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While as a Software Company-Compassites feels proud that everyday, we service the needs of thousands of customers from far and wide, we feel concerned that close to home, there is a society that also needs our attention, care and contribution.This presentation captures the spirit of Compassites to make a difference to life and society, through its COACH programs for orphans, destitutes and other unfortunate beings.

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COACH - Compassites On A Cause for Help

  1. 4. Society Man Energy / God Nature
  2. 5. Society/Nature Man God Split Personality Fragmented Morality No Harmony Constant Unrest Exploitation of Nature Natural calamities
  3. 6. C ompassites O n A C ause for H elp COACH believes that, in caring and sharing to those deprived around us, it not just adds value to society, but subtly creates a wonderful and beautiful world to live in. COACH is one of the instruments through which Compassites strives to achieve its vision - To put a smile on the face of every stakeholder, by generating value for every association.
  4. 7. C ompassites O n A C ause for H elp Materialize the Vision of Compassites- Create Smiles Inspired responsibility towards people, other living beings and the world. Empower the heart of an individual in an industry where head holds the sway. Foster values of – Truth, Righteousness ,Peace, Love and Non-violence Provide a platform for cross-cultural and individual expressions of the above values.
  5. 8. Bear all and do nothing; Hear all and say nothing; Give all and take nothing; Serve all and be nothing.’ -Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba Non-violence - Fosters win-win solution Righteousness – Fosters High Quality work Peace – Fosters Creative and wise decisions Love -Fosters self-less service based on caring for other’s well being. Truth – Fosters Trust and Honest Communications
  6. 10. On a cold winter night, I saw a child shivering on the road. She was hungry and her clothes were in tatters. I was very angry with God for letting this happen to an innocent child. And why isn't he doing anything about it. That night He came in my dream and quietly said “ I certainly did something for it. I made you.” Compassites voyage to the hearts of Karuna Mother’s Home through COACH . Karuna Mother’s Home is an orphanange located in the heart of Bangalore that shelters 60 children.
  7. 11. O Lord ! Lead us from……
  8. 12. … From the unreal lead to the real, …From darkness lead to the light, …From death lead to immortality .
  9. 13. Sharing a chocolate with a smile…a sweet introduction.
  10. 14. Expressing their gratitude and love to the master…….
  11. 15. Proud future of the world ………..
  12. 16. A smile is a curve that sets straight many things……..
  13. 17. O Lord! Give us this day our daily bread……
  14. 18. Its show time Folks….. Watching ‘Hanuman’ together.
  15. 19. A moment of living and loving
  16. 20. Compassites Navigators volunteer for the EYE Cataract Operation Camp along with Rescue Foundation as the second event of COACH Celebrate Diwali this season in the true spirit by gifting the blind the wondrous gift of Light and Sight. Let not the phrase' cant afford it’ be a curse for ‘can never see’ for these villagers. We know that it would be a gift that would stretch beyond each of our lives.
  17. 21. Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.
  18. 22. Love in action - Navigator in the Operation Theatre
  19. 23. Bringing Smiles across over worried faces. Love knows no boundaries
  20. 24. The universe provides its own system of transportation to carry us to the places we most need to be.
  21. 25. Providing extensive medical care free of any charges.
  22. 26. To appear in the right place at the right time is to be a participant in a cosmic plan.
  23. 27. Waiting for the dawn in her life.
  24. 28. Post care session – Distributing medicines to the patients
  25. 29. To be a witness to a miracle is a miracle, too. A miracle called love.
  26. 30. Love is all that they need.
  27. 31. Those seeking help from us may very well become the source of our redemption
  28. 32. Love is the walking stick we need in this age of decay.
  29. 33. Our good intentions are powerful enough to set the wheel of miracles in motion.
  30. 35. COACH’s vision……. Rainbow Compassites Rainbow …………………… Creating more smiles per miles.
  31. 36. …… .thank you