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  • 1. UBI Turn any surface into a customer interaction experience Confidential – Do not circulate
  • 2. UBI @ Kaya skin clinic Value proposition for Kaya Skin Clinic and Potential Applications
  • 3. Current Process @ Kaya Person at the counter takes all details He/she talks about the details on whom to contact, gives them an appointment time etc. He/she clarifies any specific issues customer may have
  • 4. Current state of Kaya Customer dissatisfaction in certain cases.
  • 5. Online forums on Kaya
  • 6. Perceptions Online Perceived quality of people: poor Treatment seen as unfruitful. “Over-commit, under-deliver”
  • 7. Desired State for Kaya Customer trusts the quality of service and is assured of a good service. Build reliability, assurance, empathy, responsiveness and tangibles
  • 8. Desired State for Kaya Build this through “assisted self-service” while visiting the clinic UBI ideal for this purpose
  • 9. UBI @ Kaya skin clinic Enhance Improve customer Kaya’s experience Automate online services forum responses Up sell and cross sell Data UBI services analytics and products Use Kaya’s Spread captive audience UBI customer delight
  • 10. Stages of customer interaction in a clinic
  • 11. Customer Stage Registration
  • 12. Registration Self registration at centre Search for information on treatments Effective communication UBI can be deployed on the counter through multimedia or on wall
  • 13. Registration applications Self registration Customer has to come to the counter to register her current appointment with the doctor. If counter is busy he/she will have to wait. Process maintained by people on the ground. With UBI, customers with prior appointments can come in and show his/her Kaya card in front of UBI to register their current appointment.
  • 14. Basic Selling Helps basic selling of kaya services to casual customer Receptionists are not trained to answer all customer queries. Even casual customers are directed to the doctor Customers will be able to quickly learn about Kaya's basic services using UBI's interactive application.
  • 15. Sell Better Up sell and cross sell Kaya services Existing solution Doctor relies upon Brochures /Pamphlets Proposed solution Multi-media presentation can be used Content can be filtered to the customer’s needs Published data / reports can be presented to set the expectations right in the customer.
  • 16. Customer Stage Waiting
  • 17. Waiting UBI can be integrated over existing infrastructure
  • 18. Waiting Applications Enhancing customer experience “Customer will have to rely on personal entertainment / magazines placed on the table” Proposed solution “Kaya channel” A set of interactive services for infotainment
  • 19. Kaya channel Kaya Play Augmented reality applications using UBI’s inbuilt camera. Users may try on new hair styles, colors, Virtual mehendi etc. Kaya Expert Read articles/videos posted by Kaya’s doctors in their blogs Kaya Read Read online versions of popular magazines
  • 20. Kaya Shout Kaya Shout – A set of services that will connect the user to social networks, online forums etc. These are a set of services for sharing information made available through Kaya channel. “Powered by Kayaclinic.com” - Users can post links of Kaya applications, magazine/ blog articles to their social networks. “Helps capitalize on a captive audience. Information relevant to the customer/location can be shared.”
  • 21. Kaya Club Customers can chat with other clients/doctors while free. Events/themes/messages subscribed by Kaya and its people can be propagated. Special offers for Kaya privileged members/ co- branded products can be promoted here Customers can seek anonymity while discussing with doctors remotely. Helps eliminate bias.
  • 22. Customer Stage Leaving Clinic
  • 23. Leaving Clinic UBI can be integrated over existing infrastructure
  • 24. Feedback Data Analytics Records and classifies user searches and customer communication for later research Existing solution: Data collection is done through feedback forms, personal interviews, sales data etc. With UBI Increases the number of data points Helps digitise and analyse content quickly React based on customer responses dynamically “Knowledge management on user responses, enquiries can help map requirements/ expectations better”
  • 25. Kaya Shout Spread customer delight New customers typically refer to online public forums for advice Too many negative responses about core service. Ex: Only 20% of mouthshut.com forum users recommend the service at Kaya Bangalore. Good vs Bad : The bad experiences reach the forums. The good ones don’t !! Using Kaya Shout, feedback forms on UBI can be directly connected to public forums through tie ups with online forums ( ex: mouthshut.com). Note: Kaya has a mouthshut.com corporate account
  • 26. Kaya’s forum response Improving corporate response Current situation: Kaya’s helpdesk issues a standard response to each negative post. The thread is always incomplete. The person who posts the negative feedback never responds to Kaya’s corporate response. Sensitivity of staff on publicly available information is increased with increase in activity Improve online customer feedback threads by engaging staff who are involved in the interaction Post-mortem analysis / decisions can be quicker and improved using information from data analytics.
  • 27. UBI – Customer engagement Solution UBI brings in “self-help” to distribute tasks Brings a standards-based approach to interaction Helps people address concerns without bias. Helps record immediate feedback: most valuable Helps engage people for longer duration. Creates transparency and builds trust. Helps give a personalized touch.