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Visual Planning Timesheets & HR Management Project Management

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EN - Visual Planning Timesheets

  1. 1. Visual . Planning Timesheets & HR Management Project Management
  2. 2. Easily manage your resources... Visual Planning is an unique software that gives you the possibility to schedule and plan tasks quickly and easily. But not only that. It also enables yu to define each part of your company process and allows you to mirror it with different views and features. Unique interface to manipulate and List of employees with customizable Filters help you visualizing Switch information fields to manage your HR the information you need, Project repository easily. when you need it. Projects displayed as icons with a Metrics updated customizable set of parameters to always network to be be in line with your internal processes. current trend.
  3. 3. ...Track your projects efficiently Tasks efficiency and resources optimization can be managed easily through a user-friendly interface, while delivering powerful and cost-efficient outputs. access information in one single click. from a view to another: HR, Activities planned on a customizable Management, Timesheets,... calendar. Drag and drop Icons and colors to create a new event in real-time on your Type of Activities represented as always aware of the colors improve the readibility of your plannings.
  4. 4. Timesheets Management SPEND MORE TIME ACTUALLY MANAGING YOUR EMPLOYEES Employees report to the company on their performed activities. Save employees productive time by making the reporting activity more efficient! Visual Planning’s unique and user-friendly interface makes it really quick and easy to perform this task. CLEAR INFORMATION TO TAKE THE PROPER DECISION Time and activity management is an important part of a company’s strategy. We at Visual Planning understood it well, and it is why our solution has been designed to capture key information and enables you to view accurate information on your timesheets. It provides a clear view of what tasks your employees are performing at any given point in time. NO MORE SPREADSHEETS, JUST DRAG & DROP! Get rid of the outdated system of using spreadsheets to track employee tasks. Visual Planning’s drag & drop feature allows you to save valuable productive time for your employees and increase overall productivity and efficiency. Pick a project, a task and simply drag and drop it in the planner. The icon is automatically created. Simply drag it in order to set the correct duration time. Same process to qualify your activity: pick a color and drag and drop it on the duration bar. You can update your activities in a few clicks and share them automatically in real-time over your network.
  5. 5. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR EMPLOYEES ACTIVITIES IN REAL TIME Control columns help in monitoring number of hours worked per day or monthly cost for each of the employees for example. Customized colours highlight figures if they are or not in line with company‘s policy or targets. CUSTOM REPORTS IN A FEW CLICKS Visual Planning’s powerful Reporting Wizard allows you to process all information gathered in the database, to use the data more effectively and to extract consolidated reports. CONSISTENCY IN DATA Reporting becomes an automated task, producing consistent formats and sets of data over time. Plan your weekly, monthly, quarterly metrics and reports in advance. With a single click you can update the data with the latest trends and information entered in the system. KEY INDICATORS TO SUCCESS. Productivity, efficiency and performance are the key indicators to measure success in business. You can easily generate customized reports from the consolidated data through the Event Reports Wizard. Your Monday morning meeting reporting will be done in a few minutes! VP’s customized solutions drive your business towards greater productivity and efficiency, saving time on performing repetitive tasks. “ We manage more than 2,500 users spread over 100 different sites. We selected Visual Planning for its user-friendly interface and its attracting pricing. It was deployed in a few minutes,[...] we can now validate our estimations and follow up accurately the time spent on projects. - Marc Lerich, IT Director, Air Liquide
  6. 6. Project Management INCREASED VISIBILITY ACROSS MULTIPLE PROJECTS You can globally track your projects across departments and offices or even around the globe with greater efficiency. Filters make it easy to focus on a specific task or resource or type of activity. You can therefore track projects across several departments or across different offices situated in different parts of the world accurately. Similarly you can also track activity across different teams or departments and use the data to make effective strategic decisions and allocate your resources efficiently across multiple projects. Customizable metrics are also updated in real-time to help you track your costs and timings for example. EFFICIENCY IN SHARING INFORMATION Every user on the network can access and view his own tasks and responsabilities that are planned for himself. Past information used for incentives and history purposes can also be shared. Employees can view their assignments, team leaders can assign tasks to their team members and validate their entries, department managers can update the trainings for their leaders or check their targets for next semester etc... YOUR METRICS ALWAYS UPDATED Metrics are an important part of Project Management. VP allows you to have your own and you will now be able to have your own set of customized metrics updated in realtime whenever a modification is made in the planning. You will be able to track resource utilization and also monitor cost, compare it to a specific budget and control the number of hours spent on a specific task. With the ability to manage your productivity, efficiency and performance you are ready to maximize your profitability! Manage customer satisfaction using VP to set up specific controls. You will receive alerts whenever a critical boundary is reached.
  7. 7. HR Management MAXIMISE YOUR HUMAN RESOURCES Now your HR database becomes even more dynamic! You can visualize all employee holidays requests, approve or reject them just by dragging and dropping the appropriate color. You can easily manage employee leave and track employee turnover and headcounts. These metrics can be consolidated in customized reports in just a few clicks. EFFECTIVE HIRING AND COMPETENCY MANAGEMENT Make your hiring process and manage employee competencies more effectively! VP simplifies the process of skill deployment within the organization. You can compare skills requested to the availability in the company with ease. This enables you to plan your hiring better and manage all your competencies within one unique tool. IMPROVED STRATEGY THROUGH EFFECTIVE REPORTING The Employee Turnover and Headcount Reports are among a few examples of what you can generate out of Visual Planning and export to MS Excel at any given point of time. This enables you to make impressive charts conducive for effective management decision making. You can customize as many reports that you need to make key strategic decisions that will improve the overall efficiency and performance of employees within the organization. “ We are using Visual Planning on a daily basis so as to plan the workload of our company and quantify our different activities. Our managers and agents appreciate Visual Planning for its interface, user-friendliness (colors, icons, drag and drop) and its multiple possibilities (favorite displays, filters). - Claude Hebert, France Telecom
  8. 8. A flexible solution to plan your business Visual Planning is a flexible planning solution Philips, United Nations, Fujitsu, Areva, Toyota developed by Stilog I.S.T. It is widely as well as SMEs worldwide. parameterizable and is extensively used in Stilog is headquartered in Paris, France, with the fields of Project Management as well as a subsidiary in India covering the South Asian Construction Management passing by HR and market as well as part of Middle East. Since Production optimization. 1995 specific services have been developed Our clients include Siemens, Bouygues around Visual Planning in order to help you Construction, Honeywell, Deloitte, Ernst & deploy and optimize the solution for each Young, Total, Johnson Controls, Dunlop, company, including audit, training and support. www.stilogindia.com Copyright and Trademarks: © 2009 Visual Planning. . VP All rights reserved. All product names and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.