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  • Organizing conferences and seminars is hard work, and engaging online communities is becoming an increasingly important strategy, allowing you to leverage social networks to increase reach and generate revenue.
    Note: To add data to prove that Internet will disrupt event industry. “Learn more or you will be out of business very soon”
  • But video recordings aren’t living up to expectations. They’re hard to navigate, too big to stream to mobile devices and, worst of all, take several days to become available. By that time no one wants to share it. But there is a better way.
  • Introducing Penxy narrated slideshows, a new way to reach people online. You’re watching one right now!
  • These slideshows require little bandwidth and zero post-production, so you can start streaming them just seconds after the speaker is finished. This way the audience can immediately share and comment on it on social networks, generating real-time engagement and monetization.
  • But Penxy also provides viewers with a fantastic experience by allowing them to skip forward in the recording, jumping to the next slide with one click or tap. See for yourself. Click on the “next slide” button in the bottom left corner of the slide. *pause for 5 seconds* Click on the “next slide” button in the bottom left corner of the slide.
  • Good job! So how do you record? It’s extremely simple: all you need is a laptop computer, a Wi-Fi connection, and an iOS device.
  • All you have to do is upload the speaker’s presentation file 5 minutes before the start of the presentation, and display the special webpage the app provides you on a TV or projector.
    The speaker can advance slides in the app with the swipe of a finger, and see the same slides advance on the big screen less than a second later via a direct wireless connection or Wi-Fi.
  • And of course the speaker is free to use a good old-fashioned remote or keyboard if they prefer.
  • The app captures the speaker’s voice using the device’s built-in mic or a professional accessory, and broadcasts the slides, synced with audio, to any number of remote online viewers. All they need is a link you provide beforehand and a browser on any device.
  • And for those who can’t tune in live, Penxy automatically creates a voice-synced recording of your slide presentation, available at the same link for viewing just a few seconds after the presentation is finished.
  • One more tap displays the link to the recording on the screen for the live audience. Those who joined, both in person and online, can ask questions and participate in polls that are displayed right on their mobile devices. This way you can easily engage your in-person audience and encourage them to share the recording with one click (or tap).
  • Penxy is free to try, and we only take a commission if you make a sale using our platform. We’re also happy to send someone from our customer success team to help set up Penxy for your event.
  • Penxy uses some of the most advanced technology available to help event organizers take advantage of online opportunities. Schedule a call with our customer success team to learn what it can do for you, using the form on the right.
  • Org

    1. 1. Opens doors to online community: 1Record 2Share 3Monetize
    2. 2. Videos are: Too long to make. Too big to stream. Too hard to navigate.
    3. 3. Narrated slide shows
    4. 4. Narrated presentation: • Ready to use • Great for wireless internet • Naturally goes viral
    5. 5. Click here
    6. 6. Equipment:
    7. 7. Advance slides using iPhone…
    8. 8. …or regular remote and keyboard
    9. 9. Broadcast narrated slide presentations event_id
    10. 10. Viewable on both desktop and mobile
    11. 11. Leverage in-person audience
    12. 12. Pricing Platform: •is free, if created content is free •takes commission if you sell content Services (optional): •on-site help •providing iOS devices
    13. 13. Take advantage of online opportunities