2012 sep09   Becoming Better and Communication Skills - Tirupathi Presentation - Please download and View to appreciate better the animation aspects
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2012 sep09 Becoming Better and Communication Skills - Tirupathi Presentation - Please download and View to appreciate better the animation aspects



A favourite presentation of mine, slightly revised, and now presented at the IMPACT Programme, being jointly organized by Sri Venkateshwara University and SV Veterinary University, Tirupathi, on ...

A favourite presentation of mine, slightly revised, and now presented at the IMPACT Programme, being jointly organized by Sri Venkateshwara University and SV Veterinary University, Tirupathi, on Sunday, the 9th September 2012 - sponsored by Suvarnabhoomi.



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  • Mikael
  • September 7, 2012 Viswam - 2011
  • September 7, 2012 Viswam - 2011
  • September 7, 2012 Viswam - 2011
  • Please forgive me

2012 sep09   Becoming Better and Communication Skills - Tirupathi Presentation - Please download and View to appreciate better the animation aspects 2012 sep09 Becoming Better and Communication Skills - Tirupathi Presentation - Please download and View to appreciate better the animation aspects Presentation Transcript

  • A humble presentation at the lotus feet of the Lord of the Seven Hills OM NAMHO VENKATESHAYA Prof. V. Viswanadham
  • Welcome IMPACT Programme onPersonality Development and Soft Skills Jointly organized bySri Venkateshwara University andSV University of Veternery Science Sponsored by SUVARNABHOOMI Swaghatham – Subha Swaghatam
  • Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya From Darkness towards LIGHTSeptember 7, 2012 3 View slide
  • We are ourTHOUGHTS View slide
  • We are ourQuestions
  • Tune Your MIND
  • Communication Skills and BECOMING BETTERSeptember 7, 2012 8
  • Careful Observation Concentration Leads to Clarity Communication 9 Cs ComparisonThe Competition Creativity Commitment Continuous Improvement
  • The purpose of LIFE is to live a LIFE of PURPOSE ADD Value Improving Communication Skills helps you to ADDSeptember 7, 2012 Value 10
  • Intellectual SkillsCommunication Interaction Skills Skills
  • What are the most common ways we communicate? s a ge l ImSpo ua ken s Wor Vi d Bo d dy or La W ng en ua tt ge ri W
  • Can we ever remain withoutCOMMUNICATING ?
  • If we are constantly COMMUNICATING ~ How effective are wein our communication ?
  • Is communication important in our life ?
  • What is LIFE ?What is the purpose of Life ?
  • L = T Z + XY +W A +W + K +SEntry Time Exit Time between Birth and DeathTime Time Death Death Birth Birth Life
  • Thinking is forLEARNING Learning is for Thinking
  • All Thinking and Learning is forIMPROVING
  • Aim and shoot ?orShoot and Aim ?
  • So, Think and speak ? Or, Speak and Think ?September 7, 2012 27
  • Think > listen > talk September 7, 2012 29
  • Learn toLive in the present
  • The future belongs to thoseWho believe in the beauty of their dreams
  • Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.
  • Communication Goals To change behavior To get and give To get action Information To persuade To ensure understandingSeptember 7, 2012 33
  • Why is communication important ?• Inspires confidence• Builds respect• Helps make friends• Reveals your ability to others• Develops a distinct personalitySeptember 7, 2012 34
  • September 7, 2012 35
  • We need to Most common ways toimprove our communicatecommunication... 70 % of our mag es lI isua communication efforts are: Speakin g V 70% misunderstood misinterpreted rejected Bod y La n gua Writing ge distorted or not heard September 7, 2012 36
  • September 7, 2012 38
  • September 7, 2012 39
  • people are influenced,problems are solved,changes are facilitated,excellent relationships are developed,desired results are achieved, andsuccess is ensured. September 7, 2012 41
  • playsa vital rolein discoveringourselves &the worldaround us September 7, 2012 42
  • The quality of your life is the quality of your communication ~ both with yourself & othersSeptember 7, 2012 43
  • is not just getting the message across but its acceptance from its intended receivers which causes the expected behaviour from the receivers of the messageonly then, the receivers will be willing to convert the communication into actionSeptember 7, 2012 44
  • listen to, observe & interpret all forms of language is essential for effective communicationSeptember 7, 2012 45
  • Love is so caring… COMMUNICATION INCLUDES BODY LANGUAGE, TONALITY OF VOICE & THE WORDS YOU USE. 55% + 38% + 7% = September 7, 2012 46
  • Observe the body language
  • September 7, 2012 48
  • September 7, 2012 49
  • September 7, 2012 50
  • Communication, to be effective, must touch the heart.
  • Please write a letter to yourselfabout your communication skills
  • Strongest muscle in your body The strongest muscle in your body is your tongue. USE IT EFFECTIVELY. - It takes the interaction of 72 different muscles to produce human speech.September 7, 2012 53
  • Take responsibility for every stage of the Communication Cycle: What is intended – What is spoken – What is heard – How it is understood – What is agreed to – What is acted on – How it is actually implemented – What results were really obtained. Be aware of where you or others tend to fall off the cycle.September 7, 2012 54
