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T&m ppt presentation by vision raval
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T&m ppt presentation by vision raval


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Training given by Vision Raval about Time and Motion Study for Manufacture domain at Bombardier Inc, savli on 10th Sept 2010 conducted by Entech consulting for Management Team.

Training given by Vision Raval about Time and Motion Study for Manufacture domain at Bombardier Inc, savli on 10th Sept 2010 conducted by Entech consulting for Management Team.

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  • 1. Motion and Time Study
    “Time & Motion Study”
    “Time study is the one element in scientific management beyond all others making possible the transfer of skill from management to men…..” –
    Frederick W. Taylor
    Training By
    Mr Vision Raval
    Six sigma MBB, TQM, MBA
    Conducted By : ENTECH SOLUTIONS
  • 2. Introduction
    Trainer Introduction
    Team Introduction
    - Name – Division – Profile – Role model in life
    Meaning of “ Time & Motion Study ”
    • Common between you and your role model ?
    • 3. Sparrow Rocket example for warm up.
    By – Vision Raval [] for
  • 4. Index
    • Motion and Time Study Defined
    • 5. History
    • 6. Details about Motion and Time Study
    • 7. Motion and Time Study in your organization
    • 8. Real World Example
    • 9. Summary of Presentation
    • 10. Reading List
    By – Vision Raval [] for
  • 11. History of Motion and Time Study
    Frank B. Gilbreth, Lillian M Gilbreth
    -1885, he begun to develop motion study Frank and Lillian Gilbreth used cameras to look at how body motions were used in the process of completing a job. This helped them to improve the processes and rearrange setups.
    Frederick W. Taylor
    -1881, he started to develop time study, Time studies were once used to establish performance-based wage rates.
    A: Used Separately
    B: Became interrelated
    By – Vision Raval [] for
  • 12. What is Motion and Time Study ?
    Motion Study is designed to determine to best way to complete a repetitive job
    Time Study measures how long it takes an average worker to complete a task at a normal pace Motion and time study can reduce and control costs, improve working conditions and environment, and motivate people.
    The basic purpose is to improve the work and to reduce waste.
    1. Motion analysis techniques
    2. Time study techniques
    Manufacturing management and engineering students are being prepared to design work stations, develop efficient and effective work methods, establish time standards, balance assembly lines, estimate labor costs, develop effective tooling, select proper equipment, and layout manufacturing facilities.
    By – Vision Raval [] for
  • 13. History of Time Study
    IT starts from basic tools…
    Stopwatch & Clipboard
    Its used first of all for Bricklaying
    Advanced Tools Used
    Motion camera
    Tools Used TODAY ….
    By – Vision Raval [] for
  • 16. Details of Motion and Time Study
    Motion Study
    Improve methods
    It measures distance, or how much you move to do a job, and how much you get done in a period of time
    Time study
    Establish standards
    Looked at the average time it took an average worker
    Key Point- The most important thing is to learn how to train production workers in these skills and techniques so they can become motion and time conscious.
    By – Vision Raval [] for
  • 17. Process Used for T&M Study
    Computing Standards
    Performance records
    Stopwatch time study
    Standard data and work reports
    Time study formulas
    Work sampling schedules for quality
    Six sigma Implementation
    DMAIC = Define + Measure + Analyse + Improve + Control
    DMADV = Define + Measure + Analyse + Design + Verify [New Process ]
    By – Vision Raval [] for
  • 18. Key domains where Motion and Time Study play major role
    Department Stores and Malls
    IT and Software development
    How it used ?
    Define Problem: Eg. Costs use to be too high?
    Step A: Why is there a problem?
    Step B: How can it be solved? [ Compare after T & M Study ]
    Step C: Which alternative is better?
    Step C: Choose the best alternative
    By – Vision Raval [] for
  • 19. Real World Example ACompany Using Time Study
    Case Study : cooper Hospital/University Medical Center
    HR Personnel was not very accessible to employees at the hospital
    Hard to reach the right person to answer questions on call
    Tools Used
    Bar-coding system and divisional segregation
    Computer for defining propose of the call
    - Out come
    Determining the busiest time of the day for resources
    Call Purpose mostly for appointment or Job openings
    • Implementations
    New systems establishment
    New positions for HR and Admin for appointment
    Improving service and costs
    By – Vision Raval [] for
  • 20. Motion and Time Study Problem Example B
    There is a group of students stuffing envelopes. They have to put three different color-coded pages in the envelopes(red, white, orange).
    By – Vision Raval [] for
  • 21. Solution Formula
    To compute the Standard time
    Adjust the normal cycle with an Allowance Factor of 10 percent
    ST= (NT)(1-AF)
    = (.1189)(1-.10)
    =.1070 min
    To compute number of envelopes in one hour:
    60 min/.1070min/envelope= 560 envelopes an hour
    By – Vision Raval [] for
  • 22. Summary of Presentation
    This presentation looks at Motion and Time Study as a method to reduce costs and increase productivity.
    The history of Motion and Time Study
    Details of Motion and Time Study
    Reasons to implement Motion and Time Study in your organization
    The use of Motion and Time Study at Cooper Hospital/University Center
    An Exercise
    By – Vision Raval [] for
  • 23. Reading List for Reference
    Aharonson-Daniel, L.; Fung, H.;Hedley, A.J., Time studies in A&E departments- a useful tool for management, Journal of Management in Medicine, Hong Kong. 1996. Vol. 10, Issue 3.
    Anonymous, Program boosts efficiency of time-&-motion studies, Plastics Engineering, Brookfield Center. April 2002. Vol. 58, Issue 4.
    Barnes, Ralph Mosser, Motion and Time Study, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Los Angeles,CA.1980.
    Dossett, Royal J., Work-measured labor standards- The state of the art, Industrial Engineering, Norcross. April 1995. Vol. 27, Issue 4.
    Hayes, John R., Memo busters, Forbes, New York. April 1995. Vol. 155, Issue 9.
    Koepfer, Chris, Automating time studies, Modern Machine Shop, Cincinnati. September 2002. Vol. 75, Issue 4.
    Niebel, Benjamin W., Motion and Time Study, Richard D. Irwin, Inc., Homewood, Ill. 1988.
    Russell, Roberta S.; Taylor, Bernard W., Operations Management, Prentice Hall Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ.2003.
    Stevens, Larry, Time Study Prompts New HR Efficiencies, Personnel Journal, Santa Monica. April 1994. Vol. 73, Issue 4.
    By – Vision Raval [] for
  • 24. Feedback Form
    Designation: _________________________ Exp: ___________ Years
    Email ID: ___________________@____________________._________
    Contact Number: __________________ Mobile: ___________________
    Highest Qualification: __________________________ Gender: M / F
    How do you rate training program :
    Feedback: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Employee ID: __________________ Date: ___ / __ / ____10
    Poor Average Good Better Excellent
    By – Vision Raval [] for