TCS IT WIZ 2010 Prelims Questions


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Contains TCS IT WIZ 2010 Prelims Questions of all the regions..

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TCS IT WIZ 2010 Prelims Questions

  1. 1. 1 Hyderabad Region 1.“DoubleClick “ is a subsidiary of a search giant which acquired it, for its ad services, in March 2008. Name its present parent company ? A:Google 2.Identify this Device? A:Amazons Kindle Reader 2.Which Research and development organization was started in 1984 at Pune to develop organization supercomputers in India? A:CDAC 3.WordMole is a game application originally found on which famous communication device? A:Black Berry 4. Jack Dorsey in 2006 made the first attempt to start it. Later he went on to start a project called Odeo which became a company later. And finally he together with Evan Williams started this company in October 2006. Which company/website did they start? A:Twitter 5.Whose idea is this? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  2. 2. 2 A:Alan Turing 6.How do we better know Satyanarayan Gangaram who started the telecom revolution in India? w A:Sam Pitroda 7. Ideapad is a range of laptops from which company? A:Lenovo 8.Which company acquired Sybase, an RDBMS company, in May 2010 for US$ 5.8 billion to enhance its database systems? stems? A:SAP 9. Joybook is a laptop for enjoying the latest entertainment in spectacular HD format. Which company manufactures it? A:BENQ 10.Name this Robot? A:Sonys Aibo 11.If Apple : iPhone, then Google:_____? A:Nexus 12.MeeGo is a Linux based operating system for mobile phones by which company along with operating Intel? A:Nokia 13.Classmate is a range of personal computers ,especially meant for children, from which company? A:Intel 14.Which company manufactures the Phenom microprocessor? A:AMD [Advanced Micro Devices] ro 15.Identify this logo? A:Second Life TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  3. 3. 3 16.Droid is a smartphone whose name is licensed to Verizon Wireless. Which company manufactures the Droid smart phone? A:Motorola 17.Which famous company is manufacturing an ergonomic mouse called “Arc Mo Mouse”? A:Microsoft 18.Which mobile companys logo is this? A:MicroMax 19.Which Research and development organization was started in 1984 at Pune to develop supercomputers in India? A:CDAC 20.Identify? A:N Chandrashekaran Bangalore Region 1.Identify ? A:Ubuntu 2.Identify the company from Canada, Blackberry ? A:RIM 3.Which Mobile phone uses Retina display technology ? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  4. 4. 4 A:iPhone 4 4.‘Nothing Like Anything’ is the tagline from which company ? A:Micromax 5.‘What’s the point of option when…”is the tagline from which company ? A: 6.Identify the first browser to have speed dial and mouse gesture features ? A: Opera 7.What is the India’s 20$ laptop project name ? A:Saakshaat 8.Which is the First game to be imported to US from Russia ? A:Tetris 9.MobileMe is from which company ? obileMe A: Apple 10.This company is called Logicool in Japan, what in India ? A: Logitech 11.TelePresence is a Teleconference product from which company ? A: Cisco 12.Identify ? A: Apple appstore 13.Galaxy is the brand from which mobile company? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  5. 5. 5 A: Samsung 14.Expand HTC ? A: High tech corporation 15.WebOS ? A: Palm 16.What is Six axis ? A: Game controller 17.Decision engine ? A: Bing 18.What is the name given to 10 to the power of googol ? A: Googleplex Ahmedabad Region 1.Which is the Operating System Used By Dell Streak Tablet Phone? A:Android OS 2.Identify this Logo? A:Apple Genius 3.Which Web Site tells that “Discover whats happening right now”? A:Twitter TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  6. 6. 6 4.What is the current name of Jerrys and Davids Guide to Internet? A:Yahoo 5.Give the full name of Ankit,the Famous Ehtical Hacker from Gujarat? A:Ankit Fadia 6.Identify this logo? A:Ning Social Networking Site 7.Full form of Wi-Max? A:Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access 8.How we better know "State-Wide Attention on Public Grievance by Application of Technology" of Wide Attention Gujrat? A:SWAGAT 9.Identify this logo? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  7. 7. 7 A:Sony Connect 10.Computer systems running on software that identifies a year only by its last two digits may crash or churn out data when they mistake 00 for 1900 instead of 2000.Which problem is this? 00 A:Y2K Problem 11.Identify this Co-Founder of SUN Microsystem? Founder A:Vinod Khosla 12.Yahoo bought which 1 st domain which had already had email services established in it ? A:Rocket Mail 13.Expand ZFS? A: Zettabyte File System 14.Identify? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  8. 8. 