationships:+ Adopt new channels to engage & stay connected with customers.+ Draw more insight from data…make customer “78% CEOs intimacy priority #1 believe #1 goal is to get closer to customer” -IBM Study, face-to-face conversations with more than 1,500 CEO’s worldwide.
  • 9. CMO: New normal //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////CMOs… “Increasing levels of complexity over the next five years in how we market products and services” -IBM Study, face-to-face conversations with more than 1,700 CMO’s worldwide.
  • 10. Solution CMO////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Deliver Value to Empower Customers+ Digital revolution- forever changed balance of power between individual & institutionFoster Lasting Connections+ Cultivate meaningful relationships…throughout entire life cycleCapture Value, Measure Results+ Quantify, analyze and justify the financial results of marketing initiatives
  • 11. Simplify please…Why Big Data? Why now?
  • 12. Because… 2. Barriers to entry are minimal, competition can enter and win quickly… 1. Customers have control &fundamentals have changed…4. Data becomesthe “introduction,enabler & insight” into those 3. Customer Relationships relationships become your largest asset
  • 13. “Companies that leverage data to have one-to-one conversationswith customers at scale… will win.” - John Battelle Federated Media
  • 14. How Workday went from Good to Great: Winning big with “big data” - Top 5
  • 15. B2B (Workday) Challenge//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Workday + B2B leading HR and financials software company + Complex and long sales cycle with + multiple decision making roles: CEO, CIO, CFO, CHRO + Founded in 2005 with more than 650 employees and 200 customers + Competitors: Taleo, SucessFactors, Lawson and Oracle Complexity of B2B Sales Cycle + Length: 1 Month – 5 Years + Roles: 1 >10 + Research to purchase cycle: “lots of touch points” + Channels & Media + Content & Campaigns Desired Outcome + Improve Digital and Marketing Performance + Close the loop: lead to sale + Close more business faster + Measure and improve ROI
  • 16. Marketers primaryChallengePrograms that Majority ofefficiently and marketers do not effectively know whichgenerate leads yet programs that turn into produce the sales… leads that turn into sales.
  • 17. Strategy starts w/ DataData Framework//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Close the Loop More Effective Customer Sales Journey Close the Loop Drive Business Outcomes Attribute Success Attribute Personalize Validated Score
  • 18. Start with Closing the Loop
  • 19. CommonApproach to measurement Awareness: PPC , SEO, Display, Social, Email… Awareness Usage Engagement: Bounce, Page Views, Visits, Frequency Content Engagement: Engagement Newsletters, Blogs, Videos, Webcasts, product pages Conversion: Conversion Request a quote, contact, dealer locator, initiated lead, completed lead, registration, #800 SALE Measured in isolation: - Single Channel to Lead : CPL - Silo Engagement: Avg page views
  • 20. IdeallyClosed loop measurement Awareness: PPC , SEO, Display, Social, Email… Usage Engagement: Awareness Bounce, Page Views, Visits, Frequency Engagement Content Engagement: Newsletters, Blogs, Videos, Webcasts, product pages Conversion Conversion: Request a quote, contact, dealer locator, initiated lead, completed lead, registration, #800 SALE Complete Measurement: +Cost per Sale +Marketing/Program ROI
  • 21. Don’t Forget “The” Customer Journey/Loop//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Non-linear Reciprocity
  • 22. Collect & Connect Technically- How to close the Loop?//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Marketing Programs Analytics Tools Business Tools Web CRM Search, Social Data Mktg Automation Email Warehouse Call Center (ETL) API or Direct Call> < API or Direct Call Use closed loop insights to optimize Multi-Source Analysis Tool(s)
  • 23. Closed the loop, next?What’s Happening?Why it’s Happening?What to do about it?
