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International Travel Workshop 2014
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International Travel Workshop 2014


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Published in: Travel

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  • Hi! My name is Katie Guasco. I am the Director of Communications for Visit Baton Rouge and I handle the international marketing for our organization. Ask each guest to give name, hotel propertyThank you for your introductions. Now I would like to introduce you to two Louisiana tourism experts that will over us their insight on this unique market.
  • Katie - What we want to accomplish today? ---Understand how participants can fit into the market, how they can develop and price product, and how they can reach the market.---Learn how to successfully do business with receptives and host international guests.---Over time, determine what receptives are a good fit for you and continue those relationships
  • KatieMajority of Intl Tour Operators use a receptive for their USA programsMarket your product worldwide24/7 multi-lingual local staffLocal payment in local currency
  • China’s increase in visitation to the US has positioned them as the fastest-growing inbound markets. Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America. These two markets show strong shopping numbers every quarter.asking for events, festivals, river cruises, shopping, gaming, local restaurants, hands-on culinary adventures and historical attractions such as plantations.
  • International Travel is very difficult to track because they are coming in from different gateways and they may not always overnight. Shopping is a major activity so we keep record of this.
  • Katie - These Markets signed in at our welcome centersMike to elaborate
  • Mike – These Markets signed in at our welcome centers
  • KatieNow we will go over some of those top markets. Part of being successful in international business is appreciating their differences. Our reps have submitted some great information to share.
  • KatieOntario is largest market (73,000 visitors) -- Alberta (22,000 visitors) and British Columbia (21,800 visitors) are the two other strongest markets. Quebec (16,800) and Atlantic Canada (8,100)
  • Participated in a Toronto Sales/Media Mission and Travel Blogger Expo
  • Our in-market missions are so important to get to the media, travel agents, and tour operators of these markets. It helps spread the word and show dedication to the markets.
  • Katie - We are working on getting fresh content to all international reps. Keep sending us your updated imagery through the Extranet and we will include the information for them.
  • GfK-study about “Saving in Europe in everyday life” highlights
  • Germany Mission to Frankfurt, Duesseldorf and Cologne
  • Mike- Co-ops are popular within the region.
  • Mike - itineraries of the intl. visitor
  • Miketariffs (programs) Local ones in N.O. and LFTNational ones in New York, Florida, and California:NAJ Summit East, NAJ Summit West, RSAA Summit East & RSAA Connect West
  • So what does this mean for you and how can we bring more international travelers to the city of Baton Rouge?
  • Laine
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  • Laine
  • Katie
  • KatieLaine discussed how the traveler gets to you and now you know how to reach these key receptives for our area. Its our job at Visit Baton Rouge to make sure they all have the latest and greatest information on Baton Rouge. Here are our international efforts for the past year and beyond. We feel these are the most efficient ways to reach the players of the international market. Quality tradeshowsPre-qualified famsMedia visits that are facilitated by LOTAnd an active Brand USA partnership
  • KatieCheck out this site. There are three videos – French, German and Spanish for Baton Rouge.
  • KatieBrand USAThe Louisiana Office of Tourism and the Office of the Lt. GovernorLouisiana Travel Promotion Association
  • Katie - Thanks again! We are here for you so if you need anything on the group of FIT market, please let us know. Also, if you would like a copy of this PowerPoint, I am happy to send!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Building Your International Market 2014
    • 2. Outline • 2014 International Traveler Trends • Tips for the International Market • Receptive Operators working in Baton Rouge
    • 3. 2014 Trends • Vacation/holiday time is still plentiful • Use social media and websites for research • Booking with agents • Spending more $ than domestic and traveling in off-seasons • Atlanta, Houston, Dallas and New Orleans are main gateways
    • 4. 2014 Trends • For BR, Brazil and China are being watched as emerging markets. • Australia is very strong. The non-stop Qantas Airlines flight from Australia to Dallas is doing well. • International tour operators are projecting sustainable growth for New Orleans and South Louisiana in 2014. • Direct flights in the works for MSY!
