Finding the Voice of Your Business - COSE Small Business Conference 2010


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Finding and projecting the authentic voice of your business across social media, email marketing, web PR and traditional marketing vehicles is essential to your sales success. Mastering these is no guarantee of success without a focused plan and the right talk track grounded in your business and clearly articulating your value proposition. Learn how to communicate with maximum impact through social media, email marketing, web public relations, video, audio and more as you zero in on your target audience. We will explore the differences between reaching end consumers (B2C) and other businesses (B2B) and the best methods for reaching each group. You will find the voice of your business that expresses the value and impact that only your products and/or services can deliver in words, sounds and images that capture the attention and the wallets of your target markets.

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  • Just like your favorite songs, the best marketing messages have structure that amplifies, repeats and reinforces the emotions that drive actions
    Think of it this way:
    The story you are going to tell should be contained in punchy chunks – the verses. The whole story gets told across the span of the song, yet each verse makes a key point. First verse sets up the store and the rest tell it out.
    The chorus is that catchy and repetitive refrain that you can’t get out of your head. Those are the key value points that you know customers yearn for and cherish. We repeat the heck out of them so that they remember them and you in the process. The chorus is THE message worth repeating and so it is.
    The bridge, is that little thematic twist in the song, think of it as secret sauce or the hook that gets the listener really thinking about the chorus, that is your unique value and tees up the chorus one more time.
    The takeaway here is that your message must be ordered, tell a good story, repeatedly tell them what’s in it for them all while playing on their emotions.
    [Ted] Although the sales cycle varies from industry to industry and from customer to customer, repetition is the nagging motivator that drives a buying decision. If you hear something enough, you’re going to believe it. So you better be repeating YOUR message—that is, banging on your drum all day—in as many venues as possible, in person, over the phone, email, newsletters, collateral, and social media.
  • Finding the Voice of Your Business - COSE Small Business Conference 2010

    1. 1. Finding the Voice of Your Business Ted Wallingford Mitch Slater
    2. 2. CustomersBusinesses Need What You Say How You Say It Where You Say It All Day Matters Bang on Your Drum
    3. 3. More than Just Brand Offering Value Generating Business Finding Congruence
    4. 4. Congruence Message Messenger Product or Service
    5. 5. First Movement Finding Your Groove
    6. 6. CustomersIt’s all about the What’s in it for them? What can you do for them? What do they value?
    7. 7. NOT Features Functions Bells Whistles Greatness Focus on Them
    8. 8. Secret Sauce Asking Questions Interviews How Did We Do? Focus Groups Observation Finding Your
    9. 9. Online Dialogue
    10. 10. Something for Everybody
    11. 11. Feedback
    12. 12. More Listening Less
    13. 13. Second Movement It’s Your Song Better Faster Cheaper
    14. 14. Second that Emotion
    15. 15. Write Your Song Verse:Verse: Your StoryYour Story Chorus:Chorus: Your Key Value PointsYour Key Value Points Bridge:Bridge: Your Secret SauceYour Secret Sauce
    16. 16. Lyrics Own Your Category Add Value Speak on their Terms Polarize
    17. 17. Choose Wisely Third Movement Your Instruments
    18. 18. Effect Choose for Effect Mass and Macro Community Individual Empowerment Business Intelligence
    19. 19. Community Engagement Buzz Transparent Business Familiarity
    20. 20. Your Instruments Social Media Facebook LinkedIn MySpace Twitter Digg Delicious tumblr Flickr YouTube Traditional Websites Email Collateral PR Events Advertising Direct Media
    21. 21. VAT19
    22. 22. Fourth Movement Tune Up Get Ready to Jam
    23. 23. Book the Venue Venue Strengths Limitations Audience Point of View DIY Budget
    24. 24. The Foundation Website
    25. 25. Orchestration Website Collateral
    26. 26. Embellishment Website Collateral Communication
    27. 27. Embellishment Website Collateral Communication Email
    28. 28. Embellishment Website Collateral Communication Email Ads
    29. 29. Embellishment Website Collateral Communication Email Social Media Ads
    30. 30. Embellishment Website Collateral Communication Email Social Media Ads Direct
    31. 31. Hit It 1. Experience your Customer 2. Begin the Dialogue 3. Speak Like Your Customer
    32. 32. Finding the Voice of Your Business Ted Wallingford 440.471.0344 ext 101 Mitch Slater 216.225.0589