Visit Wales - Capital Region Tourism Group - Managing Reputation in a Multi-Channel World


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Visit Wales - Capital Region Tourism Group - Managing Reputation in a Multi-Channel World

  1. 1. Managing reputation ina multi–channel world Beth Richards & Bryn Halliwell
  2. 2. WalesA Challenger BrandThought leadership in categoryDo one thing and over do it
  3. 3. Our world Consumers are becoming increasingly empoweredThey are being turned off by one way communication What they are saying is shaping your brand
  4. 4. Branding onlinehas become“reputationmanagement”
  5. 5. ChallengesContentSocialisationIntegrationEvaluation
  6. 6. Content Our content hungry web presence A community of content producers and consumersSource | flickr | davidking Offer something to line up against
  7. 7. SocialisationConversation cultureLearning to live within itSuccess is the earned media space still needs to be earned Source | flickr | DeusXFlorida
  8. 8. Integration Online media does not replace offline media Same rules still apply – Awareness to AdvocacySource | flickr | purplemattfish Multichannel is best
  9. 9. Evaluation Beyond site traffic and site conversion Quality of content networkSource | flickr | Julia Manzerova Conversation sentiment
  10. 10. The DMO opportunityBuilding on authorityAdding credibilityWrapping in the brand
  11. 11. Our brand. Our point of viewEvolving the campaign propositionRedefining the brand’s point of view
  12. 12. The ‘Proper Holidays’ Manifesto24 daysJust 24 precious days of holiday a yearWe’d hate to see you waste themTake a holiday that means something,Where working on your sense of adventure,Is more important than working on your tanWhere you get value for timeAs well as value for money.Croeso i Gymru- Welcome to Wales:Phrasebook optional, Raincoat sensible,Indifference best left at home.Ours is a country to explore, not to ignore from a liloCome and admire our stunning scenery by all meansBut we’re so much more than a pretty faceDig deeper, get stuck inTo see and feel and do and try and taste for yourselvesWhat proper holidays are really about.
  13. 13. Our digital journeyWhat have we done?What did we learn?What next?
  14. 14. Advocate Inspire Customer Journey Book Plan
  15. 15. Drive awareness through:Seasonal and planned activity - campaignsOpportunistic amplification – existing attentionDriven advocacy through:Conversational content - Owned & earned mediaUsing that to drive awareness and engagement
  16. 16. ChallengesContentSocialisationIntegrationEvaluation
  17. 17. AmplificationUsing events
  18. 18. 100,000No. of Unique monthlyvisitors to London blogs75,000Number of twitterfollowers associated tothose blogs123No. of retweets80,000No of views on ourfacebook page
  19. 19. ChallengesContentSocialisationIntegrationEvaluation
  20. 20. Country Facebook Twitter 60,000 FacebookSpain 263,083 18,418 fans in MayCroatia 233,197 851Wales 126,286 4,739 A coordinatedIreland 81,873 4,530 and planned approach toEngland 48,229 9,342 contentUnited Kingdom 46,371 17,432Netherlands 36,043 4,749 120,000 FacebookSwitzerland 20,351 33 fans in SeptGreece 15,627Energise 2.0 Hamill and Stevenson (2010) 376Norway 11,581 4,591
  21. 21. ChallengesContentSocialisationIntegrationEvaluation
  22. 22. TV Digital Print ChannelsThe Big Idea
  23. 23. TV Social Direct Media mail The Big IdeaPrint e-mailOff sitepartnerships website
  24. 24. Anglesey Snowdonia Ceredigion Llandudno Mid Wales Mid North Wales Brecon Borderlands Wales Visit Wales Wye ValleySwansea South West South East CardiffPembs Wales Wales Carmarth Glamorgan Valleys
  25. 25. Evaluation [work in progress]Drowning in dataMeaningful insightsUniversal metrics
  26. 26. We measure lots of stuff.Campaign awareness & responseDigital Activity and Web statsSeven overarching KPIs
  27. 27. Our KPIs – the magnificent seven!KPI 2009  figures  1.  Desnaon  Awareness 44%  of  UK  populaon  rate  3/102.  Campaign  Awareness 13%  Spontaneous,  22%  Prompted  3.  Claimed  and  Known  Response 1.8  million  3%  UK  Populaon4.  Emoonal  Proximity 15%  of  UK  populaon  rate  9/105.  Convicon  to  Visit 40%  vising  vs  60%  non  vising  6.  Markeng  Effecveness (the  conversion  funnel)7.  Value  of  Markeng ~£60  million  per  annum
  28. 28. User-centric framework EvaluaEon  Framework   What are they How do they feel Do people know doing when they about us? about us? find us? Awareness   AcEons   Advocacy  •  Visits   •  RaEng  something...     •  Expressing  opinions  on  blogs    •  Clicking  on  an  advert   •  Leaving  a  comment...              and  forums    •  How  long  they  stay  there     •  Registering  for  something...     •  Content  recommended  /  •  “Bounce  Rates”;  whether   •  Watching  a  video...     forwarded     people  sEck  around   •  Downloading  something...   •  High  profile  bloggers  posEng     •  Signing  up…              about  us     •  Bookmarking  us   •  AStudes  changing   •  Following  us  
  29. 29. ChallengesContentSocialisationIntegrationEvaluation
  30. 30. Managing reputation ina multi–channel world Thanks J Beth & Bryn