18 ways to increase sales


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18 ways to increase sales

  1. 1. 18Ways Sales IncreaseTo
  2. 2. Jklgkllh;hkl;hk; Every Business Needs a Vision, Every Vision Needs a Coach. Introduction When we enter into a business we know that there is one fundamental thing that will keep the wheels turning and that is income. The most effective way to increase this is through upping those sales. However, we often find that we spend a lot of time using successful ways to sell that can all of a sudden stop working. When this happens it can have a devastating effect on profits and morale within the team. So it is incredibly important to keep refreshing and trying new strategies to make sure you keep your sales up. In that spirit we have produced an E-book to guide you through 18 ways that will increase your sales. There are so many more but this is our contribution to hopefully help you to make sure your sales keep on rising. 1. Increase your product range When we start out in business we often have a few products we believe we can sell that will solve a few problems for people; providing benefits to a selection of people out there in the wide world. This obviously limits your appeal to your customer base, as there will be needs that none of your current products meet. So you could increase your product range to fill gaps left by the others. This will then increase your appeal and sales will go up. Britain ® Unlimited
  3. 3. Jklgkllh;hkl;hk; Every Business Needs a Vision, Every Vision Needs a Coach. 2. Offer packages Many businesses offer a variety of products as individual purchases, which provides people within individual solutions at a one off cost. However, if you were to package a few of your products up into one, offering a discount compared to buying them individually, you will not only add value and benefits for the customer, you will also increase your sales. 3. Offer payment flexibility When we go to buy a product one of the major issues we have to overcome is “Can we afford that?” This is possibly the number one objection when people are buying. So if you offer a flexibility of payment options that “affordability” is spread out so would seem much more possible to someone. This will offer great flexibility to the customer and thereby increase your sales. 4. Introduce upgrades Product upgrades are quite a new and very fashionable thing. All you need to do is look at any technology company and see how many updates they introduce. Look at Apple for example and how many new iPhones are released every year alone. Through upgrading your products it allows you to prelaunch them and give them a new buzz, which will lead to increased sales. 5. Offer subscriptions One off sales are often the lifeblood of a new business. However, if you can get people to subscribe to a product they will pay again and again. Subscriptions provide flexibility, a feeling of membership and cost spread over time. It is important to keep refreshing content for subscriptions to allow people to feel they are getting value from their commitment. Britain ® Unlimited
  4. 4. Jklgkllh;hkl;hk; Every Business Needs a Vision, Every Vision Needs a Coach. 6. Product of the week / month Every week or month you could highlight a product by naming it ‘product of the week or month’. Doing this allows you to put the sole focus on this product, highlighting its benefits and creating a buzz around it. 7. Create a membership One thing most people enjoy is being part of a community and feeling special. Creating a membership for customers will allow them to feel both of these. When they feel this way this will build trust and loyalty which will lead to them returning to you to buy. 8. Deals for past clients As I mentioned in the last point; people love to feel special. They also really appreciate being thanked for things. Offering one off loyalty deals for past clients will make them feel both of these and will ultimately lead to them buying from you again. 9. Offer credit We have all seen the adverts “Buy now, Pay later” or “Pay over 12 months.” As sales techniques these really work as they deal with people’s major fear of how to afford something. It takes those thoughts and says ‘look you can spread the cost so you too can own this amazing product’. This type of strategy can be really effective. 10. Educate on full value One problem that many companies come across is that people have issues that your products will solve without even knowing they are issues. You can use your marketing and knowledge to educate as to how your products could make their lives better. This a longer-term strategy that will have major rewards through your sales. Britain ® Unlimited Buy Now Pay Later!!
  5. 5. Jklgkllh;hkl;hk; Every Business Needs a Vision, Every Vision Needs a Coach. 11. Run competitions We have all seen examples of this around the high street or online. Buy this product and have a chance of winning this prize. You could offer a really appealing prize draw if someone invests in a product with you. This can be a really effective way of adding value to your product without massive investment. 12. Offer only one product on your home page It is often found that offering fewer products with greater explanation leads to higher sales. So you may want to devote each month to promoting single products on your homepage on your website. This will allow you to focus on that specific product and effectively outline its value to a potential customer. 13. Testimonials There is almost nothing that works as well as someone else saying how good you are. Not many people appreciate you saying how good you are but will really listen when someone endorses you. These could be in various forms written, filmed or recorded. This is a massively effective way to make people feel safe when buying from you. 14. Add urgency to your copy When you are writing copy for any of your products it is super effective to add a sense of urgency. You could add things such as “Offer ends Friday” or “Buy now and receive an extra day.” These sorts of added urgency statements will often lead to people making decisions much quicker, just to feel like they haven’t lost out. Britain ® Unlimited
  6. 6. Jklgkllh;hkl;hk; Every Business Needs a Vision, Every Vision Needs a Coach. 15. Leave price until the end One of the core principles in selling is to outline the value and benefits of the product. It is so important that this is put before you suggest any cost at all. Showing people what is in it for them and how much value there is in your product will lead them to be much more open when the price is introduced. 16. Look for referrals One extremely effective way to increase sales is to use your current customer base and ask them to suggest people who may benefit from your services. One way to do this is offer an incentive to your customers to send referrals to you. This can be a really fast way to drum up sales. 17. Up-sell This technique is often seen best in retail. If you step into a coffee shop you are always asked if you want extras on top of your coffee. The same principle can be applied across business. Look at what products they are already buying from you, outline to them the benefits of other products and how they can benefit from them. 18. Make things look good This is done surprisingly badly. In a post Apple world, design is pretty much integral to a successful product. People often buy with their eyes. This can apply to non-tangible products too, such as services. You need to make the product design and packaging look appealing to your potential customers. Britain ® Unlimited
  7. 7. Jklgkllh;hkl;hk; Every Business Needs a Vision, Every Vision Needs a Coach. Britain ® Unlimited Summary We hope this list helps you in your quest to build your sales. Remember this is just our list, there are so many other ways to do it. We hope this inspires you to maybe think of those other ways that may suit your business. Good luck in increasing those sales. Come visit us on www.visionbritain.com Email at hello@visionbritain.com with any feedback or questions you may have - we are always happy to help! Joe Timothy Author Harry Chappell Illustrator