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20090704 Human Psy [Mind Mgt.] Vihe Rkm 67s



Human Psychology is a very interesting and very useful subject. ...

Human Psychology is a very interesting and very useful subject.
While learning on one’s own is important, it would be better if someone else motivates you to get interested so that you take further initiative to read a little more, to observe little more carefully and become better in your ability to understand yourself better, and understand the people and the world around. Though I am not an expert in this area, my keen interest and the advantage of having moved with the students and youth for such a long time, I took the initiative to talk about this topic. The main objective is to motivate the people to get interested, in knowing why people behave the way do, how to understand oneself better, and how to attempt to understand others. As a part of the One week programme, on Mind Management Techniques, one hour presentations, in English and Telugu, sometimes simultaneously using both languages have been made to the participants at Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad, India. You would enjoy better if you can simultaneously view the power point presentation available at www.scribd.com [please search for Viswam.vangapally4581].
In case you are viewing the power point presentation, the live recording of the speech, mainly in English, can be listened to, by visiting www.archive.org [please search for Prof. V. Viswanadham].



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    20090704    Human Psy   [Mind Mgt.]   Vihe   Rkm   67s 20090704 Human Psy [Mind Mgt.] Vihe Rkm 67s Presentation Transcript

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    • WHY PEOPLE BEHAVE THE 4, 2009 THEY DO ? July WAY 15
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    • "Every man can, if he so desires, become the sculptor of his own brain" July 4, 2009 60
    • A big component of our lifelong brain health and development depends on what we do with our brains. Our own actions, not only our genes, influence our lives to a large extent. Genes predispose us, not determine our fates. July 4, 2009 61
    • Exercising our brains systematically is as important as exercising our bodies July 4, 2009 62
    • Learning is critical at all ages, not only in the school environment. We have brains precisely in order to be able to learn, to adapt to new environments. This is essential throughout life, not just in school. We now know that every brain can change, at any age. There is really no upper limit on learning since the brain neurons seem to be capable of growing new connections whenever they are used repeatedly. July 4, 2009 63
    • I think all of us need to develop the capacity to self-motivate ourselves. One way to do that is to search for those meaningful contact points and bridges, between what we want to learn and what we already know. When we do so, we are cultivating our own neuronal networks. We become our own gardeners. July 4, 2009 64
    • "Use It or Lose It". “Use It and Get More of It” July 4, 2009 65
    • In case YOU liked this speech and presentation ~ for listening to more speeches and for viewing more presentations, Please Visit: www.archive.org Visit: http:// and please search for Prof. V. Viswanadham July 4, 2009 66
    • In case YOU liked this presentation ~ for viewing more presentations, on various topics, Please Visit: Please visit : www.scribd.com and search for Viswam.vangapally4581 and / or www.slideshare.net/viswanadham In case YOU want to give some feedback / contact me : Viswam.vangapally@gmail.com Prof. V. Viswanadham ~ [040 – 2722 3383 July 4, 2009 67