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Zoe Girl By

  1. 1.  when Janet first came to America from Haiti. She was 15 years old, when you came along with her little brother kervens who was only 13 years old. Her mother was already in the USA .She had immigrated two years earlier, and now lives in Miami. The idea to come to the USA was exciting for Janet Not only had she missed her mother she also wanted to know what America was really looking like. she couldn’t help to imagine a new life will start from now on. Since the United States is one of the richest country in the world, and it is also good for education. she always thought of coming here one day
  2. 2.  She was a short lady. She was a hard working woman , now living on disability She had a crippled leg with Janet and her brothers name tattooed on it. When the kids was in Haiti she called them to inform them that she got into a car accident in Miami while she was on her way to work. She also sent them a picture of her foot with those names tattooed on it. She said the reason why she tattooed their names on her leg its because they are the ones who shes working for
  3. 3.  Kervens is Janet brother he started hanging out with the wrong crowd and peer pressure cause him to start smoking marijuana instead of focusing in school and get his education. He don’t listen to no one not even his step dad Bob.
  4. 4.  He’s the mom boyfriend, Janet and Bob didnt get along well. There were some stuffs she didnt like about him. He acted like he was her father. When she’s in the bathroom taking a shower, he would get inside without her permission to shave. She didnt know his roll in the house because he did not sleep in the house. She only saw him once in a while. But mom said he helped contribute in her and her brothers arrival and we should show him some respect.
  5. 5.  first thing in the morning, mom got us enroll into a school. My brother kervens went to middle school and I was in a public high school in the neighborhood .School was like learning to talk again because I didnt speak English. In class whatever the teacher did or say during the course went black to me. I didnt catch anything. It was not easy for me to make new friends either. Every morning I left home to school with anxiety wandering why any student in my class didn’t approach me to make friends. Is that because I dont speak their language? I would always ask myself all the time. I remember one day I woke up early in the morning at dawn. That day, I left home to school early, without even taking breakfast. I just took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and got ready for school. I was wearing a red T-shirt with a turtle neck, a blue jumper with some white sneakers.
  6. 6.  I had two braids on each side on my head. When I do my hair like that my brother usually say that they look like I have two horns. I was sitting alone at the school yard. I was the first one to arrive at the school. After me was the security guard of the school. He told me something in a smile. I didnt understand but I pretended I enjoyed what he was saying, then I smiled back at him, and he left. I just stayed in a corner all by myself freezing. “I should have brought my jacket; I told myself, is thats what the security man was trying to tell me?" Later on, a group of four girls passed right in front of me. One of them said something and the whole group started laughing. Little by little more people started coming to fill the school yard. Some kids sat on their back packs and some talked with their friends. I saw the same group of girls making a line to go eat in the cafeteria and they were still laughing. One of the girls even had tears coming out her eyes while laughing and shes wiping it away, I wondered if I look that funny. I didn’t go anywhere I stay in the same place looking around while the kids were interacting with their friends.
  7. 7.  A moment later, the group of four girls came again and approached me. "Zoë girl, did you got off the boat ?" they shouted . Then they laughed out loud I only understood boat and I thought they said something wrong about it because they kept on laughing at me. Your momma, “I said . One of the girls got furious she was all in my face pointing at me .I could feel some drops of spit on my nose. " Take your toothbrush of my face" I said in creole while my legs are trembling under my blue jumper , I was thinking how to translate what I said in creole. Then something came to my mind . With my left hand I cover my nose and I throw my right hand from side to side like I smell something bad. The girls understand my gesture they all cried . "Oooohh! Zoegirl is fresh
  8. 8.  "David the football player, the irresistible one, the most popular boy in school, the one all the girls have a crush on." He was tall with dark skin complexion, wavy hair, hazel eyes and muscular built. Janet’s boyfriend.
  9. 9.  With the time, mom and I got used with the late comings of Kervens in the house. There was nothing we could do to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do in the house. Not even Bob since he was not his biological father, there was not much that he can do. One early morning, I remember the time 9 Oclock in the morning. It was a peaceful day, I curled up on the sofa eating a banana while watching one of my favorite show on TV. Kervens came sat next to me and changed the channel to B. E.T. I gently asked him to put it back on, but he ignored me. He pulled out a box of newports from his back pocket and started smoking cigarette in the house in front of mom and Bob. Mom got on her knees and begged him to stop while saying. " Kervens Dont do it, please! Its not good for your lungs. My brother didnt pronounce not one word to mom. The more she begged him to stop, the more he continued blowing smoke on the air. Bob was there observing the situation the entire time. He got up and said firmly. "Look, Im getting tired of your behavior in this house, How dare you treat you mother this way? cant you realized that shes suffering." Bob was in a different mood. Which meant he could do anything without control. " Youre not my dad." kervens said.
  10. 10.  Bob grabbed the remote from Kervens, he then turned off the TV and said nicely. " Its like if I was! Now go outside and finish doing what youre doing. When youre done you can come back." Kervens quickly got up in Bobs face and said. " They call me God father! Im not scare of anyone including you," he said while pointing to Bob face. With insolence, Kervens took his last blow on Bobs face and snatched the control away from him to put the TV back on again. Bob looked furious, Ive never seen that side of him before. Mom tried to calm Bob down to leave everything the way it is, but Bob didnt pay attention to any of that . He stood in front of Kervens staring at him with an angry face while my brother continued watching TV. Unexpectedly Bob made the decission to unplug the TV while Kervens was watching contently. Kervens got angry at Bob, he dropped himself on Bob and started fighting him. I tried to stop Kervens from fighting Bob by smashing the banana I was eating all over his head. But all that was in vain. Kervens locked Bobs head under his armpit. Bob fought teeth and nails to try to get his head out but he couldnt. Mom and I started screaming while saying " Kervens stop, youre going to kill him stop!"
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