A Guide To Office Based Audio Visual Solutions


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Visual Synergy share their expertise on audio visual solutions for offices.

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A Guide To Office Based Audio Visual Solutions

  1. 1. Presented by A Guide To Audio Visual Solutions
  2. 2. What are Audio Visual Solutions? Audio visual solutions are advanced devices which allow seamless communications between different technologies. The digital age of today means that technology is no longer just a nice addition to your business, but is a necessity in order to run effectively.
  3. 3. Audio visual equipment is up-to-the-minute and designed to be user-friendly. It will enhance the opportunities for building excellent presentations, but will also provide the ideal experience for your audience. Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo What are Audio Visual Solutions?
  4. 4. How will audio visual technology help your business? 1. It will cut the costs of travelling, as you will no longer need to commute to meetings. Instead you will be able to communicate with stakeholders and clients from your own conference room.
  5. 5. 2. It will save time – no longer will meetings be moved around so that everyone can meet at the same time face to face. 3. It will impress those that need to be blown away by your business. By having the most up-to-date technologies, your business will be seen as forward thinking. How will audio visual technology help your business?
  6. 6. Now let’s take a look at the different services on offer and what they can do for you…
  7. 7. Touch screen technology has now become a standard for mobile phones, tablets and is fast becoming standard for laptops too. However, in the business world, touch screen technology can vastly improve how you work, learn and train. Interactive Technologies Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo
  8. 8. Interactive Technologies With SMART Interactive Whiteboards you can access and control information from your computer in a meeting room just by touching the whiteboard’s surface. Navigate as you would with a computer mouse by using your fingertips, and write or draw over any file or website – then save your notes and images to be sent to colleagues or clients. Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo
  9. 9. Video conferencing Whether your business has multiple offices or clients the world over, video conferencing eliminates the costs and hassles of bringing all participants of a meeting to the same location.
  10. 10. Video conferencing will also assist in your effort of creating a paperless office, as you are able to display all relevant information or paperwork on the screen, increasing the interactivity of meetings as well as saving time in ensuring all participants have the required information with them. Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo Video conferencing
  11. 11. A green company is a clean company. The reduction of your carbon footprint has become increasingly important, and video conferencing goes a long way to keep carbon omissions down, as well as saving your business significant amounts of money. Video conferencing Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo
  12. 12. Digital Signage You want your business to be making a good impression to all staff and visitors from the minute they step into your office building. Digital signage will make your offices look highly professional, and allows you to display up-to-date multi-media messages. Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo
  13. 13. Improve your reception or group areas with a screen which is branded with your logo, and displays the latest news in your organisation as well as video and website pages that promote your business exactly how you want. Digital Signage
  14. 14. Mobile Solutions If your requirements for audio visual equipment are ad-hoc, and needed in multiple environments then it’s no good to have it integrated into one space. Mobile solutions provide an answer to this common office problem. Multi-media carts allow you to move your devices from room to room. This could be simple mobilised devices, or even custom designed furniture that blends into your office environment and is highly portable. Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo
  15. 15. Bespoke Furniture Having the newest technologies is all well and good, but you want them to appear ‘part of the furniture’ in your meeting rooms. Bespoke furniture designs will achieve this – from custom built units to speakers being integrated into chairs.
  16. 16. Lots of equipment in one room evokes an image of mountains of tangled wires. With bespoke furniture these wires can be hidden away in the design of its unit, ensuring that your meeting room looks tidy and professional. Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo Bespoke Furniture
  17. 17. Room Design An important factor to consider when installing audio visual equipment is the design of the room it’s going in. Simplistic furnishings and finishes will ensure that video conferences and interactive presentations are a breeze. You will also want any display screens to be easily seen from any seat in the room, and for the audio to be heard clearly as well.
  18. 18. Want to find out more? Visual Synergy specialise in corporate audio visual integration, designing bespoke furnishings to suit your office environment and requirements. Our experts are able offer advice on the best equipment for your needs, helping you every step of the way. Why not get in touch with us to discuss your audio visual requirements today. 01296 397739 info@visualsynergy.co.uk