    • 5. LA Tax Free in BR • 2012 Total Purchases - $692,082.78 – Top countries – China, Brazil, India, Honduras – 1,817 count of sales • 2013 Total Purchases - $1,074,803.97 – Top countries – China, Brazil, Philippines, Honduras – 2,855 count of sales
    • 6. Canada • Air Canada offers a non-stop flight to Louisiana • Canada accounts for 33.7% of US international visitors • 2012- Approximately 146,900 Canadians visited Louisiana • Rank first in total int’l spending Source: Access Marketing
    • 7. Canada Source: Access Marketing  Ontario – 73,000  Alberta – 22,000  BC – 21,800  Quebec – 16,800  Atlantic Canada - 8,100 Came to Louisiana from:
    • 8. Canada • 21% growth is expected from 2011-2016 • Share a French cultural heritage w/ Louisiana • Regional interest heaviest in Quebec followed by Ontario Source: Access Marketing
    • 9. France • 1.46 million travelers to the U.S in 2012 • 6 to 9 weeks paid vacations per year & 12 public holidays • Average French visitor spending: $5,307 • Average number of states visited: 1.6 • Repeat travelers to the US: 73%, mostly FIT • Average age of travelers: 25-45 • Average length of stay: 16 nights • Peak months April, July-August, and October Source: Express Conseil
    • 10. Belgium • USA: #1 long-haul destination • Average Belgian visitor spending: $3,500 (+ plane tickets) • Average length of stay: 13 nights for Belgian travelers • 255,000-260,000 Belgian visitors in the US in 2012 Source: Express Conseil
    • 11. France & Belgium • Wants: music, plantations, Cajun/Creole cultures, festivals, Gastronomy/cooking, charming accommodations, shopping outlets • Receptive operators - Go West, ATI, GTA, Rey Royal, Sweet Magnolia, Tourico, Up and Coming Tours, Bonotel & Travalco • USA had a 6% increase in passengers numbers according to travel agents Source: Express Conseil
    • 12. Germany • Louisiana media/trade mission in February was the first in 10 years • USA #1 overseas/long-haul • Minimum of 24 days vacation per year; June – August is holiday season • Prefer quality over price • Average stay: 3-4 weeks • Visit multiple states – Deep South: Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia Source: Wiechmann Tourism Service
    • 13. Germany • Just fewer than 50% of all bookings begin online but are completed in travel agencies. • Only 29% want to save money while booking their vacation. About 38% stated that they rather adjust their expenses for groceries or clothing. • Since 2012, smart phone travel research has more than doubled • Sales revenues of travel agencies are expected to reach a new record. Source: Wiechmann Tourism Service
    • 14. UK & Ireland • UK residents made 58 million visits abroad in 2013; 3% increase on 2012 • Spent £34.6 billion, an increase of 7% • Residents in London and the south east remain the biggest travelers in the UK • Upscale, high-end, luxury travel is expanding rapidly • More high-end tailor made programs • Cruising still seeing growth for river and sea Source: Travel & Tourism Marketing Ltd
    • 15. UK & Ireland • 50% of adults use social sites like Facebook and Twitter • 92% of adults own a mobile phone • 11% of homes have tablet • 10% adults own an e-reader • 39% of adults use mobile for internet access • Tour operators and retailers develop websites, booking engines and apps to encourage bookings via this medium UK communications facts (Source: Ofcom)
    • 16. UK & Ireland • Specialist travel agents remain a strong distribution channel as itineraries needing expertise service increase • Receptives selling in UK/Ireland market: Allied TPro, Getabed, Sweet Magnolia, American Ring, Tourmappers, GTA, Mark Travel, ATI, Bonotel, Destination America, City Tours, GetABed, JAC Travel Source: Travel & Tourism Marketing Ltd
    • 17. How do I get the business? • Is my hotel attractive to visitors from certain markets? • Where do I fit in their itineraries? • Am I able to service them properly? • Is my online presence in order? • Concentrate on the servicing and let others do most of the selling for me: – Am I in the back pocket of my local CVB/DMO? Feed them updates. – Am I in the tariffs (programs) of the US-based national and regional receptives?
    • 18. Helpful Terminology • FIT - Pre-paid independent travel • Fly-Drive – Travel combining air with a rental car • Receptive Operator – packages/sells services such as hotels • Wholesaler - creates inclusive tours and FITs for sale through travel agents
    • 19. Helpful Terminology • US Receptive Operator - plan itineraries and programs that they wholesale to overseas tour operators to sell to their customers through retail travel agencies • Specialty Tour Operator - sells product through retail agencies • Retail Travel Agent - selling the product of the wholesaler or specialty tour operator
    • 20. How Does the Traveler Get to You?
    • 21. Pricing Model
    • 22. Contracting Needs • Net rates – minimum 25-30% discount • Room Allotments with short cut-offs • Limited or no blackout dates • Surcharged rates/availability during blackouts • Voucher acceptance/direct billing • Commit to the market for 3-5 years Source: Meeting Point North America
    • 23. Receptive Operators Overview
    • 24. VBR International Efforts 2013 Louisiana/Brand USA International Co-op Program with native content IPW (International Pow Wow) Travel South International Showcase Louisiana International Reps Fam tour prior to Lt. Governor’s Summit on Tourism Mexican Trade Fam Canadian Press Fam Japanese Press visits (2) Canadian Media/Trade Mission with Lt. Governor Brand USA Australian Mega Fam for top sellers of the USA 2014 Louisiana/Brand USA International Co-op on Enhanced Experience/TripTuner extension Discover America Inspiration Guide LOT/TSUSA section Multi-Media Campaigns for the Canadian markets with Brand USA UK/Germany Media/Trade Mission with Lt. Governor UK Rep site visit IPW April 6-10, 2014 (International Pow Wow). Featured destination in IPW video produced by Peter Greenberg Travel South International Showcase December 2-5, 2014 in New Orleans, LA International Showcase Post-Fam Opportunity Saturday, December 6
    • 25. Thank You to Our Partners!
    • 26. Questions Katie Guasco, TMP Director of Communications 225-382-3578