  • Common Communication Errors• Interrupting to complete others’ sentences• Preparing our response before someone has completed speaking• Multitasking while ‘listening’• Filtering content or meaning based on our opinion / prejudice September 7, 2012 55 about the speaker
  • The 7 Cs ofEffective Communication
  • 7 C’s of Effective Communication1 of 7 Completeness Provide all necessary information Answer all questions asked Give something extra when desirable
  • 7 C’s of Effective Communication2 of 7 Conciseness Eliminate wordy expressions Include only relevant material Avoid unnecessary repetition
  • 7 C’s of Effective Communication3 of 7 Consideration Focus on “You” instead of “I” or “We” Show audience benefit or interest in the receiver Emphasize positive & pleasant facts
  • 7 C’s of Effective Communication4 of 7 Concreteness Use specific facts & figures Put action into your verbs Choose vivid, image building-words
  • 7 C’s of Effective Communication5 of 7 Clarity Choose precise, concrete & familiar words Construct effective sentences & paragraphs
  • 7 C’s of Effective Communication6 of 7 Courtesy Be tactful, thoughtful & appreciative Use expressions that show respect Chose non-discriminatory expressions
  • 7 C’s of Effective Communication7 of 7 Correctness Use the right level of language Check accuracy of figures, facts & words Maintain acceptable writing mechanics
  • ENATA ~ Principleof CommunicationIs what you want to sayEffective,Necessary,Accurate,Timely, andAppropriate ?
  • You are your Thoughts … Choices … Decisions …
  • W. A. T. C. H.W = WORDSA = ACTIONST = THOUGHTSC = CHARACTERH = HEAD & HEARTSeptember 7, 2012 67
  • Move out of the COMFORT ZONE
  • Break theBoundaries… Leave your comfort zone …. Enter the Challenge Zone
  • 1. Make sure that body language, your words & tonality are congruent – [ aligned and sending the same message ]
  • 2. Maintaining eye contact – [ expression of your interest ]
  • 3. Improve your voice culture – [ make it interesting ]
  • 4. Be positive, precise and clear – [ ~ “don’t forget to complete the work by tomorrow.” ] [ ~ “please remember to complete the work by tomorrow.” ]
  • 5. Good listening supplies the building blocks of good understanding and good communication skills ~ listening is an active process involving : ears – for verbal communication eyes – for non-verbal communication body – for gestures
  • 6. Well-timed pauses give time for explanation, evaluation & development of thought ~ facial expressions reveal the difference between a pregnant pause and an embarrassed silence
  • 7. Summarising is an essential skill which takes stock of the main points covered
  • 8. Empathize with the receiver of the message ~ put yourself in the other person’s position, understand the other person’s perspective and then proceed to interact
  • 9. Communication must appeal to both mind and heart ~ appealing to mind requires facts, evidence and logic ~ appealing to the heart, more difficult, requires ‘touching the soul’ - based on mutually respected values
  • 10. Keep the communication simple ~ say it in simple sentences, with no twists and turns ‘communicate to express but not to impress’
  • 11. Tell it and tell it again, if necessary ~ tell the point once – then come back and hit it again, and again.
  • 12. Communicate with confidence ~ communication exposes your inner thoughts, feelings and sentiments. your confidence, or the lack of it, is getting transparently revealed.
  • 13. Practice the art of communicating on paper ~ thinking on paper & saying on paper
  • 14. Communication is irreversible ~ communication cannot be reversed [ reversible processes – water and ice irreversible processes – milk and coffee ] Only minimizing the hurt feelings is possible, but the damage has already been done. [ ~ forgive but not forget ] Be highly careful, thoughtful and purposeful
  • 15. Communication is more a people process than a language process ~ communication is a series of actions and reactions communication influences our own and that of others’ behaviour communication reflects the true personality of an individual
  • 16. Communication can always be improved ~ practice, more practice and much more practice
  • 17. Communication and feedback ~ feedback ensures that message has been received in the manner, that was originally intended
  • 18. Receiving feedback about Communication Asking others for honest feedback about the way you communicate – both positive and negative aspects - can be very helpful.
  • 19. Communication and clarity
  • 20. Communication and commitment
  • 21. Communication and character
  • 22. Communication and Continuous improvementImproving your communication skills is a process and cannot be accomplished overnight.Identify and then choose one or two traits – at a time – and now work on those over a period of time.
  • 23. Communication and Facial expressions Facial expressions communicate the intentions more effectively – note that there are 80 muscles in the face, capable of more than 7,000 expressions.
