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Company Profile PT. Indotruck Utama

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PT. Indotruck Utama

  1. 1. Your Reliable Business Partnerdesign by
  2. 2. Vision Visi To be the most reliable & competent business partner in heavy duty trucks & equipments and to deliver our core values to customers “Menjadi mitra bisnis yang terpercaya & handal di dalam industri truk & alat berat, serta memberikan nilai lebih pada pelanggan”. “Menjadi mitra bisnis yang terpercaya & handal di dalam industri truk & alat berat, serta memberikan nilai lebih pada pelanggan”.design
  3. 3. Mission Misi Contribute to maximum utilization of business potential, thereby securing sustainable revenue & pro tability to the company and in the same time showing our concerns to the society To provide a total solution in transportation needs in order to strengthen the business partnership with customers To be focused in after sales support services to maximize customers satisfaction & loyalty Continously develop the man power to enhance professionalism & competence and make the company as a pleasant place to work and learn Berkontribusi dalam pemanfaatan potensi bisnis secara maksimal, sehingga pendapatan & pro tabilitas perusahaan tetap terjaga, bersamaan dengan kepedulian terhadap masyarakat. Memberikan solusi total di bidang transportasi untuk memperkuat kemitraan bisnis dengan pelanggan. Memfokuskan pada layanan pendukung purna jual untuk memaksimalkan kepuasan & loyalitas pelanggan. Terus mengembangkan SDM (Sumber Daya Manusia) untuk meningkatkan profesionalisme dan kompetensi, serta menjadikan perusahaan sebagai tempat yang nyaman baik untuk bekerja maupun
  4. 4. 5 CORE VALUES BUDAYA DASAR to BE GREAT Untuk menjadi UNGGUL Customer Focused Fokus Pada Pelanggan We treat customer as business partner and always be proactive to understand their needs. We work with integrity and responsibility to build customer loyalty. We strive to exceed the expectation of those we serve Kita memperlakukan pelanggan sebagai mitra bisnis dan selalu proaktif untuk memahami kebutuhan mereka. Kita bekerja dengan integritas dan penuh tanggung jawab untuk membangun kesetiaan pelanggan dan berusaha untuk melampaui harapan mereka yang kita layani Quality-Minded Mengutamakan Kualitas We are committed to delivering the most superior products and services possible to customers. We passionately pursue for highest standard Kita berkomitmen menyediakan produk dan pelayanan yang terbaik untuk pelanggan. Kita juga bekerja keras untuk mencapai standar kualitas yang tertinggi Resourceful Serba Bisa Always look for innovative ways to provide solutions and help our customers. We create value through new ideas, seek new ways to do things and challenges to achieve breakthrough Selalu mencari cara-cara inovatif untuk memberikan solusi dan membantu Pelanggan. Kreatif mencari cara yang baru dalam melakukan setiap hal dan tertantang untuk melakukan terobosan Fast Cepat Time is money! Our philosophy is to execute the working process safely and efficiently in the most timely manner possible. We understand that we are working in a very competitive environment where speed is noteworthy Waktu adalah uang! Kita menjalankan seluruh proses kerja secara aman, efisien dalam waktu yang secepat mungkin. Kita sadar bahwa kita berada dalam lingkungan yang sangat kompetitif dimana kecepatan sangat perlu diperhatikan Competent Kompeten We must recognize the constant need to always “sharpen the tools”, continually learning for higher competences to enhance our performance, efficiency and productivity Kita harus memahami pentingnya untuk selalu mengasah diri, terus menerus belajar untuk mencapai kompetensi yang lebih tinggi guna meningkatkan kinerja, efisiensi dan produktifitasdesign
  5. 5. Heavy Duty Company PT Indotruck Utama is subsidiary of Indomobil Group, one of the largest automotive distribution and manufacturing in Indonesia. The company was established in 1988, and has been appointed as the sole distributor of well known and reputable European and American brands in heavy duty transportation, port equipment and material handling. Oil & Gas Mining There are 5 brands handled by PT Indotruck Utama, i.e. Mack Trucks, Volvo Trucks and Bus, Kalmar Container Handling Equipment, Forestr y Manitou Material Handling Equipment and Gehl Skid-steer Loader. Agricultural All of these products have a massive penetration and signi cant market share in each respective market. Agricultural Our head o ce is located at Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing Kav. 3A, Civil & Road Construstion Semper Timur, Jakarta Utara, with a 4-storey o ce building, Por t workshop & components overhaul facilities and parts distribution centre. Transpor tationdesign
