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visivibe internet marketing

  1. 1. Digital Media MarketingServices SREEKUMAR.S.C CEO & eMarketing Consultant
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE VISIVIBE is the front runner in the field of online advertising and digitalmarketing in cochin. We not only work with online advertising, but also offers a variety ofservices that enhances your business in its depth and reach. We provide time bound, targetoriented,international quality services thatserve as apotential digital investment foryou. For the past years we served our esteemed clients to design and woo theircustomers in a better way without much time and investments. Better customer satisfactionand better online presence made VISIVIBE different form others and help us to easilyachieve the goalsin lesser time.
  3. 3. WHAT WE DO? VISIVIBE brings down the latest technology and strategy to tackle down the varietyneeds of our customers and provides you tailor made solutions that exactly hits your target.Our vision is to set a new trend in the field of web related services in India that holds a uniqueidentityand watermark ofVISIVIBE Our mission is to provide you with the state of the art services that assure you highreturn for your investment and the faith you put on us. We focuses on customer requirementsand provides the exact services that you wish to have. Our prime consideration is customersatisfaction.
  4. 4. WE ASSURE Our prime consideration is customer satisfaction. we are true and open to you. We focus on right strategy and we are constantly updating. We are aware of the society and our responsibility to the society. We provide you time bound services. We allow yourself to calculate the return out of your investment.
  5. 5. OUR SERVICES Social Media Marketing Web Design & Maintenance Small Business Entity Services Media PR Services Corporate Identity Services / Creative Services Email & SMS Marketing Digital Publishing [eBook/Interactive Magazine] SEO/SEM/PPC
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Socialmediaisanewformofmarketingwhichcanhelptoelevateyouraudienceandcustomerbase inadramaticway.socialmediamarketingleadstoincreasedsales,increasedleads,increasedbrandawareness andimproved communicationwithclientsandcustomers.Advantages:- Better communication with customers, Cost savings Brand positioning Real-time customer satisfaction Potential lead generation
  7. 7. WEB DESIGN AND MAINTENANCE Anyone can make a website but only a good website should be able to attract visitors, keep them on the website for a while, and encourage them to come back and visit the website again. Our professional and experienced web designing team can assure the best that you can avail.Advantages :- Better search engine ranking and visibility. Gives a quick and fast access for clients Adesign that can challenge your competitions. Exceptional design that can make the best first impression. Build trust on your consistent and stable design.
  10. 10. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING Search Engine Marketing is a method which helps you to increase the visibilityof a web site or web page in search engines. If your site isnt indexed properly then no one will find your site and ifyoucan doit, thatdoubles yourbusiness within days.Advantages:- V isitorswillfindyoueasily . SavestimeandcashbyproperSEOmanagement. Bringbettercredibilitythanadvertisements Reachtheexactcustomers. RepeatBusinessWithexistingcustomers. BetterBrandV isibilityWithSEO. Resultismeasurableandmonitor it
  11. 11. EMAIL MARKETING Your email should showcase your brand, company and messages. The success for any email campaign starts with delivery of an email to the inbox. So, it’s crucial toIt has widespreadfor potential deliverability issues monitor usage -1.4 billion email users worldwide.Its affordable flags before they postage costs, ROI is $43 for every or red and effective -No printing or become problems.$1 invested, Has a retention rate of 37%.You can use email to - Generate new sales leads, Increase website traffic, Retaincustomers, Build your company brand, Educate an audiencePlus, it has other great benefits like Immediate, Measurable, Adjustable.
  12. 12. DIGITAL PUBLISHING The importance of Digital publishing that the reach for anything that digitally published is increasing exponentially, while that of print media is decreasing. and digital publishing can cut cost and time than traditional print publishing.Advantages :- Easy to purchase, carry and store. People can read with the font and size they like Its cheaper because it cuts the cost for printing. People can read it anywhere any time any device.
  14. 14. CONTACT US VISIVIBE No.34/499-D2, IInd Floor Green Earth Building Poriyam Padam Link Rd. N.H. Byepass,Padivattom9061061090,