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Dissertation Proposal - Data Visualisation

by on Aug 25, 2009


York presentation ...

York presentation
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There is an information overload, and as communication channels proliferate, problem solving complexity is only going to increase.

In other words, there’s more data out there in more forms and languages than ever before.

¢ Structuring information for clarity and easier understanding to acquire knowledge

¢ Which structure/visual maps are clearest/most innovation and creativity at communicating/organising this complexity within our modern culture, to be able to elicit information, perceive the info & initiate reflective praxis?

¢ Does allowing self to be visible aid or hinder the communication of this data?

¢ Using the internet to reach a large audience to collate these highly innovative/creative visuals to inform others for knowledge acquisition
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My map – language, communication, thinking

Using our innate ability to see—both with our eyes and our mind’s eye—gives us entirely
new ways to discover hidden ideas, develop those ideas intuitively, and then share those
ideas with other people in a way they are simply going to “get.” Dan Roam 10 ½ commandments of visual thinking.

We will view some of these of these ways that will creatively and innovatively help the learner / reader ‘get it’ as dan roam author of The back of the napkin sketch
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Pic – Berlo Communication
Added the 2nd message after the receiver as they decode it and it may be interpreted differently.
The receiver decodes and abstracts the knowledge contained in the message to support [her] own beliefs/attitudes. During abstraction not only is the message tweaked, decoded, and interpreted differently to the map designers own, the meaning will also.
‘what appealed to modernist thinkers was the belief that authors or designers could transmit fixed meanings through constructed forms […] a brave new world that would deliver radical messages through the authorship of form’ (Baines & Haslam, 2002, p.35).
This was the belief of structuralism, which doesn’t work within map design. Maps do not communicate knowledge, i.e. they do not transmit messages (information) with fixed meanings. They may ‘“contain” meaning put there by the cartographer’, but map users/readers ‘have pre-existing knowledge that is necessarily involved in the comprehension of the map’ (Montello, 2002, p.292).
‘the reader brings his or her own ideas & experiences to a message; language is defined by interpretation. In this way structuralism was itself dismantled or “deconstructed” (Baines & Haslam, 2002, p.36).
Maps stimulate and suggest meanings, ‘ideas & inferences by interacting with the prior beliefs’ of user/reader(s) to interpret from messages. Therefore I would like to append the decoded message column to Berlo’s model because the received message is not the same, fig 15. Meaning is interpreted differently, the structure, style, topic, element everything is identical but decoded within the beliefs/attitudes, experiences/wisdom & ideas of the user (Montello, 2002, p.296).
‘What something means to individuals is dependent on the discourses available to them’ (Richardson, L, 2005, p. 961)
When I interpret I go through ‘a decoding operation, which implies the implementation of a cognitive acquirement’ I have learnt particular ‘cultural codes’. These cultural codes can access the ‘stratum of secondary meanings, i.e. the level of the meaning of what is signified’ to understand as much of its meaning and purpose as possible (Bourdieu, 1979, p.2). The semiotician Ferdinand de Saussures explains this that ‘language is determined by culture’ and that ‘structuralism tells us that the link between words & their meaning is arbitrary; post structuralism adds that this link is culturally determined & ever changing’ (sharples, 1999, p69 – 70).

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Pic – Schram Communication
It is a circular continuation of communication. Thi



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Dissertation Proposal - Data Visualisation Dissertation Proposal - Data Visualisation Presentation Transcript