  6. 6. After Sales Support PT Indotruck Utama is committed to provide world-class after sales service to customers in any operation sectors such like high way transportation, oil & gas distribution, mining, forestry, agriculture, port operation and many other industries. We are very con dent on our products and invest a great deal of our time and e ort to satisfy our customers by obtaining optimum availability and productivity that eventually will maximize the Return on Investment of the equipments. Following the delivery of equipments, customer is entitled to enjoy a full range of after sales support provided by our branches and representative o ces. Today, PT Indotruck Utama has broaden sales & service network through out Indonesia, backed up by reliable and unbeatable after sales service support that provides International-certi ed technicians, fully equipped workshop, mobile service cars, extensive spare parts supply network, wide range of exchange components, training programes and choices of exible service
  7. 7. Training & Competence Development People is our most important and valuable asset. We therefore put a special attention to Training & Competence Development Program. Together with our Principal, we have developed a comprehensive man power competence development program for all personel within the company including technicians, parts people, sales people and administration. This program enable us to review every personel knowledge & skill on a regular basis and to follow up with the necessary training to improve the area which someone has to improve to perform the job and responsibilities. These commitment, strength and competitive advantages have make us con dent that we are and always be able to be your reliable business
  8. 8. Product Tractor Head Rigid Special Purpose Vehigle Total performance means supplying our customers with a range Volvo trucks have been around in Indonesia since more than 20 of highly reliable and competitive trucks accompanied by years ago, since then there are no less than 4,500 units of Volvo advanced technology and valuable support services. It means trucks running in the country. Today, Volvo trucks in Indonesia are much more than purchase price alone. Along with our ongoing available in two families, FM and FH. FM trucks is very popular in commitment to safety, quality and environmental care, we aim high way transport, mining, forestry, oil eld and many other for total performance in every area, o ering products that are industries. While Volvo FH is very strong in the forestry and coal closely tailored to meet customers’ needs. hauling with gross combination weight of approx 175 tonnes. Highway Series Heavy Haul Series Construction Series Mack trucks have never backed down from a day at the mining, Today, Mack cabs are ergonomically designed and have hi-tech forestry, oild eld and other tough applications. The appetite for sound and vibration insulation to reduce driver fatigue and work is passed from generation to generation and it shows in the increase safety. These Mack trucks are bred for back-breaking work hauling capacity of our big mining rigs. Legendary Mack in one of the world’s most demanding industries toughness is also genetic. This bulldogs take shocking roads, heat, bulldust and constant use in their stride. Kerax 380/440 Mining /Loging Kerax 440 8x4 Rigid Renault Trucks commit to restore pride in the transport industry, the complete tool provider. Renault Trucks will always deliver for for customers and for drivers. because the transport industry is the industry. noble as it delivers aid, joy, health, culture, security. Without transport industry and its drivers society would collapse. Renault Trucks commit to deliver to the customers e ciency (optimum output and performance with minimum waste impact), It’s Renault Trucks industry and Renault Trucks will ght for it. value (most appropriate products and services at the best price) renault trucks has always delivered for the transport industry as and quality (best in class products and services to ensure a high level of mobility for hauliers and the best working conditions fordesign by drivers)
