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Dr. Horn, with 54,000 Lasik procedures of which the last 10,000+ are All Laser Lasik, describes the modern Lasik procedure as he currently performs it.

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LasikPLUS Oakbrook Dr. Horn

  1. 1. Safer Eliminates blades and blade risks.Fast Pre-programmed, takes minutes.Accurate Todays lasers often exceed glasses vision.Adaptive Optics 60 prescription points vs. 1 glasses prescription.Quick Recovery Many patients drive to next day’s appointment.
  2. 2. INSURING YOU’RE A CANDIDATE – Requires special examination technology and detail: • Epic computer assisted glasses check • Orbscan® analysis of the eye surface • Visx Wavemap technology to measure your prescription digitally at over 60 pts. • Total examination by a licensed eye doctor with full time dedication to Lasik. • Review by your Lasik surgeon.THIS EXAM WOULD NORMALLY COST $ 100’S – 15% will not be candidates. – You may elect not to proceed. – Lasik Plus absorbs this cost to make All Laser Lasik an affordable procedure.COMPARE LASIK PLUS WITH OTHER LASER CENTERS – Do they offer LasikPlus technology? – Do they charge for enhancements? – Do they have dedicated full-time All Laser Lasik staff and surgeons?
  3. 3. Nearsighted Very hi range to -12.00.Astigmatism Very hi range to - 5.00 or 6.00.Farsighted Hi range to + 6.00.Reading Mono Typically allows reading up to age 60*.Laser ranges based on use of advanced wave driven and or custom laser platforms.* Requires specific brain controlled eye dominance determined by special testing.
  4. 4. Glasses - Contacts Over even 10 years costs $ thousands.LasikPlus All Laser Lasik Most patients never require glasses or contacts after.Lifetime $ Guarantee If eligible (most are) never pay for any additional procedure.Financing Lasik Plus offers the best financing plans in the industry.
  5. 5. Experience 54,000+ total procedures.Expertise 10,000+ all laser lasik.Accessible Direct access, cell, text, email …Personable Friendly. Engaging. Wants you to have the best experience.Dedicated Full time Lasik only since 1997Partnership Drs. Horn and his partner Dr. Aymond* have performed over 82,000 procedures* Lasik Plus Lincoln Park, Schaumburg (for full Dr. Aymond presentation please call).
  6. 6. I am fortunate to have been invited to join Lasik Plus when it started, and always haveaccess to doctor directed industry leading technology. I have always believed no singlelaser can be best for all. Being able to chose from the 3 leading lasers allows me tofurther optimize results depending on your custom optics analysis. My “focus” is onhow to enhance the patient experience, and best utilize my 15 years of full time laservision correction experience.Dr. Horn has been performing Dr. Horn has over 30LASIK with LasikPlus full-time years of experiencesince 1997. He has performed performing refractiveover 54,000 laser vision surgery, including thecorrection procedures during historically importanthis career. procedures of radial keratotomy, and ALK. Dr. Gerald Horn He has been named a "The joy in being able to restore natural high quality vision to so many Visx Star people with the technology available today, and devote 100% of my Surgeon, recognizing time to it has made these the most gratifying years of my career. In a him as one of the top private practice setting I might be fortunate to have even one of the 3 5% experienced Lasik leading lasers I have access to: Intralase®, Wavelight®, Customvue®." surgeons in the US.
  7. 7. Biographic• Dr. Horn is a native Chicagoan, with his wife of 24 years. He has three children: Taylor (22), Sheridan (20), Colton (12). Taylor has enjoyed four years of golf on a varsity level and Sheridan three years of junior varsity tennis. Dr. Horn enjoys family, pharmaceutical development (two startup companies; over 20 patents obtained and or applied for to date), tennis, skiing, sharing views on changing the world, and passionate love – hate for Chicago sports.Education• University of Illinois Medical School, M.D.• Rush-Presbyterian St. Lukes Hospital, Internship• Mini-Fellowship trained Automated Lamellar Keratoplasty , Chiron• Mini -Fellowship trained Lasik, Minneapolis Eye Consultants, Drs. Lindstrom and Harden• Mini-Fellowship Casebeer Radial Keratotomy Course• Has had staff privileges at Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center, Grant Hospital of Chicago, Mercy Hospital of ChicagoCertifications, Affiliations, Memberships• Achievements• 1st United States instillation of the Technolas 217 laser, 2000• Co-holder of LasikPlus Outcomes Award, 2000 – 2001• Holder of multiple milestone awards for laser experience on Bausch and Lomb Technolas 217 and American Medical Optics Visx lasers• LasikPlus Chicago Pinnacle Award for Excellence, 2002• Founder ophthalmic pharmaceutical company, Ocularis Pharma, 1990• Holder of 15 ophthalmic patents, 2 pending, 2 provisional filings• Developed Q-Switched Erbium Laser for lens capsulotomy and performed first 50 procedures in the United States, published Journal Cataract and Refractive Surgery, 1981Memberships• American Board of Ophthalmology Fellow 1985• LasikPlus Medical Advisory Board• LasikPlus Medical Advisory Board Emeritus• American Academy of Ophthalmology• American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery• Former member of International Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery• Certifications• Certifications include Intralase, American Medical Optics Visx, Bausch and Lomb Technolas, Alcon Autonomous Lasers
  8. 8. • Does it hurt? – Since this is advanced preprogrammed technology it is very quick – about 8 minutes for both eyes. – You are offered Valium® pretreatment to make sure you are relaxed. – Dr. Horn uses multiple anesthetic drops from two sources for the highest numbing effect. – Typically mild to moderate pressure for less than 30 seconds is the most you experience. – There can be burning and discomfort after, usually prevented by our preferred combination of sleep and anti- inflammatory medications.• Can I see right away? – If you are more than -2.00 nearsighted, most patients will sit up and see our wall clock much better than when they sat down; if less than -2.00 it usually is blurry for about 5 hours of nap time. – A very high % of patients, well above 90% will legally be able to drive the next day , daytime preferred.• Can I lose my vision? – Dr. Horn has never had a patient lose their sight from laser vision correction. Though extremely unlikely any eye procedure carries such risk - even contact lenses due to rare infections. Glasses are still the safest option. Risks such as infection though rare could be serious and vision threatening. In about 10,000 all laser lasik treatments to date no infection has occurred. Following instructions we provide you is key to minimizing this and many other risks.• What Do I Need To Do Afterwards? – You will watch a video reviewing all your postlasik instructions. You will receive verbal and written instructions. You will be advised to go home and remain there until the next day, when you arrive put in al l your drops, take a long nap, and repeat the drops after the nap. Then you may stay up, watch TV, etc. You will keep protective sunglasses or goggles on all the time for the first 24 hours. These and other similar instructions will be both reviewed and provided for you.• What Does It Cost? – All laser lasik is about $2000 per eye. This is costlier than blade lasik still being offerred; and older laser platforms like the Nidek or Autonomous Alcon laser still in use but not updated for years; but we feel the advanced technology at LasikPlus (Intralase®; Wavelight®; Visx Customvue®) adds safety and more accuracy. The Lasik Plus procedure includes a dedicated staff involved in laser vision correction full – time, and our financial life-time warranty there will be no future procedure costs to you. Our financing options are industry best – we are the industry leader.
  9. 9. LOCAL PHONE 630-368-3937 XT 100 (TO SKIP PROMPTS)EMAIL US OAKBROOK@LCA.COMTEXT CENTER DIRECTOR 630-450-0304OUR U.S. CALL CENTER 866-755-2026? FOR DR. HORN text: 847-772-8885 email:, subject: “? Dr. Horn”