Complete Loyalty Solution - Staying Ahead Of Your Competition!


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Complete Loyalty Solution - Staying Ahead Of Your Competition!

  1. 1. Complete Loyalty SolutionCustom mobile loyaltysolutions for businessesMobile. Web. Social. Messaging. Presenter Scott Vosper VP of Business Development Affordable Advertising Solutions, LLC Contact info: Email: Phone: 804-641-1659 Visit www.ILikeToSave.Net
  2. 2. Complete Loyalty SolutionWebinar Agenda 1. The Loyalty Market 2. Complete Loyalty Solution 3. Platform Demo 4. Cost & How to Get Started Visit www.ILikeToSave.Net
  3. 3. Complete Loyalty SolutionThe Market Old Fashion Loyalty - Paper Cards - No Analytics or tracking - Consumer participation low - No ongoing marketing reminders POS Loyalty - Convenient - Not on top of mind - No additional marketing channels - No customer messaging - Not customer interaction - Limit on programs Visit www.ILikeToSave.Net
  4. 4. Complete Loyalty SolutionThe Market (continued) Current Loyalty Apps - Businesses join a directory - Businesses have to promote the app - Not the businesses customer data - Communication to customers through app - Business is at the mercy of the app - NOT CUSTOM TO THE BUSINESS! New Customers VS Loyal Customers - Groupon, Living Social, Daily Deals & Coupons - Bargain shoppers - Very costly to the business - Low repeat business Visit www.ILikeToSave.Net
  5. 5. Complete Loyalty SolutionThe Complete Loyalty Solution Complete Solution - Mobile loyalty app - Loyalty web page - Social media integration – turn activity into posts - Customer notifications - Customer data capture Mobile Loyalty App - Custom for business - Consumer accounts - Multiple loyalty programs - Reward management and redemption - Locations & Click to Call - Integrate with existing mobile website or app - QR code for marketing - Messaging & email subscribe on sign-up Visit www.ILikeToSave.Net
  6. 6. Complete Loyalty SolutionThe Complete Loyalty Solution (continued) Loyalty Web Page - Branded with the business - Loyalty program sign-up - iPad friendly for displaying in store - Functional loyalty app preview - Integrate with existing website - Market on social media Customer Messaging - Easily send loyalty members messages - Current happy hours - Instant deals - Upcoming specials - When the business is busy Visit www.ILikeToSave.Net
  7. 7. Complete Loyalty SolutionThe Complete Loyalty Solution (continued) Social Loyalty - Turn activity into social media posts - Instant sharing for rewards - Incent customers to share - Multiple sharing features Customer Data Capture & Management - Email, Phone numbers & demographics - Export system - User for other business marketing purposes Visit www.ILikeToSave.Net
  8. 8. Complete Loyalty SolutionCost & How To Get Started-$250.00 One Time Set-up Fee-$45.00 Monthly Hosting / Administration FeeLimited Time Only! Some Restrictions May Apply! Visit www.ILikeToSave.Net
  9. 9. Complete Loyalty SolutionGET STARTED TODAY Visit OR Questions? Phone number: 804-641-1659 Email address: Visit www.ILikeToSave.Net