  9. 9. Product Kalmar is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier in a fourth container handled in the world is moved by a Kalmar complete range of container handling machines such as STS machine. (ship-to-shore) Crane , RTG, Straddle Carrier, Reachstacker, Side Loader, Forklift and Terminal Tractor. In Indonesia, Kalmar is also leading the market for container handling equipment such as Reachstacker, Side Loader and Today, there are over 65,000 Kalmar machines in useage in more Terminal Tractor with a market share in excess of 80%. Kalmar than 140 countries around the world; in every industry freight Industries summarize its key values in four words: Quality, Reliabil- system; in every conceivable climate and environment. Every ity, Professionalism and Partnership. MANITOU, rough terrain material handling world-leader, has the One out of every three forklift-trucks in the world bears the ambition to carry on its development working close to its custom- MANITOU brand. ers on all grounds. With roots dating back to 1859, Gehl Company is a producer of In 1986, Gehl aggressively moved into the light construction high quality capital goods. It has targeted two principal market equipment market as it established a separate construction sales sectors worldwide with its equipment: agriculture and light division. Gehl serves small contractors, sub-contractors and industrial construction applications .It has growing market owner-operators with dirt, lifting and paving equipment. positions in each of these two large industries -- one essential to the worlds food supply and the other to its transportation and shelter
  10. 10. Network HEAD OFFICE Jakarta Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing, Kav. 3 A Semper Timur, Jakarta – 14130 Tel : +62-21-4412168 (Hunting) Jakarta Fax : +62-21-4412166, 4412178 Email : BRANCH / REP. OFFICE Surabaya Banjarmasin Jl. Perak Timur No. 356, Surabaya - 60165 Jl. A. Yani Km. 24,5 No. 55 Landasan Ulin Tel : +62-31-3292480, 3299405-06 Banjarbaru, Banjarmasin Fax : +62-31-3294618 Kalimantan Selatan - 70724 Email : Tel : +62-511-4706043 ; 9131980 Fax : +62-511-4706044 Pekanbaru Jl. Komodor Yos Sudarso Km.2 No.333 Samarinda Umban Sari, Rumbai Pekanbaru - 28265 Jl. DI. Panjaitan No. 7 RT. 06, Samarinda Tel : +62-761-53022, 554 566, 554 577 Tel : +62-541-749808 Fax : +62-761-52938 Fax : +62-541-744788 Email : Duri Sales O ce Medan Jl. Mawar No.19E Duri 26884 Riau Jl. Jend. AH. Nasution Tel : +62-765-94445 Kompleks Tritura Mas No. A14A-A15A Fax : +62-765-94445 Kel. Harjo Sari II, Medan Amplas Medan - Sumatra Utara, Lampung Tel : +62-61-7868 777 Kompleks Perkantoran Tapis Mas Fax : +62-61-7860 506 Jl. Proklamator Raya No. 97A Bandarjaya, Terbangi Besar Palembang Lampung Tengah - 34162 Jl. Alamsyah Ratu Prawiranegara Tel : +62-725-528638 No.45B-45C, Kel. Karang Jaya, Gandus Fax : +62-725-528638 Palembang Sumatera Selatan Tel : +62-711-445530 Cilegon Fax : +62-711-445029 Jl. Raya Gerem No. 15, Desa Gerem, Grogol Cilegon, Banten - 42458 Balikpapan Tel : +62-254-571489 Jl. Mulawarman RT 05 No. 12 Fax : +62-254-571489 Kec. Balikpapan Timur Kel. Manggar – Balikpapan 76116 Semarang Tel : +62-542-743390, 391, 392 Jl. Marina, Ruko Mutiara Marina Kav. 14 +62-542-762627, 763232 Semarang - 50117 Fax : +62-542-770094, 763232 Tel : +62-24-7616581 Fax : +62-24-7613425design
  11. 11. Network SITE SUPPORT Soroako Taliabu (consignment) INCO Rep. O ce Mem. DP 18 Pulau Taliabu, kepulauan Sula Gunung Batu Maluku Utara Soroako - Sulawesi Selatan Tel : +62-21-5249100, ext 2877, 2853 Sanga - Sanga (consignment) Fax : +62-21-5249570 Job Site BINA MITRA Jl. Habibah No.35/POM Duri Rt.04 Kel.Jawa, Kec.Sanga - sanga, Caltex Paci c Indonesia Rep. O ce Samarinda CMS Workshop, Duri, Riau- 26884 Tel : +62-765-995 062 Pontianak (Site) Fax : +62-765-996 742 PT.Pelindo II Jl.Pak Kasih no.11, Pos 8, Pontianak Pangkalan Kerinci PEC-Tech Service Indonesia Tuhup (site) Workshop PEC-Tech Desa Muara Tuhup, Kab.Murung Raya, Rep. O ce Heavy Equipment Kalimantan Tengah Jl. SP 7 Pangkalan Kerinci Kab. Pelelawan, Riau, 28000 Sambarata Tel : +62-761-493347 Sambarata - Berau, KaLimantan Timur Fax : +62-761-493349 Timika Minas Freeport - Papua Barat d/a Chevron Paci c Indonesia Rep. O ce ACME Workshop Minas Tel : +62-761-936934/ 936419 On Call: +62-761-7061665 PARTS CONSIGNMENT Narogong BCT, Sampit d/a Holcim Beton Dewi Sri, Tegal Jl. Raya Narogong Km. 7 Nambo Cileungsi, Bogor - 16911 Iron Bird, Jakarta Tel : +62-21-8674127 Meratus, Surabaya Fax : +62-21-8674127 BCS, Cilegon Balikpapan Surabaya Pekanbarudesign
  12. 12. A Subsidiary of INDOMOBIL GROUP Head Office: Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing, Kav. 3 A Semper Timur, Jakarta – 14130 Tel : +62-21-4412168 (Hunting) Fax : +62-21-4412166, 4412178 Email : Certi cate No.: ID09 / 1415 Certi cate No.: ID09 / 1381