my fabb's presentation about new castle upon tyne


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my fabb's presentation about new castle upon tyne

  1. 1. IntroductionNewcastle-Upon-Tyne began over 1800 years agoon northern bank of the River Tyne with thebuilding of a bridge across the river by TheRomans in reign of Emperor Hadrian, named PonsAelius.Between 1825 and 1840 there was a dramatictransformation brought about by Grainger andDobson ,the architect and Richard Grainger thebuilder.
  2. 2. Tyne Bridge Getting Build Tyne Bridge getting built.
  3. 3. Tyne BridgeThe Tyne Bridge was constructed in 1925-1928, it took them 3years to build it. Though it was opened in 1928, and won a placebecause of how much local people loved it.It is an icon and a symbol of Tyneside’s industrial past and itsrecent re-generation.Our city wouldn’t have been much popular and more exciting to seeif this would have been built.
  4. 4. The Sage The Sage Gateshead is centre for musical Education, performance and conference, Located in Gateshead on the south bank river Tyne. The centre occupies a curved glass and stainless steel building. The Sage is designed by Foster and Partners, Buro Happold (Structural Engineerings),Mott MacDonald (Building services) and Arup (Acoustics) ,with the views of Newcastle and The Gateshead Quaysides ,The Tyne Bridge and The Gateshead Millennium Bridge. The planning and construction costs over £70 million
  5. 5. Picture taken from Newcastle Picture taken from Gateshead and Tyne Bridge
  6. 6. The Sage Gateshead contains three performance spaces ;A 1700 – Seater,a 450-seater and a smaller rehearsal andperformance hall, The Northern Rock Foundation Hall.Structurally it is three separate buildings ,insulated fromeach other to prevent noise and vibration travelling betweenthem.
  7. 7. Theatre Royal Theatre Royal is a place where you can enjoy watching funny, emotional pantomimes. It was designed by John Dobson and Benjamin Green as a part of Richard Grainger. Followed by William Shakespeares play Macbeth, a huge, scorching fire destroyed there interior of the building in 1899. Its had it own interior redesigned by Frank Matcham.
  8. 8. Famous Person (Cheryl Cole)
  9. 9. More About Cheryl Cole When Cheryl was born her name wasn’t Cheryl Cole it was Cheryl Ann Tweedy. She was popular in her childhood because she did so many things to make her popular such as British gas advert, she won modelling competions, including the title of Boots Groups, bonniest baby. Even her name was in the Chronicle “Best looking girl in Newcastle”. She got suspended from school for swearing on the bus and again for fighting with another student in the school. After Leaving the school she got herself a job as a waitress.
  10. 10. videos of Cheryl Cole Cheryl Cole in British Gas Cheryl Cole Modellingadvert
  11. 11. The Angel Of North The construction began on a project in 1994 and cost £1 million but the majority of the project funding was provided by the National Lottery. The Angel Of The North has often been used in television and in films to represent Tyneside. In 1998 the fans of Newcastle United football team paid the payment to their local hero Alan Shearer. With a enormous team shirt over the Angel , finished with Shearer’s name and famous number 9.
  12. 12. The Angel Of The North
  13. 13. Why did I did it on the PowerPoint?I chose to do it on the PowerPoint becausethen I thought that when I’m showing youthis I can put videos in it as well.Moreover, so I can give you more informationabout it and make it more interesting byadding transitions and animations.
  14. 14. Thank You The only person that I want to thank today is my mam who helped me with it and today I wouldnt be here in England or this school without my mam who had seen really tough times just for me Also I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who are watching this.