  • 24. Attribute Success
  • 25. ForresterAttribution models////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  • 26. What & whyAttribution//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// D F G 1. Track Success @ the Customer Level 2. Analyze what 2 5 channels, content and campaigns delivered success III 3. Connect to Sale 4. Measure Program ROI SALE
  • 27. Channel Attribution Last Click Channel to Lead//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 3.3% + Last click, single channel to lead measurement (booo) + SM = 3.3% conversion, decent not great + Time to dig a bit deeper…
  • 28. Channel to Lead Life of the visitor//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// LIFE OF VISITOR > LEAD 7.4%+ Single channel + life of visitor to lead = 7.4% conversion (double) + SM is nurturing channel, don’t convert first instance, but down the road
  • 29. Holistic Attribution//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 34%+ Tapped CRM determine quality of lead+ Analyze: Channels + Content Engagement = Quality Lead (CRM)+ Social Media = largest # of qualified leads CEO+ 10x more likely to convert when touched SM Blog
  • 30. How Social Feeds other channels//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// +Definitive flow from Organic branded to SM and SM to Organic +SM is not acquiring channel but supporting channel, nurturing
  • 31. Channel Path Attribution//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// + Channel paths, at the visitor level, measure channel path to lead + Organic non brand into SM- is the most important channel combo + Insight: Reinvest in SEO & SM content optimization- blogs, 3rd party reviews, video + Lead Channels vs Nurturing Channels + SOURCES for Research B2B: Search most leveraged, most sought after = WOM
  • 32. Validated Scoring
  • 33. What is Validated Engagement Scoring? ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////+ Track at Visitor (aggregate company) Level: + Channel, Campaign and Content activities into a single “Score” that quantifies behavior.+ Weigh activities + Correlate success factors so visitors with the highest scores become the most valuable, “ready to convert”+ Outcome: Focus Efforts + Evaluate customer scores in real time, + Personalization & Segmentation- create a better experience + Sales Alerts
  • 34. B2B Company vs. Visitor ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////+ From Individual to Company + Compile a company score based on the aggregate score of the individuals in a company+ From Noise to Focus + From 4,000 leads to 400 qualified leads + Based on behaviors (past success) + company attributes (size, vertical, etc)
  • 35. Our algorithm Validated Engagement Model (VEM)///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// VEM: + Moves beyond measuring traditional channel to lead measurement or best guess weighted averages… to + A weighted points algorithm, based on past success, throughout customer journey all the to sale (SF Integration). VEM output: + Self Learning: past success = new weights + Measure & improve program ROI
  • 36. Recall- CommonApproach to measurement Awareness: PPC , SEO, Display, Social, Email… Awareness Usage Engagement: Bounce, Page Views, Visits, Frequency Content Engagement: Engagement Newsletters, Blogs, Videos, Webcasts, product pages Conversion: Conversion Request a quote, contact, dealer locator, initiated lead, completed lead, registration, #800 SALE Measured in isolation: - Single Channel to Lead : CPL - Silo Engagement: Avg page views
  • 37. VEM Example //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Source (Awareness) Channel: Social Media > Display 10% Usage (Engagement) Depth of Interaction: Page views, clicks, login etc. (> 10 20% clicks) Content (Engagement) Product Preview, Case Study, Datasheet, video, Webinar, 30% whitepaper (Product demo video + Client Testimonial CS) Connection Sales contact request, partner information, connects with 40% (Conversion) leadership team, demo, attends an event 10% total 20% 30% scoresource 40% usage content connection
  • 38. Sample report: Cookie = 321548979797641313123154////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Score = Source + Usage + Content + Connections145.6 = 18.8 + 22 + 38.4 + 66.4 Usage value Connection value Content value Reach value Contact us 88 Video 50 Lp count 55 Page count 20 Request price 78 demo 78 Lp recent 82 Page views 40 Campaign ad 51 Time on site 50 Connection total 166 Content total 128 Reach total 188 Usage 10% total 110 30% 20% Usage weight .40 Usage weight .10 Usage weight .20 40% Usage weight .30 Usage score 18.8 Usage score 66.4 Usage score 22 Usage score 38.4