  • Be Determined to improve your communication skills. Become aware of your own styles, observe others carefully, and launch a committed programme to im pro ve Your communication skills.94 September 7, 2012 94 Kerala
  • CommittedPRACTICE 95 Kerala
  • How can wefurther improve ourcommunication skills ?
  • 24 Hours X 60 Minutes = 1440 Minutes AT LEAST 1 % OF OUR TIME TO BE INVESTED IN GOOD READING SO AS TO PREPARE OURSELVES FOR THE FUTURESeptember 7, 2012 Sadgrandha Patanam 98
  • Sajjana Sangathyam
  • Small Groups Constant Practice Honest FeedbackContinuous Improvement
  • Listen toSep 7, 2012 soft and soothing music Sangeetham 102
  • 103 September 7, 2012 103 Kerala
  • When do you want to begin ? Now is the time to start104 September 7, 2012 104 Kerala
  • A burning desire to become better
  • No In fe rio rit yC om pl ex
  • Developing a fine personality01. Clarity of goals and purpose in life02. Doing beyond expectation03. Continuous Learning [ including learning from failures ]04. Being enthusiastic and taking initiative05. Character How about06. Self discipline including Time Management ?07. Positive mental attitude08. Managing self and managing teams09. Sound physical and mental health10. Team work and developing Leadership qualities11. Honest and Hard working (including smart work)12. Growing in one’s knowledge and skills
  • September 7, 2012 111
  • Learn toLearn
  • Learn to Live Together
  • Learn to Help Ever Hurt Never
  • Learn to Be Dignified
  • Learn to play chess
  • Go the extra mile …That’s what all winners do
  • Learn toGrthrough ow l i f e.[ Don’t merely go through life ]
  • Multi Tasking
  • Learn to r ve s e Ob
  • Develop the Positives • Taking initiative • Spontaneity • Readiness • Self-discipline • Self-control • Exercising one’s discretion • To be more creative and innovative• To be more kind and compassionate
  • Being open to … almost everything. Open towards feedback, negative comments, new technology, …Be Open minded Only with an open mind, in the broadest sense of the word, you can survive
  • Have Drive& PassionEnergy, Energy, Energy!A positive andenergitic attitudeis what it takesto drive change.
  • p p y H a BeBe happy andbe positive.Find happiness inmaking otherpeople happy.
  • Just think it over - - - - -WhatYOU canDo with whatGOD has givento you!
  • Yoga,Pranayama & Dhyana tokeep going G… and GR OW I N
  • Please Don’t forget the most important thingPOSITIVE ATTITUDESurely, you would remember SELF - DISCIPLINE
  • .
  • Attitude is everything….
  • Attitude is everything….
  • Success is not accidental, it is a choice.
  • Change is the only constant thing. Be ready to change.
  • Attitude is everything….• .
  • Thought--- Feeling--- Action--- Results---
  • We cannot all do great things, but we can do small thingswith great love. Mother Theresa
  • Always look for the positive.
  • Inspire yourself
  • Think like a Man of Action t t bes ly nes uous r ho ntin you it co G ive ve pro an d im Act like a Man of ThoughtSeptember 7, 2012 140
  • Achievement Orientation Be Happy and Enthusiastic Be Creative and Constructive Develop Competencies Discipline and Determination Exercise DailyHow to Eat HealthyBecome Learn to Live - Relax Better Love to Live Read More Review regularly Self-management Skills Stay Strong Think Positively Work Hard; Work Smart Worry Less
  • 3 P’s to rememberHow toBecome A sense of Purpose Better A sense of Proportion A sense of Propriety
  • A Small Step can makeA big difference
  • Please Put Something into practiceSeptember 7, 2012 144
  • Deshamunu Preminchumanna Manchiannadi Penchumanna Vottimatalu Kattipettoy Gattimel TalapettavoyLove your MotherlandDo your bit to increase the GoodStop the habit of merely talkingContemplate on doing real Good
  • Please visit: www.archive.org and search for POOLABATA to read f r e e l y 5 publications in Telugu and 2 publications in English relating to Personality DevelopmentAlso, search for Deshamunu Preminchumanna for a small booklet in Telugu
  • For the sake of record As on 5th Sep 2012Prof. V. Viswanadham has uploaded live recordingsof more than 750 of his speeches to www.archive.org.‘Communication Skills’ - was downloaded, 4,848times.More than 200 Power Point Presentations, [ slides ]can be freely viewed at: www.scribd.comSo far, 1,37,951 have viewed.www.slideshare.net/viswanadham -One of the presentations, titled Communication Skills, wasviewed 14,067 times, & downloaded 1,822 times.Thank you dear friends for helping me to reach many more. Sep 7, 2012 Viswam-2009 149
  • In case YOU liked this speech and presentation ~ for listening to more speeches and for viewing more presentations, Please Visit: Visit: http:// www.archive.org and Search for Prof. V. Viswanadham ~ please download and then kindly listen.September 7, 2012 150
  • In case YOU likedthis presentation~ for viewing more presentations,on various topics,Please Visit: Please visit : www.scribd.com and search for Viswam.vangapally4581 and / or www.slideshare.net/viswanadhamIn case YOU want to givesome feedback / contact me : Prof. V. Viswanadhamviswam.vangapally@gmail.com~ [040 – 2722 3383] September 7, 2012 151
  • In case you want a copy of this presentation : Please drop a line to :viswam.vangapally@gmail.com Please feel free and use my power point presentations in any manner you like.
  • September 7, 2012 153