Rules of reiki


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Rules of reiki

  1. 1. Rules of reiki In the practice of Reiki, we have to avoid certainattitudes when we heal. This helps us to produce a powerfulhealing with our mind channelled in the right way. Whilegiving Reiki, we must remember these things well. These are as follows: DON’T CONSIDER YOURSELF AS A DOCTOR. DON’T GIVE REIKI; MAKE IT AVAILABLE. DON’T FORCE REIKI ON ANYONE. DON’T GIVE REIKI FOR FREE. DON’T BE ATTACHED TO THE RESULT.
  2. 2. Rules of reikiDON’T CONSIDER YOURSELF A DOCTOR. When you give Reiki, you are just a channel. Reiki has its own intelligence. It flows through you. Never feel that you are a doctor. A Reiki healer must be humble. Let Reiki heal the patient through you.
  3. 3. Rules of reikiDON’T GIVE REIKI; MAKE IT AVAILABLE. When you give Reiki, you make it available. Patient’s body receives necessary amount of Reiki. Patient heals himself with the Reiki he receives. Remember; you are not GIVING Reiki, the patient is RECEIVING. You make Reiki available to patient to heal himself.
  4. 4. Rules of reikiDON’T FORCE REIKI ON ANYONE. When someone doesn’t want Reiki, don’t force. When a person has said no, he will not receiveReiki even if you try to give. This is just as when a person has closed thedoor of his house, you cannot enter the house tillthe person opens the door. Similarly when one has said no, you may keepgiving Reiki and nothing will happen.
  5. 5. Rules of reiki At such times keep quiet. Know that the person has chosen the problemby himself so let him be with it! If you want to help someone but feel that hewon’t accept Reiki, don’t talk about it. Just give Reiki. If soul of the person is ready, he will receive it. But this can happen only when his consciousmind is neutral!
  6. 6. Rules of reikiDON’T GIVE REIKI FOR FREE. When you are giving anything, the circuit getscompleted only after you receive something inexchange. It is the same principle on which electricity flows. You must have seen two pins in the electric plug.One is for giving and the other is for receiving. So, unless and until you don’t receive anything inreturn of Reiki, the Reiki given will not work. This is the reason why this rule is made.
  7. 7. Rules of reikiDON’T BE ATTACHED TO THE RESULT. The law of cause and effect says that if rightcause is created, right result will automaticallybe created. We have the power to create the cause. The cause produces result! Do you know the principle of Karma stated inBhagwad-Gita?
  9. 9. Rules of reiki Many people interpret this as a theory that tellsyou to keep doing your work without expectingresult. But this is not so. It says that you have the power (adhikara) toproduce the action (karma), not the result (phala). Never try to create (heturbhu) the result (phala). At the same time, never refrain (ma te sangostu)from action (akarmani).
  10. 10. Rules of reiki This is the most practical explanation about causeand effect relation in nature. We have the power to create the cause that in turnwill produce the effect we want. We cannot produce the effect directly. But we must remember that if our cause is rightenough to produce the result, we are sure to get theresult in due course. So, we must let the cause produce the result & giveit necessary time.
  11. 11. Rules of reiki Law of cause says, if conclusion iswrong, check the premises! If the premises are right, conclusionhas to be right. You don’t have to expect it, desireit, want it. It is inevitable and will come to you evenif you don’t expect desire, want or thinkabout it!
  12. 12. Rules of reiki This is how we can see that actually, rules ofReiki are restrictions for healer to remember. When a Reiki healer remembers these ruleswhile healing, he becomes a good healer. Also, with these rules, a healer is kept awayfrom developing false Ego of doing something. A Reiki healer can keep away from making tallfalse claims if he uses these rules well.