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Global economy under crisis
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Global economy under crisis



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  • 1. Global economy under crisis
    John Smithson, Golden Funds Ltd.
    In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.
  • 2. PatutaMutata
    Crisis as an opportunity
    Global economy
    World Bank
    East Asia Economy
    Our Strategy
    Discussion: How to be More Effective Together
  • 3. Crisis as an opportunity
    Crisis as opportunity to address long-term challenges
    Economic diversification through a more competitive business
    Job creation
    Tackling inequality
    Ensuring fiscal sustainability. Double threat of declining
    revenues from commodity exports and SACU revenues may not last
  • 4. Global economy from boom to bust
    United States has been in recession since December 2007 Deepest global recession since WWII.
    Japan’s GDP dropped an unprecedented 13.7% in Q42008
    Germany’s GDP fell by 8% in Q42008.
    South Africa’s exports contracted 16% In January
    China’s exports fell 25% in Feb 2009
    Brazil’s GDP contracted 3.6% in the fourth quarter
  • 5. World Bank calls for aid boost
    The World Bank President called on donors to boost financial aid to developing nations which find themselves at the mercy of a crisis that “is not of their making”
    Empowering developing and emerging countries and economies is imperative
    Helping nations pursue economic development and long-term prosperity should be the goal of development finance.
  • 6. Commodities market
    Oil - $56.45 vs. recent high of $147.96
    Gold has been rather steady, around $850.
    Wheat fell back to $5 after visiting $18 in just less than 6 months!
    Alternative energy resource such as corn has lost its value
  • 7. East Asia Economy
    Saving our customers
  • 8. East Asian Economies
    Underlying regional political seem to strengthen the East Asian economies in the next phase of global economic recovery.
    The US has signed Treaty of Amity recently, paying the way for possible US’s participation at East Asia Summit (EAS).
    Except North Korea, all countries in the region are committed toprosperous and stable East Asia
  • 9. Thailand & Vietnam
    Notwithstanding of still unresolved political impasse, Thailand being at the hub of Greater Mekong sub-region, has strong economic fundamental and momentum to move forward.
    •Vietnam under its able and dynamic Prime Minister NguyễnTấnDũng will bring Vietnam to the next lap of strong economic growth.
  • 10. Our Strategy: Two Prong Approach
    Support Existing Economic Development Efforts & Organizations
    Lead Execution
    Proactively Promote NEO to Enhance Current Efforts
    Leverage Efforts
    Enhance Promotion
    Extend US Targets Globally
  • 11. Lead Execution Support
    Prominent Site Selection Consultants
    Larger projects, set the region’s reputation
    High opportunity industries
    Bio-medical (devices), Advanced Energy
    Minority Owned Businesses
    Teaming with NOMSDC, HBA
    Strong emphasis on in-region referrals
    Emerging: Proactive International Attraction
    Build the “Business Case” for the customer
  • 12. As hard as it is to admit, your belief could be one of the main reasons why you’re not earning your dream income.