Recipe for Viral Marketing

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An easy-to-follow recipe of Seth Godin's "Unleashing the Ideavirus". Techniques for choosing influencers and making it easy to spread your message.

An easy-to-follow recipe of Seth Godin's "Unleashing the Ideavirus". Techniques for choosing influencers and making it easy to spread your message.

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  • 1. A recipe for spreading your ideas virally Vishy Poosala 1
  • 2. Is this for you?• Do you have an innovative idea for a product or service? – See how you can insert “viral” marketing hooks right from the start• Do you already have a product or service, and want to grow your user base at a low cost – Add new web 2.0 elements to your marketing plan 2
  • 3. How to use this recipe?3 Simple Steps1. Read the fundamentals2. Follow the recipe flowchart and plug in the specifics of your marketing3. Start implementing them, ASAP 3
  • 4. What this is and What this is notIt helps you start spreading your idea worldwide at a low cost – It applies best if your idea is something that can be spread online – It applies even better if your idea deals with communication services (but not necessary)It’s a presentation of stuff I’ve read and heard from others – It’s not original work by me – Much of it from “Unleashing the Ideavirus”, by Seth GodinUse this along with other sources and your best judgment. Wish you good luck! 4
  • 5. Ok, one reason for viral marketing 5
  • 6. What?• Ideavirus, Meme: an idea the spreads quickly from one person to many people, almost like it has life – VW Beetle, online greeting cards, social networking, macarena!• Viral Marketing: the usage of the product itself makes it viral – hotmail, FB Like 6
  • 7. Basic idea1. Focus on dominating a tightly-knit subgroup of users (“hive”), rather than the entire world2. Start with the key influencers in the community (“sneezers”)3. Make it worthwhile and really easy for them to spread the idea (“smoothness”)4. Put in hooks that help the ideas spread fast and for long (“velocity”, “persistence”)5. Have a direction for the first hive, and then the world (“vector”)6. All of this is easier if the idea can fill a vacuum 7
  • 8. Sneezers• Powerful people on the topic – Do it to help others, grow reputation, tweet/blog – Will only work if the idea is worthwhile• Promiscuous: will sneeze for a reward – Offer meaningfully big rewards ($1000 if you are lucky, rather than $1 for each) – Show how volume of spreading improves gains – Path to rewards should be clear and not change in the middle – When one succeeds, tell the rest of them 8
  • 9. Plan to go viral Stands out, START with a purple cow the idea People know others Idea fills a vacuum People Choose the hive mingle often reputation powerful Rewards that grow Identify sneezers & promiscuous benefits altruistic look helpful by sharing invites Automatic with Create a smooth usage FB Page, FB way to share Slogan, Like, retweet handout Help the hive talkTell sneezers how Create events, others are doing mailing lists Track & Refine Dominate Hive
  • 10. Credits• Unleashing the Ideavirus, by Seth Godin – You can buy the book or download it for free – Recommended: Purple Cow• Personal experiences running a library (Just Books, Yelahanka), a website (• Sources of images in this manual 10
  • 11. Thank you for reading and good luck!• Liked it? Have any suggestions? – Please leave me a note on my blog• Share this presentation with others who may find it useful 11