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Business Models & Pitching Investors
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Business Models & Pitching Investors


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Business Models&Pitching Investors
    Mark Neely
  • 2. Agenda
    Part I- Business Models
    Business Models 101
    Explaining your Business Model
    Groundtruthing your Business Model
    Part II – Pitching To Investors
    It’s a Numbers Game
    Pitching 101
    Proposed Presentation Format
    Risk v. Reward
  • 3. Business Models 101
    Part I:Business Models
  • 4. Business Models 101
  • 5. Business Models 101
  • 6. Business Models 101
    Market Segment
    Identify the specific group of customers (aka ‘market segment’) you will target.
    Demonstrate an understanding that different market segments have different needs, preferences and purchasing criteria.
    Explain why you have chosen the specific market segment.
    Quantify, Quantify, Quantify.
    Important to be able to point to a present demand from an identifiable and targetable market segment.
  • 7. Business Models 101
    Value Chain
    Where does your business sit in the value chain?
    Do you need telco support/partnership?
    Can you go direct-to-customer?
    Do you require the availability of other technologies (e.g. Bluetooth)?
    If you are reliant on others, how will you capture your part of the value created?
    If you require other technologies, how do you overcome consumer inertia?
  • 8. Business Models 101
  • 9. Business Models 101
  • 10. Business Models 101
  • 11. Explaining Your Business Model
    Business Model = Your Business In a Nutshell
    If you cannot explain it in 50 words or less, you don’t yet fully understand your business.
    Summarise, summarise, and summarise again.
    Throw away verbiage, get to the essence (e.g. “We cure cancer”).
    Concise, powerful summary needed:
    Elevator pitch
    Investor pitch
    Customer pitch
    Friends & Family (“What is it that you do?”)
  • 12. Groundtruthing Your Business Model
  • 13. Business Models 101
    Part II:Pitching to Investors
  • 14. It’s a Numbers Game
    Law of Supply v. Demand works against entrepreneurs/innovators:
    1000s of ideas (Supply) v. Dozens of investors (Demand)
    Investors are very choosy:
    Specific niches / areas of interest (e.g. Health)
    Specific investment criteria + thresholds
    Specific stages of investment
    Specific regions for investment
    Do your research + target compatible sources of investment.
  • 15. It’s a Numbers Game
  • 16. It’s a Numbers Game
  • 17. Pitching 101
  • 18. Pitching 101
  • 19. Pitching 101
  • 20. Pitching 101
  • 21. Pitching 101
  • 22. Pitching 101
  • 23. Pitching 101
    Rule 7 – Remember the ‘end game’ and only tell enough of the full story.
    You cannot assume they have read your business plan (99% won’t have).
    But you don’t have time to tell them everything.
    No one is going to write you a cheque after a single pitch.
    So you need to tell them enough to get them interested and secure a follow-up meeting.
    Objective of a pitch is to stimulate interest, not close the deal.
    It is the start of a l-o-n-g process.
  • 24. Pitching 101
  • 25. Pitching 101
  • 26. Pitching 101
  • 27. Proposed Presentation Format
  • 28. Risk v. Reward
  • 29. Risk v. Reward
    Remember your audience – THE INVESTOR.
    Investors always want to see:
    What they get for their $.
    A billion dollar market.
    10X return within 3-5 years.
    Investors have a portfolio approach:
    Of 10 investments, 7 will fail (money lost), 2 will break even (nil return), 1 will be breakaway hit (10X return).
    They pick every investment for its potential to be breakaway hit.
  • 30. Recommended Reading
  • 31. Business Models & Pitching