8 A:Sam Palmisano 15.Identify this Social Networking site logo? A:Four Square 16.One Laptop per Child [OLPC] was proposed by whom? A:Nicholas Negroponte 17.X is a video game series produced by Konami comprised primarily of run and gun-style primarily gun shoots.This video game series debuted in 1987 as a coin operated arcade game simply titled coin-operated X,What is X? A:Contra Chennai Region 1. _______ 3.0 promotion group has announced the latest version of this hardware standard so as to improve the speed of this specification. Fill in the blank mprove A: USB 2. The Co-founder of KaZaa finished a dual degree from Uppsala university. Name him? founder A : Niklaus Zennstrom TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  9. 9. 9 3. How do we know the Shugart Company founded by Alan Shugart well? A : Seagate 4. Identify this person? A:Vinod Dham 5. Which Japanese company name’s English translation refers to ‘leave luck to heaven’? A : Nintendo 6. The exact definition of this word is “edible part of a nut”. This is the layer which connects the application software and hardware. Name this? are A : Kernel 7. This was earlier named Phoenix, later renamed to FireBird even then, due to trademark issues, it was renamed to something else. What? A : Firefox 8. What is this in Windows OS? A : Blue Screen Death TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  10. 10. 10 9. This country has recently declared broadband access as one of the basic fundamental rights apart from ntry life and liberty. Which country? A : Finland 10. The creator of X was paid a mere $45 for creating this. It later became a part of daily writing.Scott Fahlman was the person who developed this later. What? s A : Simley / emoticon 11. iPhones and iPads cannot play flash videos. But they can play YouTube videos as they are encoded in X compression technology.What is X here? A : H.264 12. This website was shot to fame after it reported a newsbreak on the helicopter bombings by the U.S. at Bhagdad. After this happened in early 2010, it started receiving huge visitiors. Which website? A : Wikileaks 13. The latest edition is called Froyo. The future iteration of this is named as Gingerbread. What is this? named A : Android OS 14. This company is the first in India to provide private cloud services. It was also India’s first private ISP. Name this company? A : Sify 15. This device is banned both in Korea and Israel. Recently, this ban was lifted and the seized devices this were returned. The NY Yankees stadium banned the use of the device inside the stadium as it felt no one is concentrating on the games because of this. Name the device? A : iPad 16. This language, when created was commonly referred to as the ‘write once, read many times’ language commonly so as to refer its cross‐platform nature. What language? platform A : JAVA 17. Identify this e-book reader? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  11. 11. 11 A:Nook 18. Akebono and Konishiki were two workstations at Stanford. These are named afte sumowrestlers due after to the huge amount of data handled by them. What portal started its life in these workstations? A : Yahoo! 19. Identify this Famous Founders? A:Robert Noyce and Gordon e moore [Intel Founders] 20.Identify this Videogame developed fro Atari computers? from A:Pit Fall Kolkata Region 1. What begun in 1968 at the University of Hawaii under the leadership of Norman Abramson and others (including F. Kuo, N. Gaarder and N. Weldon) ? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  12. 12. 12 A.ALOHANet 2. Which Famous Company was originally known as Moore-Noyce, but was later renamed as ? M Noyce, A.Intel 3. Identify this? A.Network Topologies. 4.. Expand IPTV A.Internet Protocol television 5. Identify this person? A. Jerry Rao [Former Mphasis CEO] 6. X is an arcade game developed by Namco and licensed for distribution in the United States by Midway, first released in Japan on May 22, 1980. A.Pacman 7. X is an effective method for solving a problem expressed as a finite sequence of logical steps. X are used for calculation, data processing, and many other fi fields. A.Algorithm. TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  13. 13. 13 8. There was a question on Texas instruments, I don’t remember what it exactly was. 9. Also, there was a question on a logo with a couple of F’s in it. Curse the internets for not creating a good image search engine yet. 10. there was a question with the names of 3 Chinese Entrepreneurs and the word ‘Transcendental’ in its name. 11. Identify this person? A. Fakir Chand Kohli [TCS Founder] Pune Region 1.The game “Game Room” was created by which major corporation? A.Microsoft 2. After selling Skype, he went on to start Joost with his friend Friis. Now he along with Janus ng Friis manage “Atomico” company a venture capital. Name the person? A. Niklas Zennström 3.Papyrus is E reader from which company ? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  14. 14. 14 A.Samsung 4.Roy Bostock is the chairman of which major internet corporation? o A.Yahoo 5.It was used since the 18th century to denote happiness in letters. Later in its current state it was created by Scott Fahlman who was paid just $45 to create it. Identify A.Emoticon 6.The Ergonomic Arc Mouse is being manufatured by which company? A.Microsoft 7.X is a mobile operating system developed by Google and is based upon the Linux kernel and GNU software. It was initially developed by X Inc. (a firm purchased by Google) and later positioned in the Open Handset Alliance.What is X? A.Android 8.X is inspired by ALOHAnet which was studied by Robert Metcalfe for his PhD thesis.What is X? A.Ethernet 9.Identify this founder? Who Owns a Big Storage Devices Company. A. Alan Shugart [Seagate] TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  15. 15. 15 10.Identify this Company which was started by these two founders? A.HP 11.We know “Modulator Dem Demodulator” better as? A.Modem 12. .CH is a top-level domain id of which country? level A.Switzerland 13. Which company creates Streak tablet? A.Dell 14.Identify this creator of Famous programming Language? mous TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  16. 16. 16 A.James Ghosling [Java] 15.Identify this logo? A.WikiLeaks 16.Identify this person,who is the former President of Bell Laboratories and Chief Scientist for Lucent Technologies? A.Arun N. Netravali Coimbatore Region 1.Identify the logo? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  17. 17. 17 A.Aadhar. 2.Alienware is the subsidiary of which IT giant? A.Dell. 3.Which was the 1st bollywood movie to stream on Youtube while the film was released in theatre? ( HINT: It sounds like a position in football) A.Striker. 4.Identify the personality? A.Steve Jobs. 5.Expand AJAX? A.Asynchronous Javascript XML. 6.Expand ASP? A.Active Server Pages. 7.Identify the logo? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  18. 18. 18 A.Microsoft Surface. 8.They made Walkman and invented CD with Philips. A.Sony. 9.Name the console launched after Sega Saturn by Sega? Sat A.Dreamcast. 10.On which great personality’s birthday was the Googles homepage like this A.Sir Isaac Newton. 11.Which India IT company designed banking software for State Bank of India? A.TCS. 12.Identify the game? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  19. 19. 19 A.Train Simulator. 13.Expand AMD? A.Advanced Micro Devices. 14.This E-Book reader is from which company? Book A.Samsung. 15.Which company’s old logo is this? A.Lenovo. 16.Whose tagline is “Where the information lives”? A.EMC2 TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  20. 20. 20 uses the type of computer which provides information to many people and stores a large information amount of data. Which type of computer are we talking here? A.Super Computers. 18.X is the central printed circuit board (PCB) in many modern computers and holds many of the crucial components of the system, while providing connectors for other peripherals.X has a collection of chips e and controllers known as the chipset. A.Motherboard. 19.X is a part of a computer system or network that is designed to block unauthorized access while permitting authorized communications. It is a device or set of devices that is configured to permit or communications. deny network transmissions based upon a set of rules and other criteria. A.Firewall. Bhubaneshwar Region 1.According to Oxford Dictionary,it is a digital recording of a internet radio station,What is being referred to? A.Podcasting 2.Which Free refrence guide did Jimmy Whales Created? A.Wikipedia 3.What is the Full Form of TFT? A.Thin Filament Transistor 4.Identify this Company’s logo which made Mp3 players and it is a competitor to app apple? A.Creative 5.What do we call Microsoft Window + Intel CPU? A.Wintel TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  21. 21. 21 6.What is the Full Form of CAD? A.Computer Aided Designing 7.Which Company owns Internet Movie Database [IMDb] ? A.Amazon 8.What did William Shockley,Bardeen and Water Brattain invented in 1948? invented A.Transistor 9.In Printing terminology,what is the word we use for the number of character per inch? A.Pitch 10.Who is the Father of India’s Telecom Revolution? A.Sam Pitroda 11.How we know Video Control video Corporation by Time Warner better today? better A.American Online [AOL] 12.Which was the document sharing website by Trip Adler started in 2006? 13.Google Scholar : Google Earth : Google Docs : Google Spreadsheet.Identify the Odd? A.Google Earth 14.What solution as a competation to Google’s search engine did Steve Ballmer created? to A.Bing Search Engine 15.Identify this logo? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  22. 22. 22 A.Microsoft Silverlite 16.The 8.3 Covention used till Windows 98.what is this 8.3 Convention referred to? A.Filenaming [FAT File System] 17.Identify this Game? A.Prince of Persia 18.Which Famous Browser was launched in 1994? A.Opera 19.How we know this company better today? A.IBM 20.Electronic _____ Interface.It is widely used in public places like Railways for tickets or enquiries and ATM’s. A.Electronic Touch Interface TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  23. 23. 23 Kochi Region 1.Identify? [clue: Hungarian mathematician] A.John von Neumann 2.Breaburn capital and File maker are subsidiaries of which company? A.Apple 3.The name of what is derived from picture and element? A. Pixel 4.The name of this company was taken from a greek mythological creature. The first few words ompany were dropped to get a higher position in the alphabetical order? A.Asus(pegasus) 5.Eric E Schimdt is the CEO of which company? A.Google TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  24. 24. 24 6.Moon base alpha is a game from ____?[a clear hint was given that this company had nothing to clear do with gaming] A.NASA 7.Ramu yalamanchi founded which social networking site? A.hi-5 8.Identify this logo? A.My Space 9."~" identify this symbol? A.Tilde 10.Expand VPN. A.Virtual private network 11.Zen is from? A.Creative 12.How do we better know "compresser "compresser-decompresser"? A.Codec 13.Flops stands for? A. Floating point operations per second 14.On 21st May 2010, the " i am feeling Lucky" Button in google was changed to Insert a coin. Google was celebrating the 30th birthday of a game. Which was the game? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  25. 25. 25 A.Pacman 15.Who is the author of this book? A.Andy Groove 16.Alan shugart invented this and some description was given like it kept on reducing its size... A.Floppy disk 17."The Legend of the micro kid" was the advertising campaign of? w A.Microsoft 18. Tapulous was founded in February 2008 with the specific intention of developing software applications for the iOS platform. How do you know Tapulous now? A.GoGo Apps 19. What is special about the book by Doug Hofstadter - "Fluid Concepts and Creative Douglas Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought"? A.The First book to be sold in amazon 20.Who owned pixar before it was acquired by walt disney? A.Steve jobs. Delhi Region 1. Who was the 2010 Republic Nominee for governor of California associated with IT? 10 A.Whitman – ebay TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  26. 26. 26 2. What did Jyoti Basu and the C.M of West Bengal Sulak Ram did that it became first in India on 31 July,1995? A.First phone call 3. Which company is CAD associated with and who’s the person who has shifted from it to with yahoo? A.Autodesk and Carol Bartz 4. Identify this person? A.Vinton Cerf 5. A Motorola phone associated with Verizon wireless and lucas film? A. Droid 6. Name the P2P engine from Mark Gorton. A.Limewire TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  27. 27. 27 7. Identify the Company? A.Videocon 8. Aero, first smartphone from which US company? A. Dell 9. Name the big software company that lost a lawsuit to a Canadian based company for XML infringements and also the product? A.Microsoft and MS-Word 10. Name the university that is coming up in Karnataka designed by world renowned Christopher named after an Indian IT personality. A.Azim Premji University 11. What is Ken Kautragi’s “claim to fame” that kids love? A.He is the creator of PSP 12. Odeo, founded by Evan Williams is better known as what? A.Twitter TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  28. 28. 28 13. Lord Byrons daughter better known for writing the first algorithm which formed the basis for programming is_________. A.Ada Lovelace 14. Game developer Seamus Blackley developed which console for his kids which has become a console great success? A.Xbox 15. Who coined the term Software? A. John Tucky. 16. “Do more every second” – –Identify the company/Campaign? A.DoCoMo 17. “Wordmole” is a game on which device? A.Blackberry 18. .lk is the domain of which country? e A. Sri Lanka 19. Identify the company associated with the person? TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  29. 29. 29 A.Xerox 20. Akio Morita and Masura Ibaku associated with? A.Sony Mumbai Region 1.Identify this Person? A.Carol bartz TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  30. 30. 30 2.Evan Williams is the founder of which great website? w A.Twitter 3.Identify? A.Google Tricycle [it is used to capture images in streets to make maps] 4.This gaming portal has a special section for girls and it brought runescape to india? A.Zapak 5.Identify the Company? A.Tata Sky 6.Expand RFIDA. TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  31. 31. 31 A.Radio Frequency Identification 7.Which company bought the rights for the name Palmpad? A.HP 8.Picture of some old mathematician(name was too tough 2 remember) 9.Google has a program through which you can detect a person anywhere in the world? a)Google Latitude b)Google Oogle c)Google Earth A.Google Latitude 10.There were 8 names and 2 left blank...question they left this group to find something huge in microprocessors?who are they? A.Noyce and Moore 11.Identify this game? A.DOTA TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  32. 32. 32 12.Identify this logo? A.Cingular 13.. Identify this logo? A.Bebo 14.Identify this logo? A.Airtel [New one] 15.What are inkey,blinkey,pinkey associated with? A.Pacman Characters TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes
  33. 33. 33 16.Which company has a 25 gb online hard disk available for kids? A.Microsoft 17.Some hp software,options were dreamcaster or roadrunner P.S:I sincerely thank the following people for sharing the hank questions of their regions with region Syed Murtuza Hahsmi M Prabhakaran Nakul Haridas Prashanth Pai Abhijith Kamat Sunny Anshul Shah Prayash Mohapatra TCS IT Wiz 2010 Prelims Questions Visit for more notes