  • 39. Clearly determine Which Visitor is more valuable///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Visitor 1 Visitor 2 Reach : 20 Reach : 15 Usage : 40 Usage : 85 Content :60 Content : 160 Connections: 85 Connections 89 Score : 89 Score : 250
  • 40. Compare Campaigns/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Education- “Why SaaS” campaign Closer- “Total Cost of Ownership” campaign Equal # conversions, -yet- One outperforms Score : 289 Score : 140 +Business value +Shift from tracking leads per channel +To tracking true Campaign/Program ROI +Based on aggregate roll up of “valuable visitors/companies”
  • 41. Now lets get Personal
  • 42. Create a tailored experiencePersonalize//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// + Serve the Right : Experience, Message, Content + To the Right Person + In the Right: Role, & Industry + At the Right time + On the right device + Based on past success (Validated) SALE General experience Personal experience Convert Increase sales
  • 43. First - Turn individual unknown visitor into aKnown visitor (look back)//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1st Visit to site 2st Visit to site 3rd Visit to site Score 67 Score 40 Score 23 Cookie ID 12345 Cookie ID 12345 Cookie ID 12345 James Smith Anonymous score based on behavioral data such as : Known user score based on prior history, new behavior , plus - Pageviews profile data: - Search terms - Time on site - Pageviews - Referring keyword - Search terms - Campaign Type - Segment -Frequency - Title - Persona All anonymous browsing data is mapped back to the contact level
  • 44. Go from unknown toKnown Companies////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////+ B2B sales cycle + Many prospects from a single company research + yet in different BUs, or departments+ Small % become known: fill out a form, call you- self identify+ Turn unknown visitors into known visitors in a specific company
  • 45. How?Known Company visitors////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////+ Email domain (ex: Demandbase)+ Form field with a company specification+ IP look up (Demandbase)+ Referring Domain (ex: Demandbase)+ Connect and Correlate
  • 46. ExampleIndividual vs. Company//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 7 visitors vs. 173 visitors= +17,200% For all Marketers- give us our true credit”
  • 47. FinallyPersonalize the customer journey//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// “Amazon for B2B” + Someone in your vertical + Someone in your role + At this stage of research + Looking for to solve this problem + Has found this piece of information valuable
  • 48. Tactical Personalization & Segmentation Examples
  • 49. Deliver Targeted Content, at the Right Time Web Visitor
  • 50. Adobe Targets the Verticals – Same Content!50
  • 51. Industry Level Personalization •35% Lift in PDF and Play Demo Clicks •83% Lift in Visitors navigating to the Product Pages
  • 52. Real Time Identification Forms Solution + Problem + Removing the friction with long forms, without losing data + Solution: RTID-FORMS + Real Time Identification Forms solution accelerates the engagement and form completion process through shortening forms. + Form completion results in increased leads, stronger data, and more effective marketing programs, resulting in increased revenue. + Pillars + Increase conversions + Standardize and validate data + Improve visitor experience
  • 53. Optimize Your Forms and Strengthen Your Database John Stevens Mgr Ora| $35,622,000,000 Software and Technology 105,000 500 Oracle Parkway Redwood Shores CA 94065 Enterprise
  • 54. Create Sales Effectiveness
  • 55. SalesEffectiveness//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// + Give sales the right information to close more business in less time + Sales alerts + Predict who will buy SALE in the future + validated engagement scoring + Establishes predictable, efficient sales path that takes less time
  • 56. Future…Predictive Modeling////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  • 57. In Sum
  • 58. Remember theData Framework//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Close the Loop More Effective Customer Sales Journey Close the Loop Drive Business Outcomes Attribute Success Attribute Personalize Validated Score
  • 59. MarketersSolution Create Marketersprograms thatefficiently and KNOW effectively whengenerate leads which programs that turn into produce the leads that turn sales… into sales.
  • 60. 33%costs
  • 61. Thank You! @tkahlow For DMA participants////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////+